46% Americans Believe In Creationism According To Latest Gallup Poll


A new Gallup poll measures Americans’ belief in the origin of human beings, and how this belief correlates with church attendance, political party affiliation and education level. The poll was conducted by interviewing a random sample of 1,012 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The following question was asked to determine Americans’ views on origin of human beings:

Respondents were categorized as believing in theistic evolution (option 1), evolution (option 2) and creationism (option 3) depending on their answer choice.

Forty six percent Americans believed in creationism, 32 percent believed in theistic evolution and 15 percent believed in evolution without any divine intervention. As the graph below shows, the percent of Americans who believe in creationism has increased slightly by 2 percent over the last 30 years. The percent of Americans who believe in evolution has also increased by 6 percent over the last 30 years while the percent of Americans who believe in theistic evolution has decreased by 6 percent over the same time period.

Regular church attendance is strongly positively correlated with believing in creationism, and negatively correlated with believing in theistic evolution and evolution. Among those who attend church weekly, two-thirds believe in creationism, 25 percent believe in theistic evolution and a mere 3 percent believe in evolution.

Americans who believe in creationism are more likely to be Republican than Democrat or Independent, whereas those who believe in evolution are more likely to be Democrat or Independent, than Republican. Interestingly, nearly an equal proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents believe in theistic evolution.

Written By: Jahnabi Barooah
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  1. That means that if I meet an American, there is approx 50% chance he is ignorant or an idiot or both. No wonder non-Americans tar all of them with the same brush when it is a toss up as to whether thay are sane or not. Let them suffer Romney for 8 years. They deserve no better.

  2. This means there are about 47 million Americans, who are capable to keep the country from sinking, while 144 million try to drag it as deep as possible. Probably the more sapient minority will be enough to keep them all afloat, some of them even above the atmosphere.

    I guess we should try to see this as a quaint cultural oddity. But whenever I accidentally meet an American, I still avoid having a serious conversation with them. The likelihood is too great that their views on reality and human decency are too outrageous. The weather and food are nice enough topics and I’ll stick to them.

    But having met a few of the 47 million sapient ones, I do think think they deserve better. We all do.

  3. We have so much in common with the Americans… we both are loud, shoot from the hip, and devoutly religious.
    For us, religion comes from the State… The Gov tells us what we should believe in….
    The Americans however, share the same genes as the Europeans, and therefore should be thinking in similar ways, but they don’t…  American’s and Europeans have so much in common apart from government… I wonder if the government of the US is indirectly encouraging people into religious believes, similar to what Mr. Vladimir Putin is doing in Russia (there are more Christians and Muslims in Russia today than any time in the last 100 years!)
    Anyone interested in confirming or refuting this theory??

  4.  I do wish people outside the USA would not take this attitude. Apart from the callous disregard for the 50% who are sensible, there is the fact that America dominates what we are pleased to call the Free World, and what happens there affects us all.

  5. Did you not read the article? It said 15% were sensible, the figure of 50% didn’t occur at all.

    The United States became what it is today through NOT allowing religious dogma to influence national policy and development, and that is seriously under threat today.

    That 15% is the only thing that will allow you to maintain the position in the world you are so proud of.   If you let religious dogma dominate and replace scientific thought you will swiftly lose your position, the respect of other nations, and the ability to regain your position; and become as powerful, as respected, and as noted for inovation as Arabia was in the Nineteenth Century


      Let them suffer Romney for 8 years. They deserve no better.

    Democracy is a system of government where the people get the government the majority deserve!

  7. Sooner or later belief in fairy stories will atrophy.
    I think it’s already started in the US.
    In Ireland it went at a furious pace.

  8. Sorry, but I have a hard time believing this. I wonder where this survey was taken.

    “That means that if I meet an American, there is approx 50% chance he is ignorant or an idiot or both.”

    This strongly depends on the state or city surveyed. Go to Chicago or New York and you will not find a majority of Bible-thumping individuals. Go to Alabama or Tennessee and you will find otherwise.

    My guess is that 60% believe we evolved with God’s guidance. 25% accept evolution as truth, and 12% think the Biblical version is true. The rest never thought about it. The majority of people accept evolution as truth in some way or another.  So either I am reflecting the views of where I live, or I’m idealistic.

    Maybe they should ask people the age of the Grand Canyon or other area of significance. Anyone have access to the actual survey?

  9.  Yes indeed …as soon as the mechanisms are revealed that allowed this Wizard of Oz theatrics to fool them so deeply  and for so long that the’ meme is dropped faster then a working gal’s knickers at a religious convention.

  10. Hmm. I’m not sure I would agree that “I believe” in evolution. 

    That’s a faith based reaction, so such a poll seems to presuppose that unsubstantiated belief is relevant. I would say that the theory of evolution is the only working hypothesis we have for what we observe, and fits so many facts it is hard to consider it seriously flawed. 

    It’s true I have to believe what a body of scientists tell me, but I have the fall-back of checking deeper into any fact I think is suspicious; nothing is delivered ex-cathedra.So I am not sure what any serious person presented with this question would answer. I would probably laugh and walk on.

  11. Well, actually I see the original question is somewhat better worded, it is just the result is paraphrased to make is meaningless, as I see often happens with poll results.

  12. America is quite an enigma there must be a considerable division intellectualy between the great scientists and industrialists etc and a sizeable portion of the population in order for the country as a whole to maintain its global position.  That is to say the benefit to its advancement must rest with the awesome talent of a few in order to compensate for a the millions who can’t think straight.

