Ayatollah Khomeini



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This drawing originally appeared in the June 30, 1983 issue with the article The Revolt of Islam.

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  1. Americans forget they shot down an Iranian passenger jet.  If the roles had been reversed, the Americans would still be talking about it.

  2. This is the evil bastard who issued a fatwa calling for the assassination of Salman Rushdie.

  3. Ah, the author of the Little Green Book. Full of indispensable wisdom, such as the proper way to dispose of the carcass of domestic animals after copulation with them. Answer: Do not sell them to others in your own village, but you may sell them to people of neighbouring villages.
    Muslims can be so fickle in their relationships.

  4. Remember Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, one of the nastier dictators?  The USA unseated the government of Iran and installed him who was happy to satisfy western interests at the detriment of Iranians.

    If the tables had been turned and Iran had installed a dictatorship in the USA in the 1950s, I doubt American would have finished forgiving the Iranians.

    In the SOTU speech in 2002-01-29 Bush promised to annihilate Iran, because he considered them “evil”. How could Iran possibly deter a superpower but with a nuclear deterrent.

    My point is our disgust with the backwardness of Islam makes us villainise Iran, even though the USA has harmed it far more than Iran has harmed the USA.  Our complaint is really with its internal affairs. Our complaint is with Islam, not Iran per se.

  5. The ” Green Book” is a manifesto by the late Muammar  Gadafi ( or Khadafi or Quadafi or whatever) the picturesque Libyan tyrant, and kids had to study it 2 hours a week in primary school.

    There is also a ” Little Green Book of Ayatollah Khomeiny” on sale at Amazon, a collection of diverse fatwas selected and translated by Daniel Deleanu, an author who seems mainly interested in reinterpreting Wittgenstein and writing poems in Hieroglyphics and other diverse such. It is said to lack scholarship.

    Devotional korans by ” Mo ham head” do not usually have green bindings.

  6. I’m going to buy one of these prints. I’ll hang it on the chimney breast to keep the grandkids away from the fire.

  7. Perhaps this should serve to remind us of misguided American foreign policy in Western Asia over the last seventy years.

    It makes me for one realize why the sky is so dark with chickens coming home to roost, albeit at the behest of the Islamists and other opportunistic mischief makers.

    However, we have to some extent had this brought upon us by our own so called “leaders”, due to their lack of historical perspective.

    Time to examine the mote in our own eyes perhaps?

  8. Quite right! And we’d do well to remember our ousting of Iran’s democratically elected Government.

  9. Almost never gets a mention, does it. As you say, had it been the other way about, the screams of outrage would still be going on.

  10. Anybody else remember the ‘Not The Nine o’Clock News’ satirical song “Ayatollah, don’t Khomeini closer”. I’m sure it’ll be on youtube somewhere.

    Edited to correct spelling of ‘satyrical’. Bloody satyrs get everywhere!

  11. >The USA unseated the government of Iran and installed him who was happy to satisfy western interests at the detriment of Iranians.

    Both the UK and the USA had a hand in the Coup that put the Shah in power and it was done largely for the benefit of APOC, a Brittish concern.  Also, Pahlavi’s father was put in power by the UK without US involvement.  So the UK can share in the blame. 

    I don’t particularly agrre with your assesment that the Shah one of the nastier dictators.  His policies had some accomplishments really but ultimately he was corrupt and a failure.  A large problem was increased education with out the ability to employ those who were educated.  Also, he tried to ‘modernize’ which meant Western values which didn’t always go over well.  

    He had his problems but I can come up with more then a few dictators that were worse. 

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