Girl killed in Pakistani-administered Kashmir acid attack


A mother and father in Pakistani-administered Kashmir have been arrested for murdering their 15-year-old daughter by dousing her with acid “in the name of an honour”, police say.

They say it is one of the first such cases of its kind in the region.

Honour killings happen when mostly male family members believe the victim has brought dishonour to their community.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 943 women were killed in honour killings last year.

That represented an increase of more than 100 from 2010.

But such happenings are rare in parts of Kashmir under the control of Pakistan.

Police say that the incident took place in a remote village in the southern district of Kotli. They say that the case was brought to their attention by the couple’s eldest daughter.

It will not be clear until Friday – when the parents are due in court – if they admit or deny murder charges.


Local police officer Raja Tahir Ayub told the BBC that the girl’s father became enraged when he saw his daughter “looking at two boys” riding on a motorcycle outside their home on Monday.

Written By: Zulfiqar Ali
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  1. …the girl’s father became enraged when he saw his daughter “looking at
    two boys” riding on a motorcycle outside their home on Monday.

    Heaven forbid if she thought that they were cute.

  2. “The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 943 women were killed in honour
    killings last year.”

    It is all the more incredulous that the world’s press continues to refer to these atrocities as ‘honour killings’.  Is this irony? Or an attempt to look multiculturally sensitive as in some pathetic attempt to explain the perpetrators point of view.   Perhaps if suttee or thugee were still widespread there’d be some cultural apologists for that too.

    Now were this sort of thing state sponsored e.g. rounding up all the girls that were remotely interested in boys and gassing them would that be an honour killing in the eyes of the world press?

    It is about time the infanticidal lunatics bore the burden of our incredulity and the press could do much to lead the way.

  3. So only females can bring “dishonor” to family and community?

    I guess if a male is found to be gay it would be dishonor worthy of killing him too but I don’t think it would be perceived like that, more like a demonic possession.

  4. “Honour Killing”, ha what a true oxymoron but we shouldn’t be surprised after all this is a primitive mindset from a primitive culture that doesn’t recognise the true culprit – Biology.  Boys look at girls, girls look at boys and sometimes they look at members of the same sex and it’s been that way since time began. 

    Furthermore, it’s well know that the Muslim world is several centuries behind us in terms of progressive cultural development so it shouldn’t shock us that they are behaving like our ancestors did in the Dark Ages.  This is why I think multiculturalism, though promising in theory, will not bear fruit regarding Islam for a few generations to come as we only have to look at the insular communities that dot the UK and Western world and the demand for Sharia.  The people of these oppressive countries have to fight this cancer themselves because as history has shown any involvement from us has never really helped except to bolster the support of the oppressors.  I just fear that one day a trigger will occur that could plunge a people into genocide or a war to the death.

    Anyway, I had my rant for today so I’ll stop now but god I needed to get this off my chest after reading two horror stories today on the RD.  All that’s left is to mourn two souls lost to ignorance and cruelty.

  5. I expected nothing less. Happens time and time again, and the silence of so-called progressive Muslims is deafening. 

  6. Perhaps acid should be regulated like firearms ?  Or are firearms even regulated ?  I would have to think hard about where I would purchase acid in my neighbourhood, even if I could think of a purpose for it these days.  It has been a very long time since I felt the need to acid etch a concrete floor, so I guess I must have been able to purchase muriatic (hydrochloric) acid in the local hardware store.   That was to prepare it for painting.  Is there a lot of that going on in Pakistan ?

  7. I will keep all your hands clean. 

    I will happily put one behind the ear of these fucked up in the head oxygen thieving bastards and not give it a second thought.

    Not because I’m an Atheist, but because I’m a father… and a REAL human being.  Being an Atheist is a bye product.

  8. Oh do pipe down baroness Warsi, every week now you are protesting against these atrocities, you really are getting on my nerves! LIKE FUCK!!!

  9. @rdfrs-a1cca570d199ac216e010a0c4e770faa:disqus 
    I too was wondering about the availability of acid.

    Should the suppliers of the acid be implicated too?

