Taliban attempts to justify shooting 14-year-old girl in the head


Taliban insurgents have said that the Pakistani schoolgirl its gunmen shot in the head deserved to die because she had spoken out against the group and praised US President Barack Obama.

Pakistani surgeons removed a bullet from near her spinal cord during a three-hour operation the day after the attack last week, but she now needs intensive specialist follow-up care.

Authorities have said they have made several arrests in connection with the case but have given no details.

Pakistan’s Taliban today described Yousufzai as a “spy of the West”.

“For this espionage, infidels gave her awards and rewards. And Islam orders killing of those who are spying for enemies,” the group said in a statement.

Written By: Reuters
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  1. Sub-human pieces of excrement. I hope this backfires massively on them and turns the fence-sitters against them.

  2. Painful and resigned sigh……. shooting a girl for an opinion and a dream.  I’m too tired of this crap to even comment on it but I feel I have to, to acknowledge this young girl’s bravery and heart in the face of such evil.  I wish her all the best and hopefully one day gets her chance to be whatever she wants to be.  To the ‘brave men’ who did this deed, I hope your proud of yourselves because no one else, no one humane and civilized anyway, is.

  3. i cannot see how ANYONE can justify this, and i also have no idea why she has to be flown to the UK ? An why have the UK gotta pick up the pieces, its not the UK’s mess !? … does the Taliban not want her to be looked after/saved either !?

  4.  The hospital in Birmingham has extensive experience of treating trauma. The Pakistani Government is paying all costs. Let’s just hope the doctors can help this brave girl make a full recovery and live the full life she deserves.

  5. Here is an extraordinary thing in relation to these atrocious events in Pakistan:
    A Pakistani journalist in a Pakistani journal who writes an article accurately identifying the prime cause of the current   instances of murder, rape, bombings and all kinds of terrorism:-

    Not US occupation, not poverty, not even extreme radicalism.
     No, just plain old middle of the road Islam.

    My ghast has never been so flabbered!
    This unseemly display of honesty is even applauded by many of the commenters. 

    This is pretty amazing.

  6. Intimidation and brutal shows of barbarism is what islam was founded on,in the first place.
    Hope a full recovery for the brave Pakistani school girl. 

  7. miniminus
    i cannot see how ANYONE can justify this, and i also have no idea why she has to flown to the UK ? An why has the UK gotta pick up the pieces, its not the UK’s mess !? … does the Taliban not want her to be looked after/saved either !?

    Either your tongue is so firmly in your cheek you’ll need an operation to remove it, or you’ve been reading too much Daily Mail.

  8. I’ve been saying the exact same thing, sort of, in my own ham-fisted way, on another thread. Thank you very much for posting that link, I don’t feel as such an ignorant retard now.

    Fair play for the journalist for writing such a piece too. Some one has balls it seems. 

  9. What the Taliban have proven is that there are indeed adamantly “pro choice (our choices for all humanity)” human swine, known for demanding the growing of long beards and murdering innocent children under Allah’s command and permission! No insults intended for the swine of the animal kingdom.

  10. I’ve been reading that other thread too. Well done to you on there.  You and me both have been saying that Islam is not the tame peace-loving religion at heart that nearly everyone seems to think, but actually an absurd cultish invention that has always been spread by terror and violent intimidation since Mohammad said ‘I am made victorious by terror’, and continues to be so.

    Which is why that article is so remarkable and surely brave of the author, unlike many of his profession, who value personal safety above accuracy of reporting. 
    Though I confess I’m no hero myself. :¬(
    Time for a pint.
    Cheers! :¬)

  11. Obviously not, considering they, you know, shot her in the head. She was moved abroad because her security was threatened by people ready to finish the job. Not sure why they picked the UK but she had to leave the country for her own safety.

