US ambassador killed in consulate attack in Libya


BENGHAZI, Libya — A mob enraged by a film ridiculing Islam’s prophet killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in a fiery attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. President Barack Obama strongly condemned the violence, vowed Wednesday to bring the killers to justice and tightened security at diplomatic posts around the world.

The attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens — the first U.S. diplomat to die in the line of duty since 1979 — came on Tuesday’s 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist strike and presented a new foreign policy crisis for the United States in a region trying to recover from months of upheaval.

Libya’s interim president, Mohammed el-Megarif, apologized for what he called the “cowardly” assault on the consulate, which also killed several Libyan security guards in the eastern city. Just before the Benghazi violence, protests also flared in Egypt, where crowds angry over the film climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and tore down an American flag, which they replaced briefly with a black, Islamist flag.

The protests were touched off by an obscure movie made in the United States by a filmmaker who calls Islam a “cancer.” Video excerpts posted on YouTube depict the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, a womanizer and a madman in an overtly ridiculing way, showing him having sex and calling for massacres.

But the brazenness of the embassy assaults — the first on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Libya and Egypt — were signs of the lawlessness that has taken hold in the two countries after revolutions ousted their autocratic secular regimes and upended the tightly controlled police state. Islamists have emerged as powerful forces, and security forces have largely broken down.

In Libya, the volatility is further compounded by the wide availability of heavy weapons and the numerous armed militia factions that remain more powerful than security forces.

Written By: Osama Alfitory & Maggie Michael AP
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  1. Silly film to murder.

    Am I the only one that sees a logical break between these two acts?

  2. Attack On US Consulate Was A Planned Terrorist Assault Against US And Libyan Interests – OpEd

    The military assault against the US Consulate in Benghazi should not be seen as part of a protest against a low budget film which was insulting Islam.

    The film trailer, which some say sparked the violence, was posted back in early July on YouTube.

    There’s plenty for Muslim countries et al., to be upset about regarding US foreign policy. Reporting that a film is responsible for the attacks precludes a deeper understanding of the true nature of the cause, and only serves to inflame already heightened western bigotry and ignorance ,while minimizing and undermining their legitimate grievances.

  3. Sadly, this will only cause more censorship and auto-censorship in the western world concerning anything about Islam, soon you won’t be able to make any criticism at all in any substantial media venue.

    That’s how spineless and morally bankrupt developed world is. Islamic barbarians know this well and will continue to press advantage, especially through UN.

  4. These two episodes of violence reek of manipulation.  Seriously who had heard of this movie before these cowardly attacks. Who is pulling the strings and who manipulated the mobs to conduct these atrocities? 
    The only way to counter such overt “sensibilities” by the local governments is to not only condemn with words, but also with action. Bring the mob and manipulators behind them to trial and make examples of them upon conviction. 

    Why are these people so easily manipulated??? jcw

  5. I guess we all wait for Richard to start his own Political Party x) We are sad People  x) 

  6. Rudeness can be hurtful, but it cannot justify murder. I suggest that the murderers would have approved a film by islamic nutters ridiculing christian nonsense. Terry Jones is an unscrupulous blaggart who would disturb a hornets nest with a  stick long enough to guarantee his safety while letting more local individuals suffer the frenzied stings.

  7. Two groups of religious nuts have helped each other start some murderous mayhem. What to do?
     Appoint  Rev. Terry Jones US ambassador to Libya and let them both figure it out together.

  8.  If true, this does not surprise me at all.  What would surprise me is if the media seriously investigated and reported that the attacks had nothing to do with some nutter Internet movie (made by some obscure Coptic Christian living in Southern California under an assumed name and claiming to be a Jewish Israeli).  Remember the beginning of the Second Intifada in 2002?  Well that was a spontaneous uprising sparked by Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit to the Wailing Wall during his campaign to become the PM, right?  Nope.  It is pretty well beyond any doubt that the uprising was planned months in advance by Arafat and the PA in an effort to use violence as a means to get further concessions from Israel at the negotiating table.  But it didn’t get reported that way.  Nope, the narrative was that Sharon’s visit to the Temple on the Mount (never mind that he didn’t set foot on the Mosque, only visiting the Wailing Wall) was so provocative that it caused a spontaneous uprising and that somehow Sharon and Israel were responsible for a grave insult to Islam and the Palestinians and responsible for the violence that ensued.