  10. I always wondered what type of acid it was, so thank you rod-the-farmer. It is not because I would have any conceivable need for a bottle of it, I was just always puzzled why anyone would keep something as deadly in their house.  Additionally, it always struck me that the perpetrators of these horrific murders mostly come from Pakistan and Afghanistan, two very poor Islamic countries.  Not only that, the communities from which they usually come are, as often as not, the poorest of them all, so how can the dirt-poor inhabitants even afford such acid?  Is it some religious duty that they all possess it in their households, some hidden, unknown Sixth Pillar of Islam?  
    What utter barbarism that diabolical acts such as these still occur in the 21st century and are met by thundering silence or indeed by true oxymorons such as ‘honour killing’!  Let’s, please, call them by their true name – murderous atrocities carried out by ignoramuses blinded by religion. The sooner they all die out, and their mindless beliefs with them, the better, the world will be a better place.

  11. I don’t understand why its dishonourable to have a female with a mind of her own as a family member,  but entirely acceptable to have a murderer as one (and I never will).

  12. One question that keeps popping up in my head is, where are these pakistani’s and saudi’s getting all this acid from? Seriously. Who is handing out all of this acid to these people?

  13. Silence of what? Why would some random Muslim have to speak out any more than any other person? 

  14. I’ve wondered the same thing. Producing acid seems to be big business in this part of the world. You can probably find acid in the grocery store next to the “Infidel finger nail removal kit” ® and the “Taliban throat slasher machete” ™…

  15. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth…

    Part of me wants to nail the sick fuck to a cross, douse him with acid and light the fire beneath.

    Or maybe I should forgive him and join in Gods love for him and perhaps a bit of counciling, nice chat and a cup of coffee – ooh no caffeine -don’t want to offend Allah, juice then.

    Well, thats decided then – pass me the hammer… and a drinking straw.

  16. Honour killings? More like cowardly killings by inadequate, insecure excuses for humanity. 

  17. Pakistan is a country where psychopathic behaviour fueled by Islamic dogma occurs with nauseating regularity.

  18. Thanks Valhalla that potent comment should be quoted in the press;but the foul influence of political correctness would probably not permit it !
    On the basis that it might stimulate a riot from paranoid Pakistani Islamist groups!
    FREE SPEECH no longer exists!

  19.  Who is handing out all of this acid to these people?

    Google is your friend:

    In 2002, Bangladesh introduced the death penalty for throwing acid and laws strictly controlling the sale, use, storage, and international trade of acids. The acids are used in traditional trades carving marble nameplates, conch bangles, goldsmiths, tanneries, and other industries, which have largely failed to comply with the legislation, derided by Salma Ali of theBangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association as a “dead law”.[31] 

    also relevant to Pakistan 

    Lower House of Parliament in Pakistan unanimously passed the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill On May 10, 2011. As punishment, according to the bill individuals held responsible for acid throwing face harsh fines and life in prison.

    That article is worth reading.  As well as the Islamic connection acid attacks apparently occur in Cambodia where wives through acid on their husbands lovers. 

    Interesting to note in this case that the family got the girl medical treatment and then presumably a death certificate and at no time did anyone report them to the police as a possible acid attack.  It took another relative to raise the alarm.  


  20. Maybe I’m not paying attention well enough but what was that about a doctor pronouncing her dead because of 35% burns and then the elder daughter becoming suspicious at the funeral. Don’t doctors have to report on these kind of injuries?

  21. Yes,Honor killings is a horrible description. Perhaps the media should just call it “murder” and then add a comment like “murdered by her parents to protect their perceived reputation in their Muslim community.”
     The word “honor” should be removed and the media should then rely on their ability to communicate a more accurate description. Sometimes short and sweet titles or wordings leave out lots of information. “honor killing” is safe because it quickly describes the Muslim perspective which everyone has heard about. Yet this perspective does not highlight the choice of selfishness and “saving face” in the eyes of others over love and respect of their daughter.

    By the way, were did my kitty go? I’m now a man again.

  22. I can’t help wondering if these perpetrators would be put off this if, when they went to jail they had exclusively gay jailers, had to cover themselves entirely, and had to do all the menial tasks while being berated by the female warders.  Or something like that.  Oh, and be made to listen to the newly discovered “Koran 2” when Mohammed writes about how he is glad that he has come round from his bout of fever and hopes that no one has taken delerious earlier writings seriously.

  23. They collect hydrochloric acid from the stomachs of all the honour killing they perpetrated from many previous victims.
      (That settles that.)

  24. I’m having a hard time dealing with an acquaintance at the moment who feels he needs to belittle his wife constantly both to her face and behind her back. I read this and I think maybe it’s time we just round up every male who thinks women are possessions and stick them on Antarctica in underwear with no shoes. To get clothes they have to pass a test,  remotely administered  by Sarah Silverman.

