Iran Media Claims ‘Zionists Spreading Homosexuality In Bid For World Domination’


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Jews are financing the spread of homosexuality across the world, helped by the US and UK, according to a state-sponsored newspaper in Iran.

Mashregh news agency published its piece ‘Introduction to the overt and covert aspects of spreading homosexuality in the world’ last week, claiming to have uncovered a secret plot by ‘Jewish financial and human capital, along with the West, particularly America and Britain’.

It attacked Jewish progressive movements, for allowing gay and female rabbis, indicting them as part of the plot, saying: “It is so important to Israel to support homosexuality that in the seminaries for Conservative Jews, the rabbis agreed to accept gay men and women according to the rituals of Jewish religion.”

Spreading acceptance of homosexuality was one step towards world domination, according to the newspaper, because this “abomination and immoral phenomenon would become commonplace and used to subjugate those who did not accept homosexuality.”

The US film industry was blamed for indoctrinating the world into accepting homosexuality, and said schools and “Jewish universities” were teaching homosexuality, saying the teaching was “mandatory for all students in California schools.”

Literary awards for gay writers were controlled by “Zionists”, the paper claimed, and said that if Western countries truly wanted to support lesbian and gay people, nations would offer free medical support to “cure” homosexuality.

“If support for homosexuals stemmed from humane considerations or defense of human rights, it would be in the form of providing individual assistance to these people, who need care and medical treatment to rescue them from the immoral actions that undermine the family institution.”

Written By: Jessica Elgot
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  1. Just recently Ahmadinejad also accused his enemies of attacking Iran by changing the weather…

  2. They think it is a stinging rebuke to the West without realising that they actually sound like the cast of a Monty Python skit.
    Fair do’s though, it must of taken ages to make sure that they included every last shot to pieces cannard.

  3. ” Jews are financing the spread of homosexuality across the world, helped
    by the US and UK, according to a state-sponsored newspaper in Iran. “

    Is this a joke, or are these people that crazy? I see the blame was spread around quite a bit, was the crazy spread that well also?

  4. Apart from this whole thing about morality being ludicrous, how on Earth are the Zionists supposed to gain world domination by “spreading” homosexuality? Maybe I’m just stupid or something (what do I know, I’m just a meteorologist) but this makes as much sense as cows trying to gain domination by becoming tastier.

    And what are these people so afraid of? Immoral behavior? Isn’t this really about jealousy? The western secular world being pretty successful and all. Might be hard to deal with as long as you keep your faith in an outdated dessert tribes belief system which promises you a multitude of virgins when you keep your wick dry as much as possible during this lifetime… And these darn westerners have all the fun. We want it too but we can’t get it (now) so we don’t want you to have either. (the latter part is to be read  in a childish voice) 

  5. You certainly don’t understand the clear thinking of the Iranians.  If the Zionists/Jews can spread homosexuality around the world, then the homos will  destroy the good, Allah-fearing Muslims.  What’s so hard to comprehend?  

  6. Sorry for being so ignorant. How could I miss them poor Iranians. They have no homosexuals, of course. God, sorry Allah, has been so nice to create the homosexual free society called Iran where everybody is living happily under the good leadership of  Mahmoud Achmejinidad. I wouldn’t want to disturb that little paradise. So, sorry again.

  7.  “Is this a joke, or are these people that crazy?”

    Unfortunately, they really are that crazy.

    They just killed 4 Americans in Libya because an Israeli-American Jewish filmmaker in California made some Internet movie that offended Islam (according to news reports, the filmmaker is now in hiding).  They just made Channel 4 in Britain back down with threats of violence about re-airing a documentary about the early history of Islam (that was a pretty poor documentary that did nothing but pussy foot around for fear of insulting Islam — not that it mattered they’ll find insult anywhere they damned well please).  They riot and kill over cartoons and real or perceived insults.  They try to set up a little Pakistani Christian girl with down’s syndrome to die (along with other members of the Christian community in Islamabad) for the “crime” of desecrating the Koran.  The list is endless of the craziness that comes out of the Muslim world.

    Whatever problems I have with religion in general, or even the Christian Right in the United States, pale in comparison to the special threat posed by Islam.  They are crazy as fuck, and they will kill you if they can if you do anything that offends them.  Instead of growing a backbone and standing up to these religio-fascists, the West bends over backwards to placate them.  President Obama sadly issued some statement criticizing the film because it insulted Muslims.  I don’t care what is in that film, such a response is unwarranted under the circumstances.  The internet if full of mockery of the Bible, God, Jesus, Moses,, etc. and people aren’t killed over it.  Embassies aren’t stormed.  Presidents don’t go on the air and criticize the the makers of these Internet films.  But I guess if your religion is based on killing anyone who doesn’t submit or who offends you, you get state-level apologies for being criticized.

    Appeasement didn’t work with Nazism.  It won’t work with Islamism either.  It is sad to me that I think some day tens of millions will probably have to die before Islam reforms itself from the inside out and goes through a reformation and enlightenment and joins us in the 21st century.  One can only imagine what will happen if a bat-shit-crazy lunatic like Ahmadinejad gets his hands on a nuclear weapon.  Mutually assured destruction doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent to religious lunatics who wish to bring about the end of times.

  8. Yep it’s all those gay Zionists we keep encountering at pride, they’re the ones who are doing it.
    OK, let me be completely clear here in case Mashregh news agency is reading, we have infiltrated both sides of the conflict.
    Ahmadinejhad himself is one of our gay sleeper agents and when I utter the secret trigger word he’ll instantly belt out a two hour medley of Ethel Merman showtunes whilst twirling a feather boa round his head.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a secret volcano lair to redecorate and piranhas to pamper.

