1. Items such as this precious volume , signed by so many great minds, should not be owned by any private collector but, ideally, be displayed in schools, collages or any places of learning such as libraries, or even civic centres.  They should have a pride of public place instead, for example, the ten commandments or bibles.  The wisdom contained in them is much greater, and more useful than any ‘knowledge’ religious texts have to offer.

  2. Yes.  And if I could afford one, that is exactly what I would do with it. 

    I hope there is someone out there with deep pockets who agrees with you.  Or even someone who would cherish owning it and will contribute generously to a great cause in order to have bragging rights. 

    It really is a very special item for a very special charity.

  3. Given that my personal income amounts to the grand total of “A pittance” (paid in twelve monthly installments of one twelfth of a pittance, before tax), the answer is of course “significantly less than it’s going to go for”.

  4. What a bloody good idea!
    A little piece of signed art from top scientists.
    My son owns a house which was built by Robert Dalton Hooker who was one of Charles Darwin’s best pals.
    And Dalton Hooker had a corner window built as a memorium.

  5. Sorry, I’m all tapped out, been giving all my money to Obama. He still wants more even three days before the election!

  6. Maybe this could become a regular thing –
    such as ‘Cosmos’ with Ann Druyan, LK, NdeGT, to name a few, adding doodles and musings.
    They would have to agree on a charity, of course.

    Love the Skepticat   =^_^=

  7. How about we pool our pittances? We could achieve the exalted  status of “inadequate funds”! This book is as good as ours.

    Come to think of it, should the bidding prove disappointing, pooling our pittances and collectively buying and donating this book isn’t such a bad idea.

  8. Forgive me, but what is this?  You just call it “this”.  I can assume that it is a copy of the book with writing in the flyleaf.   I would think that if you were trying to describe something in a way that would be enticing you could do a better job than, what would ya give for this.  

    The book can be bought on Amazon for about $10.00.   Compel me!  🙂 


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