1. 1 Xtian god person  = 3 persons,
    2 god persons = 6 persons
    2+2 = 12  …. 3 ??    5 ?? ridiculous!  … .. nah! nah! nah! – they’re both wrong!

  2. The Cross; 2 + 2 = 3: Less for everyone. Because they’re not supposed to enjoy their lives, but dwell on what shameful sinners they are, instead. They also give all their hard earned money to fraudulent evangelists.

    The Crescent; 2 + 2 = 5: More for everyone. Because when they want more than their tiny minds are able to create for themselves, they just invade their neighbors, take what they have and enslave them.

  3. Science can’t tell us what 2+2 = 

    Oh, wait!

    On a similar note, there’s a great T-Shirt on sale at the market near the office

  4. Nonsense! The answer to the Question of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42!

  5.  Reading Nietzsche and cuddling always works for me 😉 those were great but the cartoon about Nietzsche could have been better, rather than holding The Antichrist book the priest should have been holding The Gay Science. (an actual book by Nietzsche but well before gay had the meaning it has today)

  6. Prof Dawkins:”Do you seriously believe thats how they all survive today – by being herded into an enormous wooden  ARK !?”
    Rabbi Jonathon Sacks: ” Oy, oy.”

  7. 2+2=whatever the bible (or torah, koran etc) says it is & if you guys argue with that, its because you are too stupid & ignorant & too busy worshiping the devil to understand it.

  8. two 1-pound weights plus two 1.5-pound weights equals 5 pounds of weight. But you have to twist it to make it fit.

  9. No matter how you add it up, Mitt Romney’s thinking is scary and, what’s even more scary, it is along the lines of most religious fanatics in the GOP. The sane majority suspect that it is the wealthy financial and industrial sectors who rely too heavily on government help rather than their own greedy initiatives, and not the poor. If you follow the government money trail you will find that they are right.
    It seems money can buy anything in America and I would wager that the accuracy of political polls can be subject to cash initiatives. Let’s hope that cash doesn’t perpetrate a fraudulent ballot count in favor of the Republicans.
    I don’t think that the American public are stupid enough to throw away their vote and their country by electing a decidedly fanatically religious, greedy, contemptuous individual such as Mitt Romney. He actually believes that money rules the world and the 99% poor and needy are just scum slavery to serve his whim. He and his supporters are totally out of touch with reality and the American people.

  10.   Agarnier
    Cool toon! Where do you find these gems??

     The Hit-Luther one is from an earlier discussion I started.  The link to the later version of the cartoon  is on Comment 12 of that discussion.  My initial one was scanned from a book of WW2 cartoons.


    All the previous others are from links at the  OP on this discussion .

    There are some other “not so funny because they are real”, images I bring out in response to Xtian, “Hitler was an atheist claims”! – http://nobeliefs.com/mementoes… – warning  against the dangers of mixing religion with government.








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