A Rationalist Fights to Disprove Miracles in India


India is no stranger to headline-making miracles. A few years ago, statues of the Hindu elephant God Ganesha reportedly drank milk placed before them. But as reports of the supernatural spring up, groups of rationalists in India have made it their job to disprove them. Sanal Edamauku is the president of one group called Rationalist International.

Last March, when water began dripping from the feet of a statue of Jesus in Mumbai, Edamauku visited the site to investigate the claim.

His investigation has infuriated some Catholic groups and leaders in Mumbai, and led to a larger debate about secularism in India.

Sanal Edamaruku is a devout rationalist. He believes that all phenomena can be explained by science. Edamaruku has taken it upon himself to travel around India disproving miracles. In 2010, on live television, he challenged a tantric who claimed he could kill a man with one look. He survived.

But Edamaruku says it’s not just about theatrics, miracle men and superstitions are a deep problem in India.

“The problem is, unlike the small superstitions, like people being afraid of a cat crossing their way, in India, superstitions have a deeper impact,” he said. “It’s making them weak, and it’s blinding them.”

He points to many cases where people worry they’ve been the victim of witchcraft and actually kill the people they believe have cursed them.

I met Edamaruku three years ago in Delhi. But this time, we spoke over Skype, because he has decamped to Europe, for “an extended lecture tour.” Few believe he’ll be giving all that many speeches. Edamaruku faces jail time back home.

So what happened?

Written By: Ashley Cleek
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  1. Yeah right. Let’s say you are an omniscient, omnipotent deity who created the univers. How would you manifest yourself to humans ?

     Well, how about making water leak from a statue!

    Come on, now. That is so mundane, futile and provincial. A resurection every now and then would be slightly more convincing.

  2. I hope he succeeds in proving the inevitable that there are no such miracles in religion, but he will have to tread very wearily as these morons know that miracles do not happen but want to lure the faithful to part with their cash and do not want this revenue stream to end.

  3. “A fanatical rationalist”?

    What a load of woo!

    The numbers game gives it away; in another part of the world 16 million people doubtless believe some other self serving tripe.

    They’ve clearly still learnt nothing from Galileo Galilei; incorrigible.

    A textbook example of how religion can infantilize; an entire nation!


  4. Give Mr Edamaruku a statue instead of persecuting him. Someday this will happen. And I prophesy there will be water dripping from it’s toes when it rains.

  5. I always think that anyone who believes in supernatural interventions should study history from a psychological and sociological perspective. Look at how people perform in groups , the roles they adopt , the politics that ensues , how the idea of outsiders can develop , the suppression that happens when people offers opinions outside of group consensus , the rise of the charismatic and attractive, appealing to base emotions: the confident  express their opinions , while the less confident become meek , subdued and adopt the role of the follower. Truths become apparent, of how leaders of cults operate and the politics that drives these groups. The leaders that promote cult become infamous not because of the supernatural but because they are egotistical , suffer delusions of grandiore , manipulate the meek to increase their position within the cult. For example the politics of the rise of fascisim , in terms of group dynamics,  is similar to the rise of the cult and religion. All it takes is a charismatic and delusional force at the top.

  6. “Rationalists are not questioning faith; they are questioning blind faith.”
    Whoa! There’s another kind? I don’t think so.

  7.   The Catholic Church in Mumbai has released a statement saying they are not complicit with the complaints filed against Edamaruku.

    …. ..  .. Though the Archbishop has reiterated that he should apologize and the complaints dropped.

    Disingenuous double-talk comes cheap, but is par for the course.

  8.   “He has a right. He is a fanatic atheist, and a fanatic rationalist, but
    that is he,” Dayal said. “I think India needs its rationalists.

    That’s the thing!  These fanatic rationalists keep using fanatic evidence and fanatic logic! –  With theist replies only composed of  fanatical emotional rants!

    They are the pinpricks that keep us on our toes. They are the ones that show a mirror to the society. Rationalists are not questioning faith; they are questioning blind faith.

    Ah! not questioning  –   “evidenced faith” –  just  “blind faith”  (he asserts blindly). 
    There’s an interesting concept!!!

    They are questioning fake miracles; they are
    questioning sleight of hand.
    Real faith doesn’t require all these things.”

    Fake miracles??? – Not needed by Real TRRRrroooo faith????

    I wonder how many beliefs would be left, if all the “blind faith” and fakes were removed:  –
    go on –  give an estimate in ROUND (very round, or even oval) figures!

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