OUST Rep. Paul Broun from the House Science Committee

Oct 19, 2012

Discussion by: Crush Endo
Here is the story: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/10/08/broun_petition_science_bible/

Here is the petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/house-science-committee-remove-rep-paul-broun

Please share and get this petition signed! This lunatic can not be allowed to influence government policy on science or anything else for that matter.

7 comments on “OUST Rep. Paul Broun from the House Science Committee

  • Crush,

    I respectfully disagree with your position. I think that the longer we keep this bumbling idiot in the science committee, the quicker people will come to their senses and get him, Akins and all the other peddlers of inanity, ignorance and stupidity out of government altogether.

    But them again, our government is a reflection of its people so could take a while.

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  • 3
    CdnMacAtheist says:

    Despite being a Canadian, I signed this petition a week ago.  Broun is an insult to humanity, to science, and this government science committee.  Canada has it’s own dimwitted religinuts in our politics – including our fundamentalist P.M.Harper!!

    I do hope Obama gets in again, with a proper majority, aided by insulted female voters, in the elections.  Still, it’s scary that he’s the most rational choice the USA has on offer for the top spot.  The fact that Romney is so close is enough to make one feel very disheartened about the future in North America, at such a crucial time for the USA’s social & economic survival.  Few would have foreseen that this great secular democracy would be teetering on the edge like this after shotgunning itself in both feet over the past few decades.

    If only an untreatable Rationality Virus would evolve, infecting those lacking the non-theist humanism our planet badly needs.

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  • thanks for the information i’m putting it up in facebook and asking my friends to pass the petition . people like pual broun are anchors to science always holding them back i hope he leaves and preach at a church not at a lab 

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  • I teach 6th grade Astronomy at a Catholic school in northern California and I like Paul Broun. Why you ask. Just a few weeks ago I was teaching my class the “controversy” between the Big Bang and Young Earth Creationists. After presenting the evidence for the Big Bang I told the class that I was going to let a Young Earth Creationist explain his view on the matter as he could do it so much better than I. I then played the youtube video of Paul Broun’s creepy rant where he said that the Big Bang and evolution were lies straight from the pit of hell. Every student in that class could see at once that Broun was, as the British say, barking mad or as we say in California, crazy as a s***house rat. No one illustrates the stupidity of the YECs better than Broun. That’s why I like him.

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