How I Survived It – How We Can End It – The Islamists’ Last Stand


It is a strange and bitter coincidence that the latest eruption of violent Islamic indignation takes place  just as Salman Rushdie publishes his new book, Joseph Anton: A Memoir, about his life under the  fatwa. In 23 years not much has changed.

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Islam’s rage reared its ugly head again last week. The American ambassador to the United States and three of his staff members were murdered by a raging mob in Benghazi, Libya, possibly under the cover of protests against a film mocking the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

They were killed on the watch of the democratic government they helped to install. This government was either negligent or complicit in their murders. And that forces the U.S. to confront a stark, unwelcome reality.

Until recently, it was completely justifiable to feel sorry for the masses in Libya because they suffered under the thumb of a cruel dictator. But now they are no longer subjects; they are citizens. They have the opportunity to elect a government and build a society of their choice. Will they follow the lead of the Egyptian people and elect a government that stands for ideals diametrically opposed to those upheld by the United States? They might. But if they do, we should not consider them stupid or infantile. We should recognize that they have made a free choice—a choice to reject freedom as the West understands it.

How should American leaders respond? What should they say and do, for example, when a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s newly elected ruling party, demands a formal apology from the United States government and urges that the “madmen” behind the Muhammad video be prosecuted, in violation of the First Amendment? If the U.S. follows the example of Europe over the last two decades, it will bend over backward to avoid further offense. And that would be a grave mistake—for the West no less than for those Muslims struggling to build a brighter future.



Written By: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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  1. This whole business of “taking offense” and “they made us do it” attitude is so childish and backwards. It is abrogating personal responsibility. Not my fault I did this- (s)he made me do it. Grow up!
    It is as though I killed my spouse because (s)he was constantly nagging and belittling me. Not my fault!  Because of that, I deserve a free pass! When Governments or religious leaders condone and accept such attitudes and mass hysteria, and give religion a free pass to behave like savages, civilized society is on the slippery slope to the dark ages of repression once again. 
    In this particular case, the Salafists are only a few hundred years behind their Christian brethren.

    Those in the back ground pulling the strings, whipping up the mobs to mass hysteria are the really guilty ones and have to be brought to justice and given a piece of their own medicine- an eye for an eye. It is the only language they understand.jcw

  2. Hi Ayaan I’m a huge fan !! x) I’m as well an ex-muslim!! You are a Hero in my eyes!! keep on doing your good work! I will try to support you guys by buying your books and talking to people about these issues! 😀

  3. Yes, childish is the right word. These children are murderous though and refuse to grow up. So, what could the possible answer be here? 

  4. The mullahs in the Muslim street are the instigators and provocateurs;  the video was simply the latest convenient excuse to rouse the rabble.

  5. I agree, so WHY do the respective governments not go after them? They are afraid of these self appointed , self righteous bigots and spreaders of hatred. Oh, for another Kamal Ataturk- he knew how to handle religious fanatics! jcw

  6. To those in a rush, the interesting stuff lies in the last four paragraphs of the article, starting with the following, lovely sentence: “Utopian ideologies have a short lifespan.”

  7. I don’t get it. Allah is so great, so powerful, so omniscient, so all of the above that He created the universe and every thing that is in it, and yet He is, at the same time, so weak, so feeble, so infirm, so soft that He needs the very beings that He Himself created to defend Him — by killing the offenders (or his associates), no less — against mere verbal abuse and simplistic visual affronts by other sections of the little beings that He also created. Really? As I said, I don’t get it.

  8. Funny you mention that RDfan.
    I once saw an interview with a Christian woman in India: she said that Christians feel protected BY their god and that she couldn’t understand why Muslims feel THEY must protect their god.
    Very interesting…

  9. I would say to my fellow american citizens, until you can give up your delusion, don’t expect them to give up theirs. These are frightening events happening. Much blood is going to be shed in the future over this.

  10. Ayaan is surely right, we have to take a longer-term and strategic view.

    That said; her use of the Soviet Union as an example is also a lesson. We need to be ready to properly support democracy when it emerges. The transition from Yeltsin to Putin was badly handled by almost everybody.

    In the case of Islamist theocrats we also have to consider the problem of how religion promises jam tomorrow (or, in the next life).

