Ha Ha Islamophobia


It’s Islamophobia Awareness Month

Muslims call for change in UK blasphemy laws

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Written By: Pat Condell
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  1. Brilliant video, so much substance and truth articulated in such a compact way.

    I wish this would go viral.

  2. Pat on form as usual.With the worrying signs of Islamisation across the Middle east we really do need to sit up and take notice.We of course have our own Minister for faith in baroness Warsi.She supposedly looks out for signs of islamophobia from the midst of government.Can we expect an equivalent of Warsi to be installed in each of these new islamic republics to look out for any signs of ‘Westernvaluesophobia’? No I thought not!!!

  3. Are you sure this is a new video from Pat Condell?  I swear I have seen it 119 times before.

  4. “Are you sure this is a new video from Pat Condell?  I swear I have seen it 119 times before.”

    Yes, it is a shame he still has to repeat himself…

    …Wait a minute, Islam is still fucking up the world, Oh yes, now I see why he has made another video, it still needs to be said!

  5. “You can order DVD collections of Pat Condell’s You Tube clips at the RDRS online store. Anthology I is back in stock and sets of Anthology I & II are now available.”

    Oh yes, now I see why he has made another video.

  6. So nothing to say then? Why did you bother to post? I bet you were paid by big islam.

    Stopping the oppression and terror is my preference, let’s NOT stop talking about it.

  7. I didn’t actually hear that fellow PROPOSE anything. Had he said that all Muslims in Europe should be sent, temporarily, to concetration camps and then deported, he would at least said something we can argue. He spent a few minutes reciting platitudes about how evil Islam is, and stopped at that. What can we actually do to rectify the situation? Lol I dunno, I’m just here to call people names.

    And I’m sure pitching his merchandise has nothing to do with the very recent events concerning Palestine. Hot stuff!


  8. You’re right. I am a cultural Marxist and everyday I scheme about how to advance the Islamification of the world further through stealth jihad and cultural terrorism. To be honest, I am in it for the promise of multiple wives which Islam will give me once we are all living under dhimmitude. I would have gotten away with it too had it not been for brave folks like you, who fight terror and oppression by posting on websites. Curses!!!!!

  9. Quite right sbooder, ‘it still needs to be said’. Let’s have some more Pat Condell videos – and then fans like poor James Martin wouldn’t have to watch the same one 119 times.

  10. I would be interested to hear of any good counterarguments to anything Pat said.  Although I found this somehow discomforting, I am finding any disagreement difficult.

  11. I don´t actually. It´s an  easy talk.
    I do wonder, when I remind  what Prof. Richard Dawkins once have argued, something like, it was education that changed his mind.
    I have read a deeply dramatic book (my edition actually has a postface written by Edgar Morin) http://books.google.pt/books/a… written by a holocaust survivor (the author is aware of the “otherisation”) and never attempted to do the same, or to blame a particular group (labeling it), and more respectable that book became to me.

    I guess people are not even aware of their own human condition, although it is so important (and what makes anthropology transdsciplinary)

  12. Indeed… it is staggering how so many people on this planet literally have less sense than they were born with…

    Good video, Pat (once again) – it is a shame you have to keep making them, but then, we’ve continuously been making books about Evolution for over 150 years, and the message STILL hasn’t sunk into billions of people on this sorry planet…

    Let’s hope Pat’s descendants still aren’t having to use the holographic version of YouTube to repeat the same message in another 150 years time…

  13. Actually I lack a bit of rationality, perhaps a lot. If you look at my posts there are some beauties. I am not completely without reason. I accept the evidence I am able to accept. 

  14. It´s never too late for muslims to pay attention to Pat Condell´s clear and wise reflections on their misconducts.
    I really hope this video could reach them.

  15. No human could be completely rational – amongst my irrational beliefs is that one day during my lifetime, Northampton Town Football Club will rise again (like they did in the 1960s) to the English Premier League…

    It’s just that some people’s irrational beliefs are completely harmless, while other’s actively incite hatred, intolerance, sexual abuse and death.

    One type makes us human, while the other makes us inhuman.

