1. I am still waiting for this interview to pop up on my “Life Scientific” podcast list.

  2. Richard, is this the one you were telling us about in which you had your entire genome analyzed? 

  3. Very nice interview by a sympathetic fellow scientist. I listened to it from my laptop while eating breakfast and it was like having the radio on to some very intelligent talk show. Uhh, I guess that was the point, wasn’t it? Anyhow, I do like hearing Richard’s gentlemanly voice now and again. My only quibble is that Al Khalili moved a bit quickly from subject to subject when I’d have liked to hear Richard develop a given point more thoroughly. That is trivial, though, and I’m guessing that the whole purpose of the interview was to give a general audience a wide view of what Richard is all about, which of course it did.

  4. Can’t wait to read Richard’s autobiography! 😀

    Glad to see there is a proper link to an mp3 file too. Thanks.

  5. Testing.First comment on new site.
    Listened to this live on BBC Radio 4 yesterday.
    Great to hear his interview wholly on science.
    Admire both of these men.
    I enjoy RD’s science so much.He is such a truthful chap.
    Couldn’t care less about his memoirs though.
    05/09/12 14:49

  6. It might be quite a wait given that Prof. Dawkins’ autobiography is only in his childhood!

  7. Good job. It was a pleasure hearing both men engaged in an intelligent conversation. 🙂
    I suppose autobiographies do take a long time to write, except for conceited people who have more than enough practice talking about themselves.

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