    Can we get modern politicians in the West to take the long view?

    Currently, as a politically engaged citizen, I am spending more than 50% of my political capital just to defend the limited free speech we still ‘enjoy’ in the ‘liberal West’. This is no small job, as a visit to the EFF’s site – among others – will confirm.

    Given our politician’s (a) inability to see beyond their parties’ next election position, (b) apparent, and frequently demonstrated, ignorance of what democracy is and, (c) craven stance toward anyone who might publish a story (Note: not necessarily anything factual or true), or supply future party funds or employment … our position is perilous.

    That is the reality; we live in an age where the forces of irrationality and greed are in the ascendant across the globe.

    Being organised must be our first priority – even at the expense of possible future schism.


  11. Ayaan was on Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell by phone tonight. She talked about the mind set of the crowds and how so many have no real idea what is it they are actually protesting. She spoke very well for freedom. This segment should go up on the web sometime tomorrow. Also tomorrow, Lawrence said he would have Salman Rushdie on the show.

  12. embracing barbaric culture inherited from a thug of a prophet would segregate Muslims even more from the rest of the world.Like Ayaan I was brought up in an islamic culture, so am not a bit surprised to see the stupid islamic reaction to a poorly made film,in the absence of evidence to refute the historical objectives of this film muslims follow the steps of primitive bedouins committing heinous crimes.they would face unprecedented challenges if they allow this kind of attitude to persist .

  13. Muslims have little to no idea of what they ‘believe’ in because they have been subjected to the most effective brainwashing system ever devised. No ‘real’ Muslim, if shown the truth about Muhammad and his alter ego Allah would accept it. Total denial of truth is a religious speciality, an art form in Islam.
    The “Islam for Idiots” site on utube is excellent for its chapter and verse dissection of the insanity of the RoP.

  14. More to the point, how can the truth be presented to ignorant western political leaders? When will they wake up, or is it now too late? With the economic system nearing collapse and Islamic madness spreading uncontrollably the conditions for war look ominous…

  15. I have been reading Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature, why violence has declined.  The way the Muslims are behaving is perfectly standard for homo sapiens. 

    To get better behaviour you need a Hobbesian Leviathan to demand restraint.  The secular governments are too weak right now to provide that function.  Islam is like an insurrectionist movement wanting to establish a theocracy everywhere it has not yet done so.

  16. ” The way the Muslims are behaving is perfectly standard for homo sapiens” Cynical and not true- it’s more proof that ‘religion poisons…’  Restraint is not in the Islamic lexicon so demanding anything is futile. I believe direct confrontation, inevitably military, is unavoidable.

  17. Great thinker, Kemal Ataturk-

    Religion and politics
    According to historian Kemal Karpat, the movements that perceive Islam as a political movement or particularly the view of Islam as apolitical religion hold the position that Atatürk was not a Muslim (true believer or religious Muslim). It is normal that this perspective was adapted, Karpat says. “He was not against Islam, but those who are against his political power using the religious arguments[1].” Any movement that wanted to establish the Caliphate had to discredit Atatürk. It is claimed that Republic reflected Kemal’s personal philosophy.
    “I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the teachings of science…. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow man.[30]”Many years later, when Turkey had became more secular and modern, he gave a public speech in which he criticized Islam and especially Islamic law as the views of an ‘immoral Arab’:
    “For nearly five hundred years, these rules and theories of an Arab Shaikh and the interpretations of generations of lazy and good-for-nothing priests have decided the civil and criminal law of Turkey. They have decided the form of the Constitution, the details of the lives of each Turk, his food, his hours of rising and sleeping the shape of his clothes, the routine of the midwife who produced his children, what he learned in his schools, his customs, his thoughts-even his most intimate habits. This theology of an immoral Arab [presented as Islam] is a dead thing. Possibly it might have suited tribes in the desert. It is no good for modern, progressive state. God’s revelation! There is no God! These are only the chains by which the priests and bad rulers bound the people down. A ruler who needs religion is a weakling. No weaklings should rule![31]

    And yet- Adnan Oktar/ Harun Yahya is instrumental in ensuring 95% or more Turks reject evolution in favor of Islamic creationism.