    By the way, if by “legitimate grievances” you mean the assassinating of Al Quada’s #2 guy a few months ago, we’ll have to disagree.  And it appears from the article you linked (and from other sources I have been reading on the web) that was the real reason for this attack on, on 9/11 no less.

  9. This parallels closely the brouhaha over the Danish cartoons that ridiculed the so-called “prophet” Mohammed.  That time, a mediocre cartoonist jabbed the “prophet” and furious mobs murdered people in retaliation;  this time, an amateurish film-maker jabbed the “prophet” and furious mobs murdered people in retaliation. 

    What this comes down to, sadly, is a fundamental clash of values.  I know that many well-meaning people reject the notion that there is a basic tension between the values of the West and the values of Islam, but I’m afraid it is quite real:   the Western values of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, particularly including the freedom to mock, ridicule, satirize and criticize religions, religious belief, religious practices, and religious believers, are in direct opposition to Islamic principles that assert that criticizing Islam and/or its “prophet” amounts to criminal blasphemy so severe as to demand blood retribution. 

    For this reason, and others, I personally believe it is foolish to treat Islam as “just another monotheistic religion.”  It is not.  It is far worse, and far more dangerous, than any other religion, including Christianity and Judaism.  

    The many atheists on this site who assert that there’s no difference whatsoever between Islamic extremism and Christian or Jewish extremism have allowed their hatred of the US to cloud their perceptions to a sad degree.  Quite often, they’ve gulped the Kool-Aid of multiculturalism, which finds false equivalencies everywhere, and which is eager to find fault with Enlightenment, Western values.  So rip into me, neo-Marxist America-bashing left-wingers–I find their views just as wrong-headed as I do the views of the neo-Randian libertarian right-wingers. 

  10. (((: ( 

    He’s my drawing of mo, he’s a miserable murderous evil pedophile fool.

    @ Metamag – I’m not censoring myself, are you?

  11. I tried watching the 13 minute trailer in question but it was too bad and boring to finish. It’s not just ‘insulting’ to Muslims, it’s also insulting to people of good taste. The film itself deserves to be forgotten, the reaction to it does not. In the thread about Tom Holland’s Channel 4 documentary ‘Islam: The Untold Story’ the signature ‘Cartomancer’ posted the following:

    “Richard Dawkins often says how it is important to appreciate science, understand the scientific method and
    think scientifically, even if you are not a scientist. I think this is equally true of history, indeed, historical research and historical methodology is basically just scientific method applied to evidence of a particular kind.”

    When it comes to applying scientific methods to the travesties of religion, no one does it better than Bill Warner, who holds a PhD in physics and math. (He has been a university professor, businessman, and applied physicist.) Here’s a condensed presentation of his work on Islam:

    There’s no blood or depiction of violence here, but it’s still quite scary, so be forewarned.

    This is the third time I’ve posted this link at RDnet, but we all repeat ourselves on these subjects, don’t we? Here’s Bill Warner’s website, by the way:

  12. What a bunch of cowardly scum, say something bad about
    the bible or the torah and nothing is done but say anything about
    these freaks so called god or prophet and they will turn into savages, what a
    bunch of mentally handicapped fuckwits. 

    Would atheists storm a mosque to kill muslims if they (muslims) depicted atheists in a negative light? hmm, that’s a toughy. 

    Side note: shame on certain media outlets for prioritizing the imagined “insult” to muslims’ delicate delusions over the actual murders of real Human beings.

  13. check out this video from AlJazeeraEnglish – The anti- Islam film: What we know.

    Of particular importance is the last two minutes where Max Blumenthal (former senior writer from The Daily Beast) talks about the right-wing Christian connection to the film “Innocence of Muslims”

    see also Blumenthal’s article – Meet The Right-Wing Extremist Behind Anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Deadly Riots – here:

  14. Hey, simmer down. I think most of us atheists here including Richard Dawkins were brought out of the woodwork by the 9/11 attack on the WTC. We all didn’t bother to get militant against religion before that because Christianity had become more of an annoyance than an existential threat. 9/11 changed everything. All of us here know Islam is far more dangerous than Christianity, but Christianity is still bad enough. We will criticize all religions wherever they make trouble. It so happens that Christians are making the most trouble in the West right now (trying to insert religion into public schools, fighting equal rights for women, trying to limit women’s reproductive choices, etc.), so of course it appears we are more anti-Christian. But I don’t feel we neglect Islam in our criticism. Watch some Sam Harris videos. They will cheer you up. 

