Primate Pride March

Nov 19, 2012

Discussion by: eduardo blasina
Just to inform you that next Saturday in Montevideo, Uruguay, we will be marching to celebrate our condition as primates. The day has been chosen to remember both the pubilcation of the Origin Of Species and the discovery of Lucy. 
Also in Uruguay abortion has been legalised by the Parliament and same sex marriage is coming soon. Algo legalisation of marihuana is also on its way.
Returning to the Primate Pride, Bogota (Colombia) will also be marching and we hope in coming years more cities to join.
If you deliver messages, they will be read. 
Best wishes
Eduardo Blasina

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    ShadowMind says:

    It’s the religious idiots that don’t understand the meaning and origin of the word “primate”.
    It was first coined/used to describe humans (prime, first); it was only later that great apes etc were added to the group Primate.
    Proving once again that most religious people don’t know what the hell they’re on about.

    On the other hand, have a great march! I hope the weather is good.

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  • Congratulations for achieving such milestones such as the legalization of abortion, and coming close to legalizing same sex marriage and marijuana. And Primate Pride is a great way to raise awareness about science and evolution. Not everyone is convinced of evolution, but this march will surely get people talking, and some evolution-deniers might actually bother to look at the evidence and rethink their anti-evolution stance. Cheers!

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    stuhillman says:

    Good luck with your demonstration.  We should copy that in the US and the UK too.  On several visits to Montevideo I remember your beautiful city, great restaurants, strolling along The Rambla in the evenings, all those old cars from the 50s still running – magic.

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    QuestioningKat says:

    Technical correctness was not intended.  Poor girl was pissed at being unfairly denied grapes…and you knew it. The videos blow away the idea that you need God to be good or helpful. Even “mere” animals have good sense and an emotional nature.

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    Julieana says:

    This is such a great idea.  Maybe Richard Dawkins or someone at the Humanist Society could organise such a thing.  It would be celebrating all of us – religious, non-religious, all humans!

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    Sjoerd Westenborg says:

    Being a nuisance to QuestioningKat and all I completely forgot:

    A successful primate march to you! I think it is an excellent idea. A close friend of mine has relatives in Buenos Aires and they’d love to attend. They probably are, but I’m still going to make the call. 

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    eduardo blasina says:

    The march was a success! not a lot of people, but a very warm reception from people in the strets, and we did a survey asking people if they considered themselves animals, primates, and if they knew what a bonobo was. The idea was born in Colombia, indeed there was also a march at Bogota, the same day, November 24, the day the Origin of species was published and Lucy was discovered. We hope this will be a global celebration of who we are in the future. We have a facebook site, by now only in Spanish but soon in English too. Photos will be posted there. Thank you all for your words, everything contributes to build an evolutionary network!

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    Mider1985 says:

    Evolution is a fascinating thing even to a layman such as myself. Im proud to be amound the most advanced primates. I find it funny that religious people hate abortion, yet in the bible there are many places such as Hosea 9:14, and 13:16, 1 Samuel 15:2-3. Were god killed entire cities full of children including pregnant women, and caused miscarrages. Lets also not forget the flood, and last plague of egypt where many children must have died. I guess there crime was being born. I am against abortion, but I would never deny a women who is about to die the medical procedure if it would save her life, which they do in places such as Ireland at times.

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    eduardo blasina says:

    We hope the meme Primate Pride spreads all around the world. We are all primates, palestineans, israelis, we are all parents, we have to celebrate that. We have to honour that brave ancestor that tried down the trees through the prairies, that brave families. We also want to celebrate Charles Darwin who explained us our real story. And we want to celebrate Lucy one of the irrefutable proofs or our true origin. It was not an angel but an animal who came from the sky. 
    So November 24th must be a remembered day, in the parks, just eating some fruits, and talkins friendly about who we are.
    We created a facebook group, there is a group of young people puting their hearts on this.
    On facebook you can search:
    Marcha Mundial por el Día del Orgullo Primate

    Group created for people around the world to join the call to march through the streets to celebrate the Primate Pride Day.” (translators from Spanish to English welcomed. There you can see some photos of Montevideo with some primates talking about evolution.
    Best regards

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