  18. I find the disproportion really telling. Because of some cheap-ass video, they feel the U.S. GOVERNMENT is responsible and consequently feel obliged to fire bomb an embassy and generally behave like pricks. Hello?!?

    And some are thinking of backing down from these idiots? Talk about respect. You know what, f**k them.

  19. I agree with every word of what you say.

    But my main reason for replying is to acknowledge and applaud your use of the prefix (s)he – I would write s/he – but no matter; it should have by now become universal in my opinion. It slips off the tongue so much more easily than the clumsy he or she.

  20. Friends of mine are complaining that the film is rubbish; it wouldn’t make any difference if it were excellent, it would still be abused as a political tool.

  21.  But did he?  I always say his greatest failing was leaving Turkey as a 99% Muslim nation and not realizing that this would ultimately undermine most of what he achieved.

  22. You only need to read the first few pages of the Koran (and to be honest, that’s all I had the patience for) to realise that the Islamic religion is founded on a hysterical level of insecurity and megalomania. This probably goes a long way to explaining why they react as they do to any criticism.

  23. There is a firestorm going on in Canada. Yunel Escobar, a baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays wrote a gay slur on his face in Spanish and played a baseball game broadcast on TV. This is bad taste, but presumably not illegal.  I would presume his employer would have the right to sack him for hurting the reputation of his team.

    I doubt though that anyone imagines he will face the law.  The same should be true of someone who insults Muslims. We must not cave into Muslim tantrums on this.

    We need to get consistent on this. We are at touchy as Muslims when it comes to criticising Jews, Judaism or Israel.  We have to draw the line at calling for violence against some group, but other than that it is time to lighten up.

  24. Who is she talking to? This mob consisted of a few dozen fundamentalists. Still, she’s talking about the whole people of Libya as if they are in some absurd way responsible for what happened. In fact polls show that a majority (in at least the Eastern parts of the country) support USA. The newly elected government is not the most potent possible. That is understandable. It’s not easy to take over a country that has been ruled by a dictator for many decades. They have to build it up pretty much from scratch. So far, the Muslim brotherhood has not gained all that much support in Libya. I think this article is naive and very counter-productive. Full of simple generalizations! She accuses the government for either directly taking part or being a bystander to these murders, but she presents no evidence whatsoever for her claims. I’m very surprised to say the least. Seems like Ayaan Hirsi Ali is finally revealing her true nature. She sounds like a typical neo-conservative!

  25. “Once I was ready to burn The Satanic Verses. Now I know that his right to publish it was a more sacred thing than any religion.”

    Well said.

  26. @rdfrs-20f5f413ac3db5c61835ff75b1d8b4b9:disqus Well she might be talking to anyone who’s willing to listen, actually, but I doubt it’s much use in your case. Some people are just not capable of taking the red pill, they are too comfortable in the womb of The Matrix. Be a good battery and dream on, true believer.

  27. The “few dozen fundamentalists” follow exactly the same texts and rules from as all other muslims. Do they believe it or not? It is required of  monotheism that it is mandatory for conversion of those that do not have the same belief, even within denominations of the same source. More and more there are demonstrations of no attempt to convert in the face of ‘any’ type of opposition in faith but a resort to execution in view of politics.
    I have an intellectual fear of ‘anyone’  that an can justify a world view where this can be a reasonable course of actions towards those that I share my finite life with. Life is better cooperatively then oppositionally.  I need my neighbours more than they need me. 

    Adorations comrades.

  28. [quote]
    The “few dozen fundamentalists” follow exactly the same texts and rules from as all other muslims. Do they believe it or not? It is required of  monotheism that it is mandatory for conversion of those that do not have the same belief, even within denominations of the same source.  

    Irrelevant. As an outsider, the consistency of any given muslim’s faith does not interest me at all; I couldn’t care less if he is cherrypicking from the Quaran…what do I care about the purity of his faith? This is something I think we should get: We can’t wish religion away, and that goes for Islam too. We live in a chaotic world where millions of opposing forces and ideas are in effect and each one is free(or should be) to make choices and be stubborn about them; we can’t have it always as we like. 