  15. Every religion believes all other religions to be bogus and itself perfect. As such they imagine they are a special case:

    Jews believe they have the right to take other people’s land.

    Christians believe they have the right to impose their religious superstitions about contraception, abortion and homosexuality on everyone.

    Muslims believe that everyone must affect respect for Mohammed, the Qur’an and Allah.

  16. I can understand people being angry about their sacred cow being ridiculed, but so angry they will kill people who had nothing to do with the insult?  Do they feel threatened — e.g. that Allah will roast them alive if they don’t do this?  Are they mirroring the fury the image Allah himself must feel, and must therefore exact revenge on a god-like group-punishment scale? I don’t think I have ever held a lower opinion of Islam than I do today.  Does the reputation of Islam even register?

  17. The Israeli government set up a body which produced the Mitchell report which concluded that ‘We have no basis on which to conclude that there was a deliberate plan by the PA to initiate a campaign of violence at the first opportunity; or to conclude that there was a deliberate plan by the [Government of Israel] to respond with lethal force.’

    Regarding Sharon’s visit they stated that ‘The Sharon visit did not cause the “Al-Aqsa Intifada.” But it was poorly timed and the provocative effect should have been foreseen; indeed it was foreseen by those who urged that the visit be prohibited.’

  18. If you can believe that Mo flew from Mecca to Jeruslaem on Al Buraq and that virgins give birth to gods then everything else is science. 

    There is no reasoning with people who consider such egregious nonsense to be fact. 

  19. It still strikes me that people of which ever religious belief seem to be able to translate comments on their fantasy world (the religious belief) in to real life actions in the real world. People were killed because of some idea. These people are really dead but the “belief” is still nothing more than “belief”, without any form of evidence what so ever.
    Again, Muslims seem to be very insecure when it comes to their convictions. The smallest insult tends to arouse the most violent attacks. As it turned out the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers were a response to infidels still walking on Saudi soil a few years after the gulf war. The Christians were stinking up the place so to say.
    I go with kaiserkriss, why are these people so easily manipulated? Lack of proper schooling, indoctrination, one sided news, peer pressure, weird ideas about manliness, censorship? I think I can fill a page with words like this.

  20. Hatred
    Look, how spry she still is, how well she holds up: hatred, in our century. How lithely she takes high hurdles. How easy for her to pounce, to seize.

    She is not like the other feelings. At once older and younger than they. She alone gives birth to causes which rouse her to life. If she sleeps, it’s never for eternity. Insomnia doesn’t take away but gives her strength.

    Religion or no religion– as long as she’s in the running, Motherland or no-man’s land– as long as she’s in the race. Even justice suffices at first. After that she speeds off on her own Hatred. Hatred. The grimace of love’s ecstasy twists her face.

    Oh, those other feelings, so sickly and sluggish. Since when could brotherhood count on milling crowds? Was compassion ever first across the finish line? How many followers does doubt command? Only hatred commands, for hatred knows her stuff.

    Smart, able, hard working. Need we say how many songs she has written. How many pages of history she has numbered. How many human carpets she has unrolled, over how many plazas and stadiums.

    Let’s be honest: Hatred can create beauty. Marvelous are her fire-glows, in deep night. Clouds of smoke most beautiful, in rosy dawn. It’s hard to deny her pathos of ruins and not to see bawdy humor in the stout column lording it over them.

    She is a master of contrast between clatter and silence, red blood and white snow. Above all the image of a clean-shaven torturer standing over his defiled victim never bores her.

    She is always ready for new tasks. If she has to wait, she waits. They say hatred is blind. Blind? With eyes sharp as a sniper’s, she looks bravely into the future– she alone.


  21. I got the impression that the film shows some of the official tales and teachings of islam – and nothing else.  It could have been done better, and I look foreward to someone doing so.  But the film is really full of true information about islam – and true  information is badly needed. 

  22. What Would Hitch Say (WWHS)?  How disgraceful this episode is.  Just this morning, CNN is reporting of further violence in Egypt and Yemen related to this film.  Really, people?  A film causes you to go to these extremes?  Grow up.

  23. A comment in the Indepedent by Robert Fisk 13 Sept.

    “So another internet clever clogs sets the Middle East on fire: Prophet cartoons, then Koranic book burning now a video of robed ‘terrorists’ and a faked desert. The Western-Christian perpetrators then go into hiding (an essential requisite for publicity) while the innocent are asphyxiated, beheaded and otherwise done to death – outrageous muslim revenge thus “proving” the racist claims of the trash peddlars that islam is a violent religion”.

