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Nov 6, 2012

Discussion by: Radio Paul
I have a radio show in northern VA at Radio Fairfax (Radio Paul’s Radio
Rants)  I am looking to
start a second show that will follow in the footsteps of the Atheist
Experience. I am looking for people to Co- Host / Volunteers and would like you
all to reach out to me. My current show has the highest ratings in the
stations history and I am sure this concept will be even more

I am open to both a Radio Show or TV Show depending on the level of support I get.

Public Access is one of the most advanced public access stations in the
nation. There are two radio stations and three TV studios. They reach over 250,000 households in the Northern VA. Please share this with folks in the VA, DC, and MD area.

Paul Sheehan

6 comments on “Be a host on a Athiest TV/Radio Program

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    Sjoerd Westenborg says:

    Congratulations with your first success! I’m in no way near you, which is no problem because I’m also severely under qualified. But I’ll pass it along to those that are. Are simply ideas and pitches welcome as well?

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    Radio Paul says:

    Yes I would love to hear ideas and pitches. I really need to have folks jump in on this. I can’t do it as a one man show.

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    Mister T says:

    Just a word of caution. If you want to start something in the vein of the Atheist Experience, you’re going to need hosts that are as knowledgeable and experienced in debating as on their show. Preferably with some training/experience in logic, philosophy, science and of course theology. Otherwise there is the danger that it will weaken the atheist position in eyes of theists and the religiously ‘undecided’. This said, I wish you every success in your venture. Good luck!

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