1. What ever Lawrence does and whatever the outcome, it’s all part of dogs great plan; part of the greatest project plan ever, somewhere just below:
     Create Universe =  1 day – Resource:God
     Create Stars and Planets = 1 day – Resource:god
     Create animals and fishes – 1 day – Resource:God
     ……. 13.7 billion years later …..
     Choke Lawrence’s dinner guest  = 2s – resource = fish bone
            – if [Heimlich], then Save
            – if [pray], then ??????
            – Expected outcome: they’ll think it’s my will.

    If you don’t believe in such a project plan, then you can’t have morals!

  2. Naturalist1,
    Or was it the miracle of the loaves and fishes, maybe Lawrrence should offer some barley bread instead?

  3. Or third choice, let evolution take it’s course. ( would that be natural selection or artificial selection?)

  4. Old-Toy-Boy,
    That would be natural selection. But, natural selection insists that the human race will eventually become extinct. It will take artificial selection for us to get off this doomed planet and continue proliferating the universe and prolong the species. That may be difficult to do even if we pull our heads out of our asses and work together globally. It’s time humanity put aside the dictatorial doctrines that divide us and accept a common economical goal to extend human survival in the universe.

  5. Dear ‘Dref’. If you sent this to ‘Private Eye’ they might just re-caption . . .
    Dr.Krauss: “Blind dates ??. . . Ah noo ashooda went to SpecSavers.”  

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