  12. Dear IgAmos. Speaking of, “Someone has balls . ..” The world of professional cricket – via the ICC – has, for some years,  imposed a major sporting sanction against matches arranged in Pakistan ‘Test’ cities. (Think of the loss of $£cash and prestige).  Cricket, being the Pakistani peoples’ most popular and revered sport, is suffering from a ban on International sides touring the country. Why is that? Oh yes, I remember now . . . .
    “For Ahsan Raza, one of the umpires in England’s match against the Pakistan Board XI who will also be involved in the internationals to come over the next few weeks, the sight of Stuart Broad in the pavilion had a special significance. “His father saved my life,” Raza reflected matter of factly.
    The 37-year-old father of three had been travelling with Chris Broad, the former England opener who is now an International Cricket Council match referee, to officiate at his first Test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in his home city of Lahore when their bus came under attack from terrorists in the 2009 incident that drove this series to the desert.
    “I was hit by two bullets, one in my lung,” Raza said. “I was saved by two things. One, I put an ICC handbook, with all the rules and regulations, in front of my stomach.” ( re Andy Wilson – The Guardian)

  13. “And Islam orders killing of those who are spying for enemies”

    Another example of the absurd practice of talking about religion AS IF IT HAS A MIND AND AN AUTHORITY OF ITS OWN!
    “Oh, it’s nothing to do with me – I’m just following orders.”

    What fucking cowards – they don’t even have the balls to take full responsibility for their actions.

  14. Read this a few days ago.

    Brilliant analysis but incredible that it was printed by PT.

    Even more incredible, reading through most of the posts at Pakistan Today, was the support the author was getting – not just from the commentators who bothered to post, but the greater majority of anonymous readers who ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’ said posts.

    Thanks for posting the link. It made me return and go back though them adding my own ‘thumbs up’ to the various purveyors of rational thought in this cauldron of irrationality.

    I’ve been reading quite a bit of Pakistani press since the rioting… much of it can make you weep, but all is patently not lost.


    ps: anyone else want to do that, here’s Inquisador’s link again:


  15. Do I detect a subtle shift here ?

    The Taliban are saying she a “WESTERN SPY”, not an “APOSTATE, Heretic …”.

    Are the Taliban going secular ( like the Soviets in their day)? Or do they feel that only invoking religion for such a gruesome atrocity would be counterproductive, even in loony-devout Pakistan?

  16. Whatever tuppeny ha’penny excuse they dream up to justify their insanity…it boils down to one thing!

    The ‘brave little soldiers’ that shot a child are nothing more then snivelling abject psychopathic  gutter slime that have no philosophy beyond murder for murder sake and have no viable discourse to promote.

    The leaders are morally ethically and philosophically bankrupt, and every Muslim in the world should have condemned this barbarity in no uncertain manner, so far it is far less then half hearted and shows graphically how such a radical religion exists at all in the world.

    Because even members of their own cult  have not the integrity the conviction. the will or the humanity to stop or challenge vicious ignorance in their own midst.

    They have not even the wherewithal to realise that they must respond in no uncertain terms in the Western media to reduce the inevitable tensions that such stories generate…they have not done so, seems they look for confrontation so they can claim discrimination and blasphemy in the West on a daily basis these days!

    Are you watching UN…?
    Or do you close your eyes when cowardice freezes your shriven hearts.

  17. I wonder where Baroness Warsi is. She’s nowhere to be seen or heard. I wonder what she has to say about this new (and it won’t be the last) psychopathic act of terror from the “religion of peace”  against a child.

  18. “…and i also have no idea why she has to be flown to the UK ? An why have the UK gotta pick up the pieces, its not the UK’s mess !? …”

    Like a couple others here, I’m not entirely sure if this is said with tongue ensconced in cheek. But assuming it isn’t, and you are of a Daily Mail frame of mind, can I just ask why it isn’t a source of pride to you that your country was the destination of choice when it came to saving Malala’s life?

    Doesn’t your heart swell with the knowledge that out of all the places she could have been airlifted to, out of every other nation on Earth, yours was the one entrusted to heal her wounds and nurse her back to full health? Not the USA, not France, but your own United Kingdom.

  19. Cathy, Minimus isn’t the only person with that mind-set, not by a long chalk. I was coming out of a newsagent’s today and saw two middle-aged, well-dressed men walking past. One pointed to a poster outside the shop carrying a headline on this story. “Have you seen that?” he asked his companion. “Disgusting” said his friend, “they’ll do anything to get a foot in the door”!
    It happens rarely, but I was stunned into silence; I really wanted to remonstrate with this arsehole but my mouth just wouldn’t form words.