    I know which type I prefer…

  16. i’d be quite happy to live and let live as
    long as muslims did they same. out of their own countries where misogyny,
    homophobia, intolerance of other religions, cruelty to animals, is practised
    routinely. here, in australia (and britain?) the attitudes are still there and
    are practised more subtly, made possible, at least in part, to muslims’ live in
    enclaves separate from mainstream society. where are the muslims who advocate acceptance of women and gays on an equal footing with me?

  17. Yes, that’s exactly the same here in Britain too; the Muslim Ghettos in parts of England more resemble Islamabad than anything remotely English. They refuse to integrate, partly because their religious texts forbid them to, partly because many of them cannot speak adequate English and partly because they are frightened of Western culture and people, having been fed so many lies during their lives.

    You wonder why they want to live here in the first place – that is until you see the benefits that they receive from the state…

    Of course, not all Muslims in the UK are like this – I personally know or have known plenty who are tolerant, intelligent, integrated and have a better grasp of both English language and culture than many of the natives.

    But as the many discussions on this website recently have highlighted – does that make them a ‘proper’ Muslim?

    Can you be a true follower of Islam and still advocate freedom, equality, tolerance and respect for all?

  18. Pat Condell mentions about talibans and Malala Yusufzai, just in case, isn´t she muslim ?  She  mentioned in an interview, posted here on RDF, that what talibans advocate is not mentioned in the Koran- as it isn´t female genital mutilation ?
    What would a “proper” christian be like, considering that there are so many “christian groups” ? 
     (Did the bible ever mentioned about the Earth being the center of the universe ?)
    Remember this recent  news ?

    Imam dies in mosque arson attack in Belgian capital


  19. I was referring to a discussion that myself and a number of others had on here a few weeks ago and my questions were meant to be rhetorical (as there are many different opinions on the subject).

    The point I was making was that different Muslims (and Christians for that matter) have a different understanding of what their religion means and expects of them – Malala Yusufzai being a great example.

    I’ve commented on her many, many times on these message boards in the past month or so, so I won’t repeat it all here, except to say that if all religious people were like her, the world would be a much better place.

    The reason I put ‘proper’ in quotes was because I too believe there is no such thing – everyone interprets religious texts their own way, even those heavily influenced by priests or imams from birth.

    Yes, you are correct, FGM is not an Islamic invention (it pre-dates it) and is not practiced by all Muslims. The same can be said of forced marriages and the complete covering of the female body and face, etc..

  20. Having just stated that ” I too believe there is no such thing – everyone interprets religious texts their own way”, I am sort of glad that countries like US didn´t regret from having a “strong judicial system” where a fair  law is sovereign, even if a mosque in the place of the Twin Towers would “hurt” someone´s susceptibility, there´s no such thing as attending popular petitions against what is a consecrated right in law (“Dura lex, sed lex)”.
    Conversely, there´s no such thing as giving a dubious excuse for a criminal nature act, even if it claims to be “religious”.
    There is no doubt to me that laws must have their own “spirit”, capable of being thought wisely and philosophically, specially human rights I would argue.

    Clerics declare Malala shooting ‘un-Islamic’

    No mosque at Ground Zero-Pat Condell


    Obama defends mosque near Ground Zero 9/11 twin towers site


  21. I just love Pat.
    In his numerous videos(watched my hundreds of thousands) he points out in clear logic the nauseating dogma of Islam.
    The protests from Musloids that he receives are all wishy washy tripe.
    It’s time the BBC gave him his own program ;or that he be given an official public sector appointment dealing with our Muslim minority.
    His bravery in speaking as he does; flies in the face of the Musloid retards who wish to kill him.
    As he says Islamophobia is an execrable word insofar as a phobia is an irrational fear?
    He correctly states that Islamonausea is more appropriate.

  22. The counter arguments I have read with regard to Pat; have no substance whatsoever.
    They are all desultory drivel .

  23. Hey Pat… Since Islam is not the right religion, then which religion should a person belong to??  Which one of the world’s religions do you suggest people embrace??

    You sir, is just the opposite side of the “Fundamentalist Coin”


  24. Guess which site you are commenting on. The answer is, of course, none – all religions are bullshit and Pat also has mentioned this often enough.

  25. Just to echo Sigbert, it does seem like a strange question to be asking the people viewing and commenting on this website…

    All religion is man-made, ridiculous, dangerous, unnecessary, juvenile and discriminatory.

