‘Gates Notes’ Talking about Secular Education


Discussion by: R.Webb
I just noticed that ‘Big History’ that teaches everything from the Big Bang to evolution to modern day is being brought into high schools through a Bill Gates funded project. Looks pretty good. Hope it spreads. Though I’m surprised at how many atheists are unaware that a sort of secular science/history cross like Big History exists. I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now. Definitely think more people should know about it. I’m kind of surprised that people like Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, and Neil deGrasse Tyson aren’t involved with it. Here’s the link:


– Robert



  1.   @OP:twitter  – All of the content for the Big History course is delivered online –
    including video lectures, infographics, animations, texts and even comic books. By mixing and matching different content types, teachers can increase student engagement levels and determine which formats work best for their classrooms.

    It looks like a great resource for teachers.

    … and as you would expect there are some theist ignoramuses commenting on the link!

    @OP:disqus  –

    Typically, each day the students in big history investigate important questions as they learn about major concepts and ideas from science,
    history and social science, such as Big Bang, formation of stars, development of the solar system, evolution, industrialization, globalization and Anthropocene.

    I could go on and on, but I think you can see why I’m so excited about the experience the first cohort of BHP students have had in the course. They learned important concepts and facts from science, history and the social sciences, and were able to connect them in a meaningful ways while also improving their literacy and thinking skills. 

    And, they reported loving what they were learning and the interesting way they were learning it.

    Though only piloted in a handful of schools last year, the Big History Project is rich with possibilities.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention here, it looks great.   Seems all that money to Microsoft for my PCs over the years wasn’t entirely wasted.

  3. Thank You very much for the link, as a starting high school teacher I’m gratefull for every usefull source of inspiration for teaching science.

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