Italian church to be stripped of tax exemption from 2013


The Italian Catholic Church will be stripped of an historic tax exemption from 2013 after the government upheld a divisive decree under close scrutiny from EU watchdogs.

The Church currently pays tax on several properties it owns that are commercial enterprises but is exempt if at least some of the activities on the property are “non-commercial” – for example a chapel in a hotel.

“The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 – the start of the fiscal year – and will fully respect the (European) Community law,” Prime Minister Mario Monti’s government said in a statement late Tuesday.

Written By: AFP
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  1. This is wonderful!  The motive is not religious freedom, but a government strapped for cash looking about.  Let’s hope other nations follow suit.  That Italy would be the first is such irony.

  2. Since this is European Community Law, let’s see all the EU take back the fortunes religions have stolen under false pretenses – which, of course, doesn’t just apply to their commercial buildings, but it’s a start.

  3. Once that becomes precedent then the RCC are finished as a land property company.
    In fact given their obvious cash flow embarrassment, methinks they are finished full-stop, the scam ain’t as profitable as it once was!
     3/4 of their wealth is in their global portfolio.
    One country …ITALY…the home base of the ‘crow’ roost and the jewel in their ecclesiastical crown, to turn the screw so unexpectedly must be a bitter and loathsome pill for the Vatican to swallow.

    Because they must be dully aware that where their home base turns others will follow…and rapidly, never let it be said a government turns down cash, that has never happened.
    And the Church has always been traditionally off the schedule, now it seems it is at the top of the list.
    They lost Ireland , the other of the twin jewels in their crown, they are getting very irresponsible, inept and incompetent, a sure and definite sign that the cult is losing grip, and influence on a daily basis.

    They are frozen in the headlights, because they have no idea how to manipulate a modern world, they are relying on traditional victims, those traditional victims are elderly and fading fast on their registers as they are dispatched of this earthly realm.
    There is no up and coming generation to take up the slack, and insure papal longevity.

    When a company or large magisterium begin losing the market places they exploit and have no further niche to explore to replenish their reserves…they bleed to death.
    The work force is diminishing, the bums on pews (customers) flock away in droves and the hierarchy appear at odds with each other…tis the end times…they are imploding slowly but very surely and it is plainly obvious they have no plan B.
    Seems even their supernatural figment has deserted them as well…well when you lose your leading brand it is all over!

    Could not happen to a more worthy cult.

  4. Wait! Wait! Everyone, put down your trumpets. It’s apparently still unsettled. Close to the end of the article is this sentence:

    On Monday the Council of State, Italy’s highest ranking court for
    administrative litigation, rejected the decree.

    Following that is a remark that ‘the government insists’…but ‘insist’ is not a legal outcome, just an opinion.

    That reversal is in direct contradiction of the headline. So what the hell is going on?

  5. I expect they’ll try their damnedest to wriggle out of it somehow; it sounds like it could become a lawyers paradise.

  6. The government is the boss of the courts in most European lands, seeing as they give the powers and the law by proxy.
    Every law must be ratified by government before it passes into a lawful instrument in the courts of law.

    A court might reject an order but if the government insists then the court must bow before their masters eventually.

    In Blighty we have the House of Lords…they can reject legislative bills in law and send it back for reconsideration by the Commons, several times  the proposed legislation can ping pong between the Lords and the Commons…but if the government ‘insists’ the Lords must eventually comply to the will of the house.
    Because Parliament is the mother of all governments similar situations exist elsewhere where government is ‘king’.

    Of course there are stalling and moans and groans  along with last minute legal challenges…but if the government ‘insists’ then it is a foregone conclusion …usually!

  7. Personally, I prefer this way of doing things to constitutional finicking. That really is lawyers’ paradise (and paradise for those people and institutions who can afford the most lawyers, of course).

  8.  That is true and the RCC are in a comic tussle with the other scams to secure souls., but it has not really got the attraction of the  modern Western world nor the amenities…they go there because there is no where else.
    They go there because semi-literate uneducated peoples still have an affinity for woo and woo worship…so the RCC is acting like it always has…by vandalizing and forcibly exchanging  the ethnic indigenous gods for the trash they dreamt up and offer food and water if the tribes convert…usual RCC tactics.

    But they have a very very nasty surprise coming there way!

    As a clue…look at what the African ‘faithful’ has done to the C of E…

  9. “…several properties it owns that are commercial enterprises…”

    All of its properties are commercial enterprises, they are snake oil salesmen selling a product that doesn’t even exist.   And I agree, its delightfully ironic that this is happening first in Italy the home of the most pernicious of the Christian factions.   It is about time these businesses (and that is what they are) were treated the same as every other business and subject to the same taxation.  It will hopefully kill them off entirely if rolled out internationally.

  10. Selling BS is a ponzi commercial enterprise.  They shouldn’t be taxed they should be closed down, gaoled and all their assets confiscated.

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