    So it’s not that Islam is the wrong religion, it’s that religion itself, of any flavour, is wrong.

    What Pat is highlighting, with regards to Islam, is that followers of that particular brand of woo-woo are currently the most dangerous, compared to those of other faiths (although some brands of Christianity do push it close)…

    Which is the more deadly – the sleeping tiger or the one that is awake and in your face?

    Both will need to be confronted at some point – but for now, let’s deal with the one with the rage issues…

  26. I’d like to start a campaign: “PAT CONDELL TO REPLACE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ON RADIO 4”

  27. What this guy is missing is that, even if Hamas does want…”world domination” and not peace, rational people from both sides can still communicate and negotiate peace, and such efforts will *greatly* weaken Hamas, which of course doesn’t operate on a vacuum but needs the support of the masses to gain moral justification. If the fundamentalists don’t want peace, then striving to achieve peace is indeed pretty much the only weapon it can be used to show even the Palestinians(which, I assume, are people like you and me and desire most of all a quiet prosperous life, raising and educating their children with safety, and probably most don’t fantasize about killing the infidels to get their 72 virgins) that terrorists are morally bankrupt.

    There is of course the possibility that Condell considers most Muslims a lost cause by the very virtue of them being muslims, thus incapable of being ever remotely rational, but in this case he would have to explain how the developed urban areas of,say, Turkey are as night and day with their “deep”, rurals, poorer Turkish areas, and those in turn quite different than other much less developed nations. 

    Of course, we can always discard all that as way too tame for our tastes and keep high-fiving each other at how awesome we are, and how lame Muslims are on the other side. Don’t forget to mention “Reason” as a punchline, even if all you do is rant endlessly and fruitlessly! It works!

  28. I would like to make an exact quote, but I miss on which book and on which page I have read it (and couldn´t find it), but something like: “there is no reason without philosophy that can define a person´s existencial path”, or, “there´s no reason without philosophy” was written somewhere by Piaget, and I can agree, I just have to look and notice that there are politicians that are both economists and they have ideological opposite views on everything.

  29. Echoing Sigbert again, to imagine there is an equal choice between sanity and insanity is foolish. Grow up we’d be delighted for you to join in reality.

  30. I am guilty of not being clear with my statement.

    I am just saying that by denouncing one side, you appear to support the other side.

    This silly boy called Pat needs to denounce all religions whenever he denounces one, otherwise haters like him will assume he supports one religion against another.

    But then again, this will not make him popular or make him have new releases of videos.. I remember an “Osama bin Ladin” person who had the same tactics on videos…

    The opposite of love is not hate… it is indifference.

  31. Hi voiceofarabi.  Go to the RDFRS Store (button at top of page) look at DVD’s, look for the Pat Condell Anthologies, and check the content details.  You will find that Pat has many things to say about all the monotheistic religions, and faith in general, as Sigbert & Dr Bob mention above.

    You may call him a ‘silly boy’, but can you point out specifics where you think Pat isn’t being factual, rational, equally critical, unfairly biased, etc.  from this or any of his videos which can be viewed on his You Tube Channel?

    Pat may say a bit more about Islam, but it cannot be disputed that in the 21st century Islam is the most dangerous religion to any non-followers of it’s dictates & demands.

  32. Thanks for the clarification but it’s only you that’s unclear about Pat’s disdain of all religions. Please rest assured he hates all of them. 

    Comparing him to OBL seems to miss the point, perhaps if he was threatening to kill some one… Love/hate bla bla bla, say something that isn’t incorrect might help you more that just empty platitudes.

  33. Remember the Pope is the current title holder of leading dogmatic theological jackass and mass murderer, with his AIDS/condoms in Africa stance. So while the muslims are the scariest he’s the evilest.

  34. Hi Alaskansee.  I agree about the personal evil spouted by the Pope to his own sheeple, but then the Catholics have a single leader.  If Islam also had an infallible leader then they would be more organized globally, and even scarier – especially to outsiders & blasphemers.

  35. I often think they are worse because they have too many clerics interpreting the Koran as they see it thus providing too much of variance of views.  If they had only one dogma as taught by only one authority, they might be not as scary; no, sorry, that’s wrong too – that lot would always be scary.

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