1. Mmm…..Mr Deity never quite does it for me…a bit too much like a rather poor Woody Allen impression, without the wit. Just my opinion, tho….plenty seem to like this guy.

  2. Lucy makes one Jehovian slip when she calls “Jesse” Jesus when referring to the feeding of the 5,000.  Other than that, another splendid performance. 

  3. Perhaps this is just another instance of pareidolia, but the mention of binocular vision along with Lazy Eye Productions at the end reminded me of my own condition and made me wonder if this type of outlook results in a similar “worldview”. Regardless, it’s bloody annoying always having to work out distance trigonometrically and I’d also blame any deities responsible if they did exist.

  4. I noticed two more subliminals at  5:34 and 5:49

    Mr.D, you’re such a devil 🙂

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