Baby Mice Born from Eggs Made from Stem Cells


Stem cells have been coaxed into creating everything from liver cells to beating heart tissue. Recently, these versatile cells were even used to make fertile mouse sperm, suggesting that stem cell technology might eventually be able to play a role in the treatment of human infertility.

Now two types of stem cells have been turned into viable mouse egg cells that were fertilized and eventually yielded healthy baby mice. Details of this achievement were published online October 4 in Science.

Katsuhiko Hayashi, of Kyoto University’s School of Medicine, were able to create the eggs with embryonic stem cells as well as with induced pluripotent stem cells (formed from adult cells).

Written By: Katherine Harmon
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  1. It may seem unkind to say it, but should we really be seeking remedies for human infertility? Shouldn’t we be wishing rather that the condition spreads before the planet becomes even more overcrowded?

    Infertile couples should be encouraged to adopt

  2. I agree with Nancy, just because it might not be a great idea to use this research uncontrolled on human beings doesn’t mean we should just stop exploring. Who knows what kind of other breakthroughs come from research like this.

  3.  A better solution is to increase education and liberation of women globally while also providing access to birth control. This naturally brings the birth rate down to about 1-2 children per couple, there is no need to enforce state imposed birth rates and there is a host of additional benefits.

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