    That’s why I completely disagree with those that lump together moderate religious people that literally do no harm with fundamentalists, or saying ‘at least the fundamentalists are honest about it’. WHO CARES. It’s not a pissing contest of ‘who’s right’. It’s more important than that. I’m not going to confront a liberal Christian because, oh,  the Bible he claims he believes in writes about stoning, which he doesn’t believe in. If he doesn’t care about those verses, I won’t care. So he is cherrypicking, so his faith and thought system is contradictory and not consistent; boo hoo, we’ll cut him a fine. In fact, I wish all religious people cherrypicked like that.

    Showing animosity against the muslim world and religion is something I don’t see having practical results; 2 billion muslims are not likely to stop believing because we mock them on the internet. More likely it will have the opposite effect. Islam just needs to change and move to contemporary times of democracy, science, rampant materialism and free internet porn like Christianity did, which has become mostly benign and continues to become even more benign and less relevant.

    And people, I would be most careful before I take a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude towards these ‘stupid muslims’…had you been born in that country, you would most probably have the same way of thinking(or is there something special about YOUR DNA?). More focus to the solution of the problem and less ridiculing and animosity against the poor commoner please(the heads of the religion and state that pull the strings are a different ballgame, of course), those might help you blow steam off and feel good, but they’re not going to stop muslims being muslims because they are being made fun of.

  29. Well, I mostly agree with you… except I don’t think we should stop mocking Muslims if you by that mean we should censor not only ourselves but people who criticise Islam in ways we might find uncivilized or even hateful. Do you really think this is about Muslims getting offended?

    If you do, then consider this question. How many of these protesters did actually see the recent movie before they raged against these Embassies? I dare to say none of them. If they did, they sure did not find it by themselves on the internet. I don’t know a single person who had actually seen this movie before the tumult began. And I am interested in these things. Then, how come people in Libya or Egypt suddenly got their hands on this movie before anyone else did? Few of these people have access even to a computer! 

    No, we all know deep down that this has nothing to do with offending Muslims. This is all about politics. There are Muslim leaders who take advantage of these incidents and use them to gain power and promote their one hatred and bigotry. They take advantage of hopelessly ignorant fundamentalists who are just waiting for a chance to express their anger and hatred of the western world. Still, people on the left and right are talking about self-censorship and that we have a responsibility to not offend Muslims. What they are actually saying is “watch what you say or print, because if you don’t then you only have yourself to blame if some fundamentalists kills you with an axe”. These poor, poor Muslim fundamentalists just want to lead peaceful lives. But, we evil westerners are forcing them to violence by our grave insults. 

    This is beyond absurd!! There will always be lunatics out there. There will always be people willing to do stupid things. How on earth are we going to stop people from expressing their views and ideas? If we have learned anything from this story, then ANYTHING is enough to offend these guys! Even a cheap c-movie than no one in the west has heard of. A movie that not a single person would have heard of if it wasn’t for these Muslim fundamentalists. This is a game! The bigots who make movies like this one make it in order to piss off fundies and the fundies need these excuses to act out their hatred and gain support! They have a symbiotic relationship. The irony of it all is that in the midst of this cynical game we do exactly what they want. We give in and bargain with fundamental freedoms of our societies. The Christian fundies can shout out: “See, this is how Muslims behave. We were right” and Muslim fundies can take pride in forcing the mighty west to surrender to their claims. The losers are the rest of the world. Not only the west, but all the Muslims who also despise these fundamentalists. I’m not saying that some Muslims can get carried away and even support these fundies, but in the end it has nothing to do with offending Muslims. It’s a well-calculated political game! 

    Ok, people say we should not offend Muslims. Ok, but how on earth are we going to do this? As I said, fundies both Christian and Muslim are constantly searching for a conflict. It’s impossible to stop people from making c-movies in their garage and uploading them on the internet if they want to. So, these comments are really just counter-productive. You make the situation even worse. Our political leaders apologize and the next time someone publish something these fundies find offending it gets even worse. If we play by their rules we can’t win this game! We just can’t! 