    How many americans I wonder compartmentalise creationist nonsense in order to conduct their work in a rational way.  Do any of them actually believe that doG has a hand on the rudder of their livelihood or do they run their businnesses by astrology or tarot readings?

    I’m baffled.

  13. We all deserve an America that is not clinically insane… especially considering their nuclear arsenal.

  14. I don’t think “dominate” is the word you’re looking for.  “Dominates the Free World” is a contradiction in terms.  Either it’s not dominated or it’s not free.

  15. Consider the Afghanistan effect.  A pollster, accompanied by an American soldier comes to the door and asks, “Do you approve of the American liberation?”.  Then later a pollster accompanied by a man in Taliban garb asks, “Do you approve of the American occupation?”  What are the chances both pollsters will get the same results?  What Gallup is really measuring is what people think is socially acceptable to believe. It is still pretty scary.  It is very much like people were terrorised into affecting belief in witchcraft and witch burning. It will get very much worse if they can push it over 50%

  16. It goes without saying that 46% of the American populace is a stupid amount of people, but it’s not necessarily an amount of stupid people.

    Most of these people place these beliefs in a special little category – almost like a dessert stomach when you’re all full up on the main course! – and so they operate within the real world just like you and I do; at least in that they are not “idiots” and have jobs and families and do all the same sort of things as us.

    If you don’t want to have conversations with the ignorant and idiotic then you picked to be part of the wrong species.

  17. hellosnackbar 
    Sooner or later belief in fairy stories will atrophy.
    I think it’s already started in the US.

    Hah! As both the USA and Britain have a significant proportion of 13 – 25 yr-olds who seem to think that the ‘Twilight’ series is a documentary, I’d be a little less optomistic.

  18. I have several responses to the Intelligent Design con men:
    · You fully accept that man can create a faster racehorse by controlling which studs get to sire the next generation. Yet you reject the possibility that wolves could accomplish the same thing, somewhat less efficiently, and without intent or intelligent design, by chasing and killing the slowest horses.
    · You claim nothing complex can exist without a designer. Doesn’t that make Jehovah, the most complex thing going in your scheme of things, impossible?
     ·  You claim eyes are too improbable to come into being by chance. You compare them to a 747 forming from junk in a hurricane. Natural selection is the very opposite of chance. It is a meticulous, patient, extremely time consuming, pruning of the incompetent, like a school that shoots the worst students each year. The 747 story is a straw man argument. You claim randomoness where there is none.
     ·  You claim complex things like eyes cannot come into being without intelligent design. Some very stupid unskilled labour still manage to produce them without conscious effort in 9 months.
    · Quite probably you are simply too stupid to even understand the arguments on either side. You could not have thought very deeply since there is no evidence for Intelligent Design and libraries full for evolution. All you can do is is parrot them without understanding. Debating with you is pointless. You can’t even understand your own position.
    · If you have read the scientific literature well enough to create straw man arguments, then you understand it well enough to demonstrate that you are not merely mistaken, you are lying, pulling a con perhaps because you think it is necessary for people believe the Christian lie to behave or because you line you pockets this way.

  19. Also consider:

    50% of Americans have IQ under 100, by definition.

    When polled, a substantial number of Americans believed that people with IQ under 100 should be “put down”.

    Polls never have an option “I don’t know enough to have an opinion” presumably because no one would ever face the embarrassment of using it.

  20. You need to take legal and illegal immigration into account, you need to consider what countries America is getting its new citizens from, new voters and new people in the polls.

  21. You need to take legal and illegal immigration into account, you need to consider what countries America is getting its new citizens from, new voters and new people in the polls.

    Immigrants, legal or illegal, are not permitted to vote in federal elections…I know, I was an immigrant.

    “Only U.S. citizens have the right to vote in federal elections, and it is a federal crime for a non-citizen to vote in a federal election or to register to vote in one.”

    Suffrage at state level is a more complex issue.

  22. @Amos.  Highly religious immigrants can have a big social effect, even without voting in federal elections.  Plus, they feed the faith mega-businesses, which do have an effect on voters in federal elections, as we are seeing right now.

  23. A don’t doubt that….a was just commenting on the particular element of the remark…”…, new voters”, one has to be an immigrant for 5 years before application for citizenship is eligible and a right to a federal vote is attained…if that is ones goal.

    “Immigrants differ on their political views; however, the Democratic Party is considered to be in a far stronger position among immigrants overall. Research shows that religious affiliation can also significantly impact both their social values and voting patterns of immigrants, as well as the broader American population. Hispanic evangelicals, for example, are more strongly conservative than non-Hispanic evangelicals. This trend is often similar for Hispanics or others strongly identifying with the Catholic Church, a religion that strongly opposes abortion and gay marriage.”

    An influx of Roman Catholics sneaking across the Mexican border cannot be a good thing for the polls and immigrants attaining local county and state suffrage will be a problem in non federal voting I agree. What I did notice though, with the recession and the lack of jobs available, that influx is not so bad, at least that seemed to be the case in Florida a couple of years ago.

    Highly irreligious immigrants can have a massive effect too, once they gain citizenship… Christopher Hitchens for example, but I get the point and should have been clearer, my error.

  24. Yep….my bad. Although a couldn’t really see too many wanting to get involved in anything like that sort of attention grabbing. Most pollsters require you to provide a name at the very least and online polls require even more. Illegals tend not to want to be too high profile. But you are quite correct, there is nothing really to stop them taking part in principle.

  25. As an older American Iam saddened by this statistic. America seems like a very different country today, and the rise of fundalmentalism is a big factor.Many of these people running for polictical office are ignorant, and scary.

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