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Rally in London Saturday, 15 September

If you’re around London this Saturday, why not join the Secular Europe march and rally? Sudanese atheist and activist Nahla Mahmoud will be speaking on behalf of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and One Law for All. Other speakers include Sue Cox, Terry Sanderson and Joan Smith. Here are more details.

When you’re marching, please remember those who have lost their lives to Sharia and religious laws, like the sweet 16 year old girl who recently committed suicide after being arrested by Aceh Sharia police at a concert and charged with ‘prostitution’ because of what she was wearing. And don’t forget: we desperately need secularism not just for Europe but the world.

Written By: Maryam Namazie
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    How long are western democratic principles to be subjugated to Islamic murderous thuggery before we “get offended”? Is any attack on an Embassy not considered attack on the soil of the relevant nation and therefore an act of war?

  2. The recent attacks on embassies should be a warning about the religious mental conditions which only need to be triggered to have murderous hysterical rabbles running amok!

  3. Anyone heard any comment from our newly appointed ‘Minister of Faith and Communities’? Thought not!

  4. I’m actually getting sick to my stomach after watching one mainstream media outlet after another in various countries portraying this whole islamic barbarians uprising across the world as a legitimate predictable reaction to a youtube movie!
    The movie that portrays muslims as violent thugs and then muslims show everyone how violent they are thus proving that the move is wrong and insulting…WHAT??

    And with gems like this- “inflame fanaticism”, wait, I thought fanaticism inflames fanaticism!

    How fucking intellectually decrepit is the western world, are there no rational people in any media of relevance anymore?

    At this point I’m seriously feeling scared for the future of this civilization if that is the kind of response and portrayal of this situation.

  5. And WTF, there are thousands of far more important videos on youtube debunking Islam in great detail but one silly badly acted video causes this?!

    I think a marketing lesson can be learned from this.

  6. I’m afraid her suicide will only make them up the effort. They will want more if they learn they can avoid paperwork and jail space in exchange for the suicide of a person they place on par with a dog. 

    Religion is a dictator. Any country that holds true to the teachings of any one religion is a dictatorship, no matter how democratic they pretend to be. When I read that 83% of Egyptians were for the act of murder towards apostates, I knew they were fucked. Only 17% of that country qualifies for consideration for my support. The rest can fuck off.

  7. Too late.

    I need more notice.

    The best I can do is to be there in spirit.


  8.  In England, the head of state is also the head of the state religion. Also, 25 ”bishops” of that state religion automatically have seats in the government. Which other countries have a state religion?

  9. It was a good march and some very interesting speeches at the rally from a wide variety of speakers. 

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