    Just imagine that atheists had values that compelled them to commit outrageous violent and murderous acts because our epistomologies  require we kill people who insulted our intelligence with demands that we respect  their fairy stories.  Would that make our claims any more compelling? Our behaviour justifiable or our detractors racist?

    I must have missed the point or am I alone in thinking that newspapers tread rather too warily?

  24. Mass hysteria seems to set in all too readily with this particular religious group.

    It’s a film! That’s all. Sometimes it’s a film and sometimes it’s a book; grow up and get used to it. Films will continue to be produced and books written.

    Just heard a chap on the news saying that Islam condemns the violence. How many times have I heard that?

    And it goes without saying that people of a rational disposition are expected accept this emotion blackmail and intimidation, while the media kowtow to it and avoid asking any penetrating questions; like : what is the source of this childish nonsense?

    Answer : religion; what else?

  25. What’s that, I hear? 

    Oh well, it’s nothing, I thought I heard a moderate muslim speaking out.

  26. [US ambassador killed in consulate attack in Libya]…it’s a race to enlightenment through rational, reason based education. Can we realistically “break-through” years of religious indoctrination and dogma fast enough to prevent self-inflicted extinction? Mr Dakwins…I’m not so sure that religion isn’t “The Root of All Evil”. Maybe the solution is to create a new worldwide, monotheistic religion (think of the tax breaks in the U.S.) so wonderful and so fantastic that it would virtually impossible to resist joining (covertly operated by the rationals) whereby we can systemacitally  “wean” off the believers…? If we can get most the believers “on board” then maybe we’ll have enough time.

  27. Look on the bright side. Myth Romney’s deranged attack on Obama’a administration for apologies to Islamists that were never even said has pretty much guaranteed he will never become president. Even staunch republicans are deserting him. As Obama said of him he “shoots first, aims later”.

  28. It had to happen sooner or later. This process is going to be long and painful I’m afraid.

  29. So sad and unnecessary. That so many millions of our planet still live in such a state of ignorance is incomprehensible. This event certainly doesn’t help the cause of “Believers”! It is also extremely unsettling that unlike the aggressors of centuries past, their modern counterparts have access to 21st century technology and destructive capabilities.

  30. The film makers would be quite satisfied with the publicity their poorly made film had generated. that would be translated into a lot of cash.Now the so called Islamic moderates would be coming out in droves invariably saying ,we told you so,that’s what happen when the provocation go too far,not that we endorse the reaction but insult of our prophet is a no, no, it can lead to an *Islamic anger*.

  31. “that’s what happen when the provocation go too far,not that we endorse the reaction but insult of our prophet is a no, no, it can lead to an *Islamic anger*.”

    These are weasel words. The responsibility for the violence and deaths lies with the perpetrators alone. Nobody else; not the ‘western world’, the USA, the film makers or the American people. Just the perpetrators. There is an equivalence between the claims, ‘I killed my wife but it was her fault; her nagging drove me to it’ and ‘we killed the US ambassador, but it was the Americans’ fault, their film drove us to it’. In both cases the act is heinous and entirely the fault and responsibility of the perpetrators. At times like this accommodationists like Andrew Brown make me ashamed to be British,

    Islam is a death cult, like many other religions but more so, prioritising ‘rewards in heaven’ over sorting out problems in this, the only world we know of. It is true that there are other ideas; political ideologies, nationalism, tribalism, racism to name just four, that can lead to people binding together in hate of ‘the other’. But religion is the one at the forefront now, so the one that needs to be dealt with now.

  32. to moderator 
    hi,i wanted to edit a correction but the link was not available,could you please make the link accessible? 

    phill marston

    These are weasel words.
    The responsibility for the violence and deaths lies with the perpetrators alone. Nobody else;
    not the ‘western world’, the USA, the film makers or the American people. Just the perpetrators.
    There is an equivalence between the claims, ‘I killed my wife but it was her fault; her nagging drove me to it’
    and ‘we killed the US ambassador, but it was the Americans’ fault, their film drove us to it’.

    There is a parallel example here!  “The miners are to blame” for ‘provoking’ the state-police (or if you prefer – the police state), into murdering their colleagues!

    “This is why by Maryam Namazie” : –

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