1. This is quite amazing. I just wish there was more time for more evidence to back up his extraordinary claims about what religion really is.

  2. Fascinating and well worth watching- which I don’t usually do with long presentations. 

  3. Seconded and thirded – very interesting talk. It’s a pity there are so few comments, and I’m afraid I can’t help as I am frankly not qualified to do so.

    But somehow these points should be hammered home.

    Can I suggest the mods move the item back to the top of the list?

  4. Thoroughly interesting and informative talk. 

    Once we have eradicated the “junkfood” religion though, are we left to consider how to manage the declared human need for “attachments”. Educating this dopamine stimulated condition out of the psychi’s of “7 billion” people would be costly in both time and energy. Constructing a substitute would probably be quicker, but isn’t that though where we came in? It seems that this (lecture) may be simultaneously damning societal religion, while praising some of it’s functions.  Could a withdrawal of religion create more sociopathic delinquents while it deletes murderous cults?

  5. Understanding the limbic feedback premise explains a lot. Clergy, beside being able to tell random stories with conviction and authority (charisma), need to understand the reward system enough to be able to manipulate it cruelly.

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