    Hence, although in principle I don’t think being offensive is a good strategy, but I don’t see another option! Publish Muhammed cartoons all you like! Criticise Islam publicly! That’s why I love the Draw Muhammed Day. That’s the only way to fight bigots like these fundies. To all the other Muslims I really only have one thing to say: “Join us”. I don’t mean you should publish pictures of Muhammed. But, support the movement! Yes, you might feel offended… but, you should be a thousand times more offended by the fact that crazy fundamentalists are calling the shots and speaking for the sake all Muslims! If you want to have a serious discussion, then we can consider whether or not it’s a good idea to publish Mohammed cartoons. But, as long as some fundies are bruning our embassies then that is out of the question!

  30. >>To all the other Muslims I really only have one thing to say: “Join us”. I don’t >>mean you should publish pictures of Muhammed. But, support the movement! 

    That is probably the most honest approach you could have.

    And it also be, most probably, the least effective. None of them will join you, and you know this.

    See, the thing is, as an atheist I think you feel a sort of “catharsis” from things like “Draw Muhammad Day”, feel like you do the right thing by endorsing free speech, and you do indeed do the right thing, but what sucks is that you also get on muslim’s nerves, and there are a lot of them. Nobody is going to “win”. It may feel like crap when having to compromise, but that’s what adults do.

    I’m going to make this short…to explain what I mean with two examples: 

    Draw Muhammad: No. You don’t give a damn about muhammad. You never did.  You never wanted to draw him in any pose whatsoever. The right is on your side, in theory, but in practice you’ll just enrage some nutjobs. You don’t need to do this. Move on. Do something else.

    Publicly and brutally criticize clitoris mutilation: A thousand times YES. Do whatever it takes. Make movies, write articles, prosecute those that perform it, enforce embargo in countries that allow it. THAT is a real issue. THAT should be the focus. 

  31. “Say again???”

    Can’t you just read it one more time? It will save me the trouble of copy n’ paste.

  32. Well, this is the situation. Fundamentalist will continue to be offended. We can’t stop that, since they want to be offended! We don’t have a choice there. But, we can choose how to react to these absurd outbursts of savagery. First of all, we have to start dealing with the real issue instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted. This goes for atheists as well.

    We let ourselves be deceived into thinking this is a part of bigger cultural clash between civilizations. That these incidents are inevitable as long as we are oppressing poor Muslims who are forced to violence due to our despicable behavior. “This is what you get when you offend Muslims, suit yourself”. You hear this all the time. The perpetrators are victimized and the real victims are made perpetrators. Suddenly we are talking about islamophobia and the rise of nationalism in the west… and all forgotten is the real crimes and the real perpetrators. Suddenly we are talking about the west as a whole and how we should act in a more responsible way. “With freedom of speech comes great responsibility”, you hear some wiseguy say with an arrogant smirk. 

    The real issue is that fundamentalists have attacked and killed western citizens for no good reason at all. In most cases the victims has exactly nothing to do with the alleged “crimes” of offending Muslims. These are acts of terrorism, and we should treat them as such. There is a reason why most countries have a strict policy not to negotiate with terrorists. Because it is highly counter-productive. But, suddenly we are talking about sensitivity training and how we should not upset poor fundamentalists who only want to live their peaceful lives. 

    The problem is not caricatures of Muhammed or hateful movies about Islam. The problem is terrorism! I can’t recall that term being used a single time in mainstream with regard to these incidents. No, we are constantly distracted by moderate Muslims and (mostly) leftist commentators who are much more interested in blaming the west as a whole and portraying how indespicable it is to publish caricatures or movies of Muhammed…

    …but wait a minute! This has nothing to do with these incidents. Nothing at all! First, the movie maker does not represent the whole western world. Second, Muslim rules does not apply to non-Muslims. If Muslims are offended by caricatures of Muhammed they should be offended by every person who eats a bacon burger! All the talk about being offended is just bullshit. Some might say that the act in itself is not the offensive part but the fact that the movie maker actively tried to offend Muslims. I could have some kind of understanding for these incidents if we published big Hollywood movies about Muhammed or had caricatures of Muhammed on billboards in every street-corner. The irony is that most if these acts would have gone largely unnoticed if it wasn’t for all the violence that followed. The danish caricatures were published one year before the violent protests and did hardly spark any controversy at the time they were published. The recent movie was practically unheard of before the recent violent events. To portray these acts as somehow a symbol of western hatred of Islam is beyond absurd! They are minor events that are highly politicized first by the fundies who attack embassies, then by moderate Muslims who are suddenly crying out how offended they are and how the movie should be banned, the authors convicted, and the government should make a public apology! At last these events are politicized by (mostly) leftist politicians and activists who see their chance to get some attention by acting out their masochism about how the western world should be ashamed of itself for behaving in such a despicable manner! While no one devotes a single thought to the real victims who died or their grieving relatives. This would be hilarious if it was a Monthy Python Sketch. But unfortunately it isn’t.

