Will Schools Fall for Alliance Defending Faith-Based Bullying?


Who could be for bullying? Who would oppose efforts to deal with this unfortunate, sometimes tragic aspect of life in today’s schools? As it happens, a number of groups that claim to represent the “Christian viewpoint” have become vigorous opponents of many anti-bullying initiatives, claiming that such initiatives “discriminate” against their religious viewpoint.

On August 28, Focus on the Family and the ADF (formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund, recently rebranded as the Alliance Defending Freedom) released what they call an Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick, intended to “allow public schools and the general public” to “evaluate several legal aspects of a school’s proposed or existing policies.” While claiming that such guidelines help parents “protect their children” they are in fact an elaborate scheme to clear the way for faith-based exemptions for those who wish to target their fellow students for bigotry and bullying.

A list of policy ideals details the notion that bullying policies should not apply to “religious, political, philosophical, or other protected student speech.” Politicians in several states have tried to pass similar laws, which amount to a “license to bully.” These and other points in the model policy intentionally protect bullies while making students who are members of religious minorities, LGBT, or other frequently targeted groups more vulnerable to harassment.

Written By: Katherine Stewart
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  1. When you read the first paragraphs of the ADF “yardstick”, you find that in their “good” (acceptable) anti-bullying
    policy column is the notion of “disturbing the peace”.

    Whose peace, I might ask???? As adult gay behavior moves inevitably into generally accepted social
    tolerance, “the peace” will inevitably incorporate a revised societal attitude, which will reflect itself in
    how society fosters the growth of its children into adulthood.

  2. The first line sums up my sentiment on this issue: who could be for bullying?

    It seems to me that many religious people defend the notion of their beliefs rather than the beliefs themselves. It is almost undeniable that many of their beliefs are deep rooted in discrimination, therefore sprouting into the real world in the form of bullying and then spreading the seed of these beliefs via the farmers of the faith (sorry, metaphor overkill). The notion that they’re defending is one of “defending the faith” but the belief that they’re defending is one of discrimination – if it weren’t for the former, I’d guess that the latter is something that they would be (and probably are) fully against.

    What was it that Christopher Hitchens said? Something like “religion poisons everything”…

  3. In Canada the Catholic church is the main institution blocking anti-bullying measures, particularly when the taunt is that the victim is allegedly gay.  The irony is the victims are largely pre-pubescent boys.  The church urges punishment for being suspected of homosexual activity in FUTURE, even while boys are virgins.  What crazy sadistic old farts!

    Who are they to administer vigilante Minority Report justice?

  4.  “The church urges punishment for being suspected of homosexual activity
    in FUTURE, even while boys are virgins.  What crazy sadistic old farts!”

    I’m in Oakville, Ontario. Plenty of Catholic schools around here but we have forced them to accept the right for LGBT clubs at school. Students aren’t taking shit and it looks like most students are for it. The best thing that can come from this global money crisis is the severance of the Catholic school board from the public wallet. Those that can foot their own bill may survive, the others will come over to the normal side.

    In the spirit of bullying for the future, I did a scribble.

  5. It will always be the religious who have twisted views on bullying, on the one hand desperately trying to ensure that there is a blasphemy law to ensure that no-one can criticise them and yet on the other saying that they belief in invisible friends allows them to bully people who they deem to be against their religion like homosexuals and the non religious.

  6. At last the authorities are prepared to grasp the bullying problem. Your days are numbered you antifatists, antigingerists, antispotties, antiswots. And let no one on this board even think about contradicting me because my dad is bigger than yours and you’re a smelly slut anyway innit.

  7. It’s about time god came out of the closet. We all know that the louder the protest, the greater the transferred fear and loathing. The most repressed homosexuals are the homophobes

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