1. Best explanation of the Higgs Boson and Higgs field I have seen so far. Thanks Lawrence.

  2. What does a creationist do with something like that?  Does he say scientists make up all this stuff about the life cycles of stars because it was not mentioned in Genesis? Does he overlap these two views in some crude way? Does he say, Krause is right, but all he is doing is explaining out the details of how God did it and the bible was just a broad poetic overview?

  3. I’ve been assured that Allah will not use stardust when manufacturing my 72 virgins. They will be made of pure white raisins.

    Or did He mean that I’ll be getting white virgin raisins which have not known any man’s flesh? Hmmm. Text is not clear.

    Who cares! Those who insult the Prophet! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

  4. The lovely shadow of some unseen Power
    Floats though unseen amongst us, visiting
    This peopled world with as inconstant wing
    As summer winds that creep from flower to flower …

    PB Shelley (an atheist at a time when being one was very dangerous indeed)
    By the way, that word “lovely” is replaced by “awful” (awe-full?) in the better known version.

  5. We are still monkeys for the large part, wondering if life will improve beyond our day to day doldrums of tree swinging. It is mostly our mastery of tools and technology that separates us from the rest of the apes but, not the only reason. We have been around long enough and have used our tools to detect that biological life forms, and probably everything else in the universe, does not survive forever. It is not a stretch then to say that the species quest for its misconceived immortality also separates us from the rest of the apes.

    The problem seems to exist in the evolutionary process. The human psyche has not evolved as rapidly as our use of tools and knowledge of physics. This gap between a psychological belief in immortality and the truth of evolution has created a rift between human beliefs and the reality of nature. This rift is creating discourse and confusion in humanity’s mental stability and needs a huge infusion of fact and reality to shock the human psyche from its delusional beliefs. Humanity needs to evolve a more reality oriented goal in it’s quest for immortality. other than the standard rhetoric of the past several thousand years.

  6. I don’t see any connection with what he said to the Higgs Boson and Higgs field. (Not that  I know much about this).

  7. I enjoy listening to Dr. Krauss.  His explanations are both masterful and entertaining.  I love the “A star died…” comment.

  8. “Your left hand comes from a different star than your right hand.” 
    Wouldn’t it rather be, “All the atoms in your body come from a multitude of different stars. It’s sheer luck if atom A comes from the same star as atom B.”? Seems more reasonable to me.

  9. So many good ones in this set of videos that comes up at the end, like Julia Sweeney’s and Matt Dillahunty’s

  10. I have to agree quarecuss, they all support a better purpose in our existence than following mind numbing religious edicts and waiting to die to complete our goals in some delusional heaven.

  11. I agree, but I think the issue is that probably 80% of humans have significantly less knowledge than the educated 20%. Even many people who think they are educated, are clearly deluding themselves. There is a big difference between memorising the words in a few books – for the purpose of passing an exam, and actually understanding what they mean, so that you are able to make an informed judgement about which  are true and which are in error. The level of understanding achieved by the top 20% is available to everyone – but they prefer to remain ignorant. It takes a lot less effort to understand the idea of a magic man in the sky making things happen, than it does to understand the true mechanisms.

  12.  Sorry, your right. He didn’t mention the Higgs boson in this video. I am actually commenting on one of his other videos – I played a few before commenting and lost track. My mistake.

  13. I think it is more poetic to say it the way L Krauss says it. But do we come from a lot of different stars? If an exploding star forms a super nova which then coagulates into a solar system then all the atoms in this solar system would come from one star only; hence our atoms would have come from one star. If this is the case then the solar systems must be getting smaller as even if all the dust from the one explosion is used in the new solar system some of the planets from the old solar system would not be included.

  14. I thought that in a supernova explosion an existing solar system completely is blown up and the resulting debris dispersed to be captured later by other stars. These stars can collect material from many supernovae. Am I wrong? I’m not an astrophysicist. Just guessing.
    And yes, Lawrence way of putting it is more poetic.

  15. I am not either. But astrophysicists do try to make it understandable for us laypeople. I think it is probably as you say but am not quite certain. I suppose the dust from just one star/solar system blown to smithereeens might not be enough to start the  coagulating process and it would take a lot more to get the thing going. Anyway it is not the most important point around.
    But I would like to say that it is wonderful that non-scientist or should I say non-professional scientists like us can discuss these things in a fairly sensible fashion. What an advance to arguments on the intricacies of scripture! If only the religious knew what they are missing!

  16. Might we say that it is a compliment to the many people who contribute to the site?

  17.  “the ultimate arbiter of truth is experiment, not the comfort one derives from one’s a priori beliefs”
    A Universe From Nothing, page xvi

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