  20. But assuming it isn’t, and you are of a Daily Mail frame of mind, can I just ask why it isn’t a source of pride to you that your country was the destination of choice when it came to saving Malala’s life?

    You know the answer why already….real Islamaphobia.

  21. He(assuming Minimus is a ‘he’) could easily have been the bigotted suit I heard earlier.

  22. Baroness Warsi, from the link Katy (I called you ‘Cathy a couple of posts ago; my apologies) supplied;

    Our thoughts and prayers go to Malala and her friends

    ‘Our thoughts and PRAYERS! They really don’t get it, do they?

  23. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to dissect and analyze the brains of these fanatical specimens?

  24. No. What is there to analyse? You’d just find a few tumble-weeds and Mo. 

  25. Oh for fuck’s sake, you’re getting your ass kicked by a little girl. Face facts, you suck.

  26. You’d just find a few tumble-weeds and (a gaping cavernous black hole where) Mo (should be).

    Seems more balanced methinks!

  27. That truly is amazing, as you say… It’s also made me feel a lot less depressed about the world… Thanks for posting.

  28. Absolutely – it’s not as if it’s costing us anything.

    Pakistan are paying for her care and the UAE paid for the flight here. I’m proud to live in a country that is so willing to help and offer support.

    Also, women’s groups are holding a vigil at the hospital for her: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-e

  29. I’ll be composing a letter of support and encouragement to little Malala this weekend and sending it to her c/o the Q.E. Hospital and just thought that others here may like to do the same. I know it’s not much but I’m sure she’d appreciate knowing that people are on her side as and when she’s well enough to read it – or have it read to her.

  30. Not very often would you see me proclaim a hero among the religious, any religious, but this guy comes well close to that hero, because he says exactly what I’m thinking, only far better. If only he could get his mindset into the heads of his fellow believers, wouldn’t the world be a far better place to be living in?

    Thanks very much for that link too! 

  31. So very true, Amos.
    From the link supplied by Dr. Bob (thank you, Dr.)

    Faith, they say, is supposed to move mountains, but ours can’t even take a pathetic attempt at mocking religion –that’s how strong it is.

    Possibly the first time, at least that I can recall, that a believer has been so honest about faith and – considering both his religion and where he lives – certainly one of the bravest things he could have said.

  32.  That indeed is a rare sight.
    Questions of and at religion lead in only one direction, which is why such an observation is rare!

    Seems that reality is peeking through the sickly toxic murk every once in a while, and it is contagious.
    Questioning religion is the first of the coffin nails to be hammered home, there will be others!
    Maybe a decade behind Christianity and its obvious decline into a death spiral, but welcomed none the less.

  33. In Reply to miniminus:

    I am a Canadian and I would have been hugely proud if she were to be air lifted to my country. No Canadian would have objected for our Govt to pay her medical expenses. Remember she is an extra-ordinary girl. Most people living at her place had cowered to silence by Taliban. She, just a child, have guts to stand up against these monsters and insisted on her right to education. She has become role models to many people sick of religious extremism.

  34. The taliban is always a vision into what happens when you take religion onto its logical conclusion, namely a band of murderous thugs who simply think that if you do not agree completely with what they say then they have the right to kill you whatever age you are.

  35. Now here is an interesting development:

    Firstly I hope the mods will forgive my slight tangent from the Taliban attempts to justify their savagery to the various responses in Pakistan to this whole episode.
    The story by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, titled ‘Don’t Blame the Taliban’, in ‘Pakistan Today’ a few days ago was a rare clear-sighted account of the Islamic jihadist imperative which motivated both the attack and the justification for it.
    That article, which prompted many hundreds of comments from readers, the majority supportive, many even rapturously so, has now disappeared from the site.My guess is that a line was crossed by explicitly identifying mainstream Islam as the driving force behind this horrible attack.
    The author has written other articles, as noted here by Dr Bob, Anvil and others, which are sending a similar message, though naturally and understandably blunted a little by sideswipes at other religions and leaving open the issue of ‘interpretation’. Has anyone saved the original article, as I would like to read it again, and never thought to save it at the time?

