Any South Central PA Users?

Oct 5, 2012

Discussion by: TheAverageAthei
I’m looking for other like minded individuals in or near Hanover, PA.  I know there are groups in york and Harrisburg, but looking for something closer.  If there are other users nearby, but no group, are you interested in starting a group?


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    Spitzmutt says:

     I can’t feel sorry for you. I just checked the distance from Hanover to York. Gee! Only 23 miles. How about here in McVeytown PA? The groups closest to me are in State College at 40 miles and Harrisburg at 75 miles.

    I suspect that you too have some form of high speed internet service and can watch the videos. I’m stuck with dial-up because Verizon won’t bring DSL to my area.

    The world is not fair, is it? Just tough it out and and do your best.

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