    What we should or should not do in these situations is a complex issue, of course. But the answer is definately not to make these broad discussions about Islam and nationalism in the western world our top priority. Many like to portray these incidents as inevitable. As natural consequences of our despicable behavior. I think that is bullshit! These are well-planned isolated acts of terrorism by a very small number of fundamentalists. They are not spontanous. Behind every one of these violent mobs (if you can even call them mobs) there is a religious leader pouring gasoline on the fire. But, for some absurd reason that is politically incorrect. That is seen as naive and another expression of imperialism! The western world is responsible for these incidents… and perhaps in the last paragraph you might read that the real perpetrator of course are guilty as well… but, not really. At least that is not important so let’s rather discuss how the western world is oppressing the poor Muslims. What kind of absurd masochism is this??? It surely isn’t productive!

    Btw, atheists are not without blame in this regard either. Ayaan Hirsi Ali for example make the same mistake but the other way around. She more or less blames all Muslims in Egypt or Libya for these incidents. That is as stupid and counter-productive!

  33. You won’t get an argument from me about the fact Harun Yahya is a few cards short of a full deck in his lack of understanding of the basic principles of evolution and the sciences as a whole. 
     I still think for his time and even compared with many of today’s mid eastern “leaders” Ataturk recognized the dangers of religion and did something about it. jcw

  34. If by any chance you are interested to get to the central of this problem, in reference to the violence  of an exceptionally sensitive and of course ready to explode religious feelings?,I advise you to read the quoran,only then you would grasp the importance of violence in the religion.Take into account that the quoran is the actual words of allah as believed by muslims,you would find yourself faced with a cultural problem not easy to fix.
    “Only few dozen fundamentalist ” that is a dogma
    By the way ,what is a good reason to kill a fellow ape?.

  35. I agree with your point of view applying tolerance.  Reasonable and intellectual sourced tolerance.
    I don’t see how my statement is one of mocking but one of opposing advocation of their political influence. Your quote of ‘stupid muslims’ you don’t attach to me, respectfully, as I resort to stupid as an insult to situation not individual(s). 
    I agree if my lineage was of strong faith then difficult it would be to not think the same way, so I’m VERY thankful for my education and wish an education for all, especially our children, globally. A lot to ask, maybe but I still ask. 

    This ‘focus on the solution’ comes how, if the direct action and source is not discussed?
    How careful would you demand the ‘holier than thou’ comments to be, before….what?
    We’re shown how careful to be.

  36. As you know the Old Testament is full of despicable stories and commandments as well. Stone your child to death if the child is disobedient. Stone adulterers to death. Still, do you judge your Jewish neighbors by the same standard? Do you call the child protective service if you see your Jewish neighbor’s child refusing to put on his cap a cold winter day? I mean, the Old Testament clearly commands Jews to do that.

    If not, then why do you apply that logic for Muslims? These violent acts are the result of a small minority of fundamentalist terrorists. Still many are blaming all Muslims. That is not only counter-productive. That is absurd from a logical point of view. Without presenting a shred of evidence for her claims Ayaan Hirsi Ali goes on about how the Libyan people as a whole is more or less to blame for these acts of violence. If they did not take part, then at least they are supportive. Meanwhile polls show that a majority of Libyans have a positive attitude towards USA. Actually more people in Libya than in Israel. USA:s close ally. But, she just ignores these facts! 

