Young man arrested for satirical Facebook page (Greece)

Sep 25, 2012

Discussion by: CrysP
I know internet petitions only rarely work (if ever), but I wanted to turn your attention to something happening in Greece. Unfortunately, my country’s constitution has yet to abolish anti-blasphemy laws and a young man is now paying for it, because he committed the unspeakable crime of creating a satirical Facebook page meant to ridicule the commercialization of faith (check out the #freegeronpastitsios tag on twitter).

Said page made its point abundantly clear when, a few months ago, the creator, in an attempt to showcase just how easy it is to get people to believe in miracles, created a pastiche of previous ‘miracles’ and e-mailed the result to several religious websites/blogs. The ‘miracle’ deliberately contained many false pieces of information that none of the blogs even bothered to double check, and instead posted the ‘miracle’ in its entirety without batting an eyelid. 

The page had already been the recipient of a salvo of threats for many months, but then it caught the eye of a member of the parliament who belongs in the far right wing of the Greek political landscape (a neo-Nazi party, to be precise). Within a few days of the politician’s complaint, the page was taken down and the creator arrested.

If the fact that this is happening in a European country bothers you as much as it bothers me, please take a moment of your time to show your support for this cause in any way you can. 

P.S. This isn’t a thread meant to simply plug the petition; I’ll answer any and all questions regarding the case, and hopefully start a discussion on this atrocity.

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    valhalla says:

    Yes the religious are not particularly smart, and they do so hate it when their brain dead shenanigans are shown up in public for what they are…con tricks!
    And they get unaccountably bent out of shape when their holy dead are lampooned, but have very little trouble with lampooning the likes of Darwin or making up stories about Christopher Hitchens.
    Signed the petition. 

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  • Just a little more evidence, if any was needed, that ALL religions are insane – not just the ones that encourage their peons to commit acts of violence in the name of their imaginary friend.

    Let’s hope the petition has some effect – both directly and indirectly – in helping to end the madness of blasphemy laws everywhere.

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    papa lazaru says:

    You know what would go a long way? A sense of humour. I’m not talking ‘burn infidels’ knee-slapping hilarity, but a sense of ironic self-deprecation would help deflate those buffoons. Why are fascists always so serious?

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  • Maybe they all have itchy moustaches and that’s what makes them so cantankerous?

    Or perhaps it’s because, deep down, they know they are so, so wrong about so, so many things and they get annoyed when someone reminds them of that fact…

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  • I didn’t know blasphemy laws existed in Europe.  I always thought that  blasphemy was one of the least serious sins that could be committed when I read about it in the Bible.  I never understood why the unpardonable sin was blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.   The Bible, to me, was never clear on what the Holy Spirit was.  I thought it terrible when Salman Rusdie had a threat of being killed over his book and just recently.  I don’t know about the laws in Greece.  But then we have such radicals in the U.S. 

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  • Sadly, Greece is just the tip of the iceberg…

    There are still blasphemy laws of one form or another in many European countries, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and San Marino.

    In other countries, there is a law against ‘religious insult’ – Andorra, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

    That’s almost half the continent – even though the populations of these countries are becoming less religious overall.

    Very sad – but it says a lot about how governments will use any excuse (even if they no longer believe in the rubbish themselves) to control the masses and to stop dissent and progress.

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    SomeDude says:

    Actually, the penalty for blasphemy is to be stoned to death (see Leviticus 24:16).  It’s also one of the commandments, though I think it could be argued it’s actually 3 of the commandments (1. No other God; 2. No graven images; 3. Don’t use the LORDs name in vain.)

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    Diohuni says:

    Signed! And petitions can have a positive effect if enough signatures are gathered and they make the news!  Surely the Greeks have more to worry about than prosecuting someone for blasphemy. How is it possible to blaspheme something for which there is no evidence. Would love to represent this guy in Court and ask them to prove there is a god!

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    JamesWG says:

    Are you sure that it’s reasonable to say that the religious are not particularly smart? That seems rather a cop-out of intelligent conversation to me?

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    valhalla says:

     Well believing without a shred of tangible evidence in some spurious sky fairy is not exactly top of the smart pile.
    That seems rather a cop out of intelligence full stop!

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    JamesWG says:

    Indeed, but that’s quite beside the point since 1) I’m not talking about a sky fairy, 2) such attributions of spuriousness are begging the question, and 3) I claim there is tangible evidence sufficient for belief in the existence of God to be reasonable, both in principle and in practice.  Clearly many Christians claim that faith has no link to reason and may even claim faith is all the greater for its being irrational, but there are a great many Christians who say nothing of the sort; instead they, like I, would argue that the historical, existential, philosophical, psychological and scientific evidence when considered as a whole tip the balance in favour of there being a God, specifically that Jesus of Nazareth was and is God, from whence they then would have reasons to believe that the Bible and Church tradition may have something to them, even though clearly there are many routes to avoid!

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    valhalla says:

    1) I’m not talking about a sky fairy

    OK…what are you talking about…define your terms and provide your evidence!

    2) such attributions of
    spuriousness are begging the question,

    Yes it is…and it always has done for over 2000 yrs…Which ‘sky fairy’ why your ‘sky fairy’ and are other worshippers of other spurious ‘sky fairies’ worshipping the wrong ‘sky fairy’ ?…Why?

    3) I claim there is tangible
    evidence sufficient for belief in the existence of God to be reasonable,
    both in principle and in practice.

    Show your working!

    the historical, existential, philosophical, psychological and scientific
    evidence when considered as a whole tip the balance in favour of there
    being a God

    Total codswollop of course, throwing random big words into a sentence is not intimidating. not enlightening or indeed persuasive in the least.
    And wanting there to be historical, existential, philosophical, psychological and scientific evidence is not the same as there actually being historical, existential, philosophical, psychological and scientific evidence.
    There is a difference that is quite important.
    Bit of a blow…but reality is a beeaatch!
    The fact is the audience here are not the brain dead sheeple that slobber ‘jeebus is my sunbeam’ whatever is said or written that seems to be pink fluffy and sweetish, folks here are prepared to listen to your evidence, but seeing as no evidence has ever been offered by any ‘sunbeam’ in the history of ‘sunbeams’ or since some vague insubstantial character  in literature got nailed to a piece of wood according to the lurid tales of the gullible, no one here is actually holding their breaths to be dazzled by your boasted ‘evidence’!

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    JamesWG says:

    Thank you my friend for opening my eyes to what should have been the obvious fact that there has never been a shred of evidence in support of any belief in any specific supernatural being/god/sky fairy. What would the world have done without your insights? Please 😛 Presumably you mean that you’ve never been convinced by any supposed evidence offered, as it’d be an astounding claim that you know enough about the whole of time and space to feel sufficiently sure to say there’s never been any evidence; unless you’d argue there couldn’t be any evidence, in which case it’d be helpful if you could define what you mean by evidence 🙂
    Obviously my reply was not intended to convince anyone of the existence of my sky fairy; rather just to get the conversation going. Presumably you’ve got access to most of the areas of ‘evidence’ that I’d suggest; what are your arguments against the claim that Jesus Christ was (and is) the Son of God? Then I can address those specifically to start off with so that we can discuss whether there is any evidence after all 🙂

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