  9. Nobody  will take this statement seriously. It is a total joke, and a joke also that the perpetrators of these pathetic transparent statements also apparently,  must personally take it seriously. Iran really needs some competent PR people who understand the audience they are addressing.

  10. Of course those stinking Jews invented Homosexuality (which they, at the same time, condemned  as an abomination in their made-up holy book) so they could dominate the world and steal all the money (which they already have, as we all know).   Thank God Iran is around to set us on the right path.

  11. Some threads are just too laughable for comment—-I therefore yield my time back to Ignorant Amos.

  12.  All very true, Enkidu, but it isn’t only these guys who “wish to bring about the end of times”. That  was part of the motivation for Britain helping to found the state of Israel. The prophecy said the end times would be preceded by the Israelites returning to their homeland. To do that, they had to HAVE a homeland.
    If the wrong lot get in at the US election, there will be some “end of times” enthusiasts lurking about who will no longer be quite so marginal as they are now.

  13. Not only could I not spot a single sentence in there that we don’t already know is wrong; I couldn’t even imagine what form this world-conquering plan would take. If anything, the few who have seriously tried to conquer vast swathes of Earth’s land have largely been against homosexuality – Hitler, for example. What use would more homosexuality be in conquering Earth? Pinky & the Brain always at least had an argument for why their plan should work.

  14. And why not?

    Every true believer knows that hurricanes are caused by gay marriage and not as some atheistic scientists claim: variations in barometric pressure. So if Gays are that influential, then obviously a drive towards world domination is a very serious possibility.

    Would the newly dominant Gay Government force us all to adopt their practices? Or is it just theocracies that do that?

    What would a world under Gay domination really be like I wonder? Can’t get my head round that. Maybe exactly like the one dominated by Straights?

  15.  Uh, actually, Britain actively tried to stop Israel from being a Jewish homeland, which is one of the reasons why the pre-Israel Zionists were fighting against Britain.  Indeed, Britain actually sent military advisers to the Arabs that attacked Israel in its war of independence.  Britain was most certainly no friend of Israel.  The cost of holding onto their colonial territories was just too high for them.  The Christian religious right’s present support for Israel has a lot to do with revelations and bringing about the end of times (but not its original creation).  But then again, the Christian religious right isn’t trying to acquire nuclear weapons to use them to help that come about, either.  Sorry, but these attempts to make moral equivalency arguments between modern Judaism/Christianity and Islam don’t really hold up to even casual scrutiny.

  16. Gaystapo. I knew they existed. With their fashionable black leather boots and a copy of the Gay Agenda in their pocket. All that fascism about equal rights, I never bought it. 

  17. It’s hard to imagine logical connection between spreading homosexuality, which is not possible anyway, and world domination.

    Are homosexuals suppose to be some kind of ideologically homogenous automatons? These death cultists are just bizarre.

  18. Uh-huh. Blah blah blah. Same old bullshit. Do you think they can even hear themselves when they talk, at all?

  19. Granted Judaism is not as rapidly anti-gay as Christianity or Islam, but it is far from pro-gay. The people promoting gay equality are people like myself, gay people.  I think what is going on here is Iran is just looking for another motivation to strenuously oppose Israel.

  20. The prescribed “cure” for homosexuality in Iran is a sex-change operation; that’s no doubt what the original report was referring to under the term “medical treatment”. These operations are legal under the Iranian state interpretation of Shariah. The premise is that homosexuals are actually heterosexuals born in the “wrong” body. The sinful thing is not the emotional attraction but the “unnatural” physical activities that might result from it. Let’s not ask who’s responsible for this mismatch between disposition and equipment.

    There’s a cute (and unintelligible) condition in the relevant legal opinions (fatawa) and legislation that the surgically constructed genitals must “work”. 

    roedygreen – I think you do a disservice to the many heterosexuals who abhor unequal treatment of LGBT people by leaving them out :p

  21. no point in trying to refute this. far better i feel to sugest to the iranian media that as proof of this claim, it’s been confirmed that Ahmadinejad has caught the gay from watching a western movie

  22. Feel I should say something but…what’s to say? Sometimes the crazy is just beyond comment. Forget climate change, the best reason for ridding ourtselves of the reliance on oil is that we could then just build a wall around that whole stinking area and leave it to rot.

  23.  Of course the original carving out of the territory from Arab land was primarily to continue British domination of the oil producing area (domination shortly to be taken over by America), but there persisted into the Twentieth century a definite current of 19th Century Evangelical Christianity. Field Marshal Montgomery was still influenced by it.

    The Christian religious right will, depending on the US election result, HAVE nuclear weapons, and we know a certain number among that religious right are waiting eagerly for the last days. We must hope President Romney would not share their attitude.

    What do you call “modern” Judaism/Christianity? Surely anything after 1900? What was the reply of Chaim Weizmann, the great hero of Zionism, when Albert Einstein enquired about the rights of the Palestine Arabs? “What Arabs? I hardly think they are of any account.”

    Zionism isn’t Judaism, of course, but unfortunately Jews, particularly in America, have allowed the Zionists to speak for them; if an American Jew (like Alfred Lilianthal) protests against the Zionists, he gets death threats. Meanwhile the US government supports the hardline policy.

    Zionist Israel’s treatment of Arabs differs from the Nazi treatment of Jew in degree, but not in kind.

  24. That has to be one of the more ridiculous and inaccurate summaries of the history of Arab-Israeli conflict that I’ve ever seen.  I would set you straight, but frankly it isn’t worth the time and effort with someone who compares Israel’s treatment of Arabs with the Nazis’ treatment of Jews.

  25. I don’t understand how this regime of bumpkins have the technical capability to build nuclear power plants.

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