    I also like his article a few weeks ago called ‘let’s grow up:


    Looks like hope is struggling hard against repression in Pakistan. 

    I can find no account of why this article was censored. Yes it’s obvious; but it would be interesting to get other viewpoints. Anyone?

  36. Inquisador, ’tis obvious indeed, in fact I’ve already quoted Shahid giving the reason himself in an earlier post:

    Faith, they say, is supposed to move mountains, but ours can’t even take a pathetic attempt at mocking religion –that’s how strong it is.

    Shahid certainly does have a refreshingly honest view of religion. This is from the link supplied by Inquisador above;

    So let’s let go of this paranoia of Western and Zionist conspiracies against Islam, and let’s learn a thing or two from the West just like they learnt from the Islamic civilization when it was at its apogee. Let’s abandon this unwarranted superiority complex and pointless clashes of religions that distance us from the developed countries and prevent us from working mutually for the greater good of the world. Let’s grow up, because in all honesty in a ‘which religion is the most superior’ contest, everyone’s a loser.

    That last sentence is perfect.

  37.  I went to the link you posted and I cannot locate the article you refer to. I assume it has been removed. Apparently your first instincts were right.

  38. It is a real shame that the original article has been removed, but not exactly surprising.

    The other two mentioned “Let’s Grow Up” and “Holy War” are still there, which I guess is something…

    I DID, however, make a copy of the text in the “Don’t Blame The Taliban” article – grab a copy from here:


    I’ll keep it up there for a week or so for you all.

  39. Taliban’s reaction is not surprising.  They are simply Islamic savages.  I have kept saying this, because it is a fact.  Their actions have told the rest of the world who they are anyway.

  40. The elephant in the room is out of the bag!

    Kunwar Shahid, the ‘Pakistan Today’ journalist who has been censored for being too accurate about Islam has written a sequel to his last piece, called ‘Don’t Blame the Taliban II’.

    In it he goes deeper into the historical roots of islam as written in the most accepted authorised-by- scholars scriptures. He tells us how these tales relate numbers of precedents for the Taliban shooting of Malala; and how the believers are urged to emulate the behaviour of the prophet in all matters.

    Also he nicely debunks the apologist arguments commonly wheeled out to obfuscate and confabulate the plain facts, as we have seen happen many times on this and other forums. Read it on this blog here:

    I hope this blog becomes more widely read. This should be required reading for every muslim and apologist out there. Yes, you too Rowan Williams. And you Charlie Defender-of-Faiths-and-cults.

    PS Thanks, Doc Bob for the download.

  41. That’s great, thanks for sharing the link (I’ve saved off the text again, just in case)…

    It would be nice to think Baroness Woo Woo will read it – but I doubt it, especially having read this article…


    Just the first two paragraphs of her statement makes me want to vomit…

    Throughout my political career, one of my most important
    focuses has been to argue that faith should be given a seat at the
    table in public life. So it felt like divine providence last month when I
    was appointed Minister for Faith and Communities – an appointment
    which, quite literally, gives faith a seat at the Cabinet table.

    This important role enables me to continue to put faith firmly on the agenda
    – something I made clear two years ago when I spoke to the Church of
    England bishops, pledging that our Government, unlike the last, would
    “do God”.

  42. Cordeth Cathy, thanks for having informed me about the official communiqué of Baroness Warsi in which she condemns the brutal attack on Malala Yousufzai.

    “Dear Baroness Warsi, I have precipitated myself into judging you and I apologize for that. At last I’ve heard from you and I’m glad to hear that you condemn the brutal and cowardly attack on a defenceless 14 year old child; the truth is I’m so used to your silence every time one of your co-religionist commits an atrocity, that I thought you had chosen to remain silent for the umpteenth time. I hope you leave atheists alone and condemn religious totalitarianism which is the real enemy of democracy and progress. Only for this time, I love you.”

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