Religion and the presidential election.

Nov 12, 2012

Discussion by: Daniel Williams
Obama has just won the presidential election and as expected many republicans are blaming hurricane Sandy.

However by all accounts, including the republicans blaming the hurricane for the loss of the election, it was an “act of god“.

What does this statement actually mean?

Does this mean that god himself created