Attack of the Theocrats – paperback release Oct 15th


“Faircloth makes such a compelling case.” — Bill Nye The Science Guy 

“Faircloth is doing such important work.” — Mythbusters Co-Host and Executive Producer, Adam Savage

“This book…offers a bold plan.” — James Randi

“An inspiring and invigorating vision.” — Richard Dawkins

Paperback releases on Amazon 15 Oct.

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Written By: Sean Faircloth
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  1. In fact, the good part of this book is Richard Dawkins’s foreword.  The book itself is a mishmash.  It’s heart’s in the right place but it reads far more like a US politician’s manifesto than a rational analysis of the situation.  Too much anecdote and too little scholarship.

  2. I think that’s his pont Frank, I do think we secularist and atheist do tend to pontificate, contemplate and philosophize a bit too much at times. Sometimes a good old fashion political brawl is whats needed to protect our rights. Yes funny hats and all.

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