    “But, look! You see thousand of protesters in 20 countries! Surely it can’t be a minority that supports these acts!” Well, it’s hard to know exactly what motivates these people to protest. I doubt that they all do it purely of religious reasons. Many have been fed with hatred of the west since they were kids. They are uneducated and gullible. Do you honestly think we could not find thousands of American fundamentalists who would go to the streets with guns if their local reverend would constantly urge them to go and get those evil Muslims who eat babies for breakfast? Fortunately USA is a much more stable country than for example Pakistan or Egypt. Nonetheless, these people are not necessarily purely motivated by religion. They do what their religious leaders tell them to do. There’s a big difference. But, the most important thing is that even if we are talking about thousands of individuals it’s still a very very small minority! Pakistan for example has a population of almost 200 million. It’s insane to blame all the Muslims for the acts of a very small minority.

    If what you are saying is true. If reading the Quran is actually a good way to predict the behavior of Muslims. Then why on earth are we not seeing millions and million people protesting? Why is that? Because as Christians and Jews only a small percentage are ready to do violence. They have their lives and families as the rest of us. They don’t have time or interest in protesting a movie they have never even seen. Their main struggle is to get by! To afford a decent life! But, people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali does not want to acknowledge these facts. In her mind we are dealing with a cultural war! All the Muslims want us dead! All the Muslims supports the killing of apostates! Well, any sane person sees that is just absurd! And thank goodness it is! If Ayaan Hirsi Ali was right, then we would be screwed. If all  Muslims actually supported violence then a world war would be inevitable.

  37.  “All the Muslims want us dead! All the Muslims supports the killing of apostates! Well, any sane person sees that is just absurd! And thank goodness it is! If Ayaan Hirsi Ali was right, then we would be screwed.” Why not discuss what she actually said and not what you imagine is in her mind?

  38. My previous post would qualify itself to answer your last post,as well.
    Only one more thing to add.The Libyan response to the murder of 4 US diplomats was quite frankly pathetic,they blame the murder on illusive fanatics and equally on the film makers. A proper response would be to bring the murderers  to justice followed by rigorous reform of religious texts to ensure crimes of this nature would never happen again.

  39. Why not discuss the whole of my comment instead of taking one sentence out of context… But, to cite some of what she actually wrote: 

    “This government was either negligent or complicit in their murders. Until recently, it was completely justifiable to feel sorry for the masses in Libya because they suffered under the thumb of a cruel dictator. But now they are no longer subjects; they are citizens.”

    She more or less blames the government and the people for what happened. It was ok to feel sorry for them in the past… but now, every time some Muslim does something stupid in Libya we should blame them all. A very sensible comment indeed. She even leaves the room open for the government being an active part in this incident. What is her evidence? I have no idea, she does not bother to even try to present any evidence (which I strongly suspect only exists in her mind). 

    Ironically just a few paragraphs down in the same article she says the following:

    “Of course, there are many Muslims and ex-Muslims, in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere, who unambiguously condemn not only the murders and riots, as well as the idea that dissenters from this mainstream should be punished. But they are marginalized and all too often indirectly held responsible for the very provocation”

    Yes, they are held responsible by people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I have not heard anyone in the Middle-East marginalizing the big masses. They are marginalized both by the left-wing activists who likes to focus all their attention on the people who published whatever the fundies found offensive. They are marginalized by people like Ali who blames pretty much a whole country for the actions of a few, while trying to brush over her absurd claims by making some half-sincere comment that of course not all Muslims support violence… but let’s not focus on that. In fact, let’s continue right with another generalization about Islam or Muslims in the very next sentence.

    “In the age of globalization and mass immigration, such intolerance has crossed borders and become the defining characteristic of Islam.”

    No, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. That’s the definition you are promoting. A definition that seems absurd at face value. Even worse, the people who make these claims rarely even try to present any coherent evidence for their claims. This is propaganda! Pure propagande, concealed under the banner of rationalism. It really pisses me off!

  40. No, it is not a qualified answer. I never claimed USA responded in a good way. In fact I have repeatedly claimed governments in the west are often highly counter-productive in this regard.

    You say it’s pathetic to blame fanatics? Erh? Who are they going to blame? Illumifuckinati???

  41. No offense to you nunbeliever,your ignorance to islamic religion is easily perceived.Ayaan hirsi ali’s educational products is what I recommend for you.

  42. I’ve read Pinker’s “The Blank Slate” and I feel Pinker is an excellent story teller. However,  I do feel that some of the things he writes are based on received opinion– particularly about economics– and I think his views of geopolitics are similar. You may find this left-wing examination of the work thought provoking.

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