Jewish victim told of ‘grave sin’ of reporting sex crimes to police


Victims of child sexual abuse in Melbourne’s Jewish community are being ordered by religious leaders not to report incidents to police.

Jewish community insiders say Melbourne’s ultra-Orthodox Chabad community has banded together to cover up cases of sexual abuse.

Sources have also accused Jewish leaders of intimidating victims, their families and supporters and threatening to expel them from the tight-knit community

One of the global Chabad community’s most senior figures has categorically warned at least one victim he could not report allegations of abuse to police, the Herald Sun has confirmed.

The senior rabbi, who was a leader in education for several decades within the Australian Chabad movement, said doing so would ruin the alleged perpetrator’s life and would amount to “grave sin” under Jewish law.

Other shocking suggestions made by the rabbi included:

TELLING the victim he had invited the abuse because he wasn’t religious enough

SAYING children as young as five were abused because they were obsessed with sex, including with animals

ADMITTING he knew about allegations of abuse by the alleged perpetrator several years before the victim was allegedly abused.

Written By: Shannon Deery
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  1. To think these people, like all religious leaders, believe they are more moral and just than the rest of us. 

  2. To think these people, like all religious leaders, believe they are more moral and just than the rest of us. 

    No, try that again:

    To think these people, like all religious leaders, WANT OTHERS TO believe they are more moral and just than the rest of us. 

    What they actually believe, in private, is anybody’s guess.

  3. True, I just don’t know which is worse actually believing in the protection of pedophiles or just protecting an institution rotting in the foundations at the expense of children. 

  4. The Jewish community as a whole is guilty of a cover up here, not just those of this particular community. Other Jewish communities should be out in protest and very loudly too if they are to distance themselves from this.

  5. Jewish boys are introduced to their community by way of sexual violence – the tearing and cutting of their prepuce organ. It doesn’t strike me as particularly shocking that a religion that condones permanently reducing a man’s sexual function and pleasure would also be slow to act against other harmful acts against minors.

  6. Disagree.

    1…The rabid knew about the abuse.
    2…The rabid did nothing to stop the abuse. (A friendly word to the perp does not count as action.)
    3… The perp went on to abuse more kids.

    Therefore the Rabid’s crime was accessory after the fact for the prior abuse and accessory before the fact for subsequent abuse.

    This idiot should be in jail.

  7. I’ve just spent a half hour listening to the pompous Rabbi Jonathan Sachs trying to make religion sound reasonable.
    It ended with Richard Dawkins politely agreeing with him that educating children well was common ground between them.
    Now this.


    Sounds to me as if the rabbi should be charged with perverting the course of justice.

    .. .. .. Or witness intimidation at least!

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