Erasmus Prize 2012 Awarded to Daniel C. Dennett


His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange will award the American philosopher Daniel C. Dennett (1942) with the Erasmus Prize 2012. The theme of theErasmus Prize this year is ‘the cultural meaning of the natural sciences’. Daniel Dennett is praised for his ability to translate the cultural significance of science and technology to a broad audience. The Erasmus Prize is an annual award for a person who has made an exceptional contribution to culture, society or social science. The prize money is a sum of Euro 150,000.

The award ceremony will take place on 14 November in the Royal Palace, Amsterdam.

Written By: Dutch Daily News staff
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  1.  The Royal House of the Netherlands also very historically linked to the Royal House of the UK.

  2. Daniel Dennett is a philosopher that could induce me to expand my philosophy shelf from one shelf to two shelves!

    A true scientific philosopher.  Or, philosopher of science.

    Your choice.

  3. Congratulations Prof.Dennett on gaining an Erasmus Prize. Some of my colleagues in our secular rationalists  group  constantly ‘rib’ me for promoting your philosophical books – “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”, “Freedom Evolves” etc. Our recent discussion on A.I. , consciousness and freewill has raised some heckles once again. Wonderfull stuff! If any of our RDF teenagers want to understand Darwinian processes and ‘meaning’ concepts, I thoroughly recommend you read “D.D.I.”     

  4. A very enlightened little country, the Netherlands should be forgiven for their quirk of adoring their quaint monarchy. The color orange is practically sacred to them (though it looks dreadful in clothing). The only thing I can’t forgive them for is using the letter j in place of y, and for pronouncing ‘g’ like ‘ch’. I have a friend named Geerit Groen and it took me months to learn how to say his name correctly.

    Otherwise, I think it is a great honor to be acclaimed by the Dutch people. I add my applause as well. Well done DD!

  5. I have 3 D.D. books, all really excellent, and I happen to be half way through my 3rd reading of Breaking The Spell. This Award is well deserved by one of our most scientifically competent and understandable philosophers.

  6. One of my daughters won an Erasmus Scholarship to study Biochemistry in Strasbourg for a year. Prior to which she was was awarded a place at the Karolinska Instute in Stockholm for two months; she’s back at Imperial College London now.

    My boast completed, it’s only left for me to say congratulations Daniel Dennett.

  7. Mr. Dennett may be one of the 4 horsemen of atheism, but one
    night a year he keeps company with reindeer!

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