  25. Do car batteries have acid in them?  I think they do.  If so, maybe that’s where the acid comes from.  They’re a common item everywhere.

  26. Your comments are, dare I say, psych(ot)ic but oh so funny.  I especially love the idea of Koran2 and the implied manner in which Koran 1 was compiled.  Sometimes, even in the face of tragedy, you’ve got to laugh…or you would have to weep.

  27.  Do car batteries have acid in them?  I think they do.  If so, maybe that’s where the acid comes from.  They’re a common item everywhere.

    I wondered about battery acid as well.  I think it’s hydrochloric in your typical lead acid battery.  That’s where we got ours when we were kids.  But there are more sources than that.  Basically  it seems that industry is pretty uncontrolled in these countries. I expect “Occupational Health and Safety” is pretty thin on the grounds.  See the wiki article I linked to in my comment further down the page


  28.  Battery Acid is Hydrochloric but it’s diluted with de-mineralised water it would irritate, might blind but would be unlikely to kill (unless you drank it).  You could evaporate off the water maybe but you can buy quite strong acid elsewhere.  What is interesting is these people seem to have it on hand ‘just in case?’,  not too many cases where you need strong acid on hand.

  29. I just had a look at your Disqus profile, hellosnackbar, and I notice you’ve made 2249 comments on 10 different websites, one of which belongs to the Telegraph Group. What was that you were saying about free speech?

  30.   What is interesting is these people seem to have it on hand ‘just in case?’,  not too many cases where you need strong acid on hand.


    The wikipedia article I quoted below gives a reason for this 

      The acids are used in traditional trades carving marble nameplates, conch bangles, goldsmiths, tanneries, and other industries,


  31. Don’t forget though: the father took the daughter inside to beat her, but then the mother came in with to give the acid to him; as a willing, and remorselessness, accomplice.
    It’s not just male on female violence.  Survivors become the next generation of abusers too.

  32. life is cheap in these primitive shitholes.Would they have carried out this appalling deed if they were educated rather than illiterate?

  33.  That’s not correct, Battery Acid is sulfuric acid usually in a 1:3 ratio with water;….

    Sufuric acid is also a stronger acid than Hydrochloric acid. Some batteries, usually older ones which I imagine are very common in Pakistan, have openings which allow for water to be added or consequently would allow for the acid-water solution to be pour out. And concentrating the sulfuric acid even more can be done by boiling off the excess water from the solution. Basically, if they want to eliminate all supply’s of acid, they’d have to eliminate all car batteries, which basically means no cars. So in other words its unfortunately impossible.

  34. No, hydrochloric is a much stronger acid than sulfuric.  In solution, hydrogen chloride dissociates ions much more completely.

    However, sulfuric acid can form a much more concentrated solution.  That’s not the same thing, though.

  35. vincent.dubay.7
     That’s not correct, Battery Acid is sulfuric acid usually in a 1:3 ratio with water;…. 

    Car battery acid is indeed sulphuric acid. 
    Years ago the screw-top batteries were sold dry with the acid in a separate bottle, so the battery could be stored until it was needed without deterioration.

    Many people (including garages) were so inept that they did not add enough distilled (or deionised) water, so they got the concentration wrong and reduced the life of the battery.
    (Manufactures started sealing them for quality and safety.) 
    I don’t know, but it is possible in a hot wet climate, or because of obsolete production methods this may be still so in some places.   In any case acid could be drained out of old batteries. 
    Third-world countries are often not bothered about health, safety, or recycling.

    Concentrated sulphuric acid is particularly nasty. It gets very hot in contact with water.

  36. One thing is for certain: We definitely did the right thing by eliminating Osama Bin Laden without asking for any permission or help from these people. I’m now more certain than ever that they would have instead tried to help him escape. At this point, it would be questionable to refer to any of the seven countries who’s last four letters are “stan” as an ally, although a few years ago, Uzbekistan did at least manage to produce a world class figure skater.

  37.  I also question the reasoning behind working with countries who’s first 3 letters are “Pak”, especially when you consider what they stand for. And when said country is also the reason behind the Taliban having power in Afghanistan it beggars belief yet further.

    Loathsome country.

    Uzbekistan are America’s best buddies! Despite having one of the worst human rights records on the planet the yanks felt it right to do a deal and station an air base right in central Asia. Strategically it makes perfect sense but morally it’s about as heinous as Cameron waltzing around the middle east peddling arms deals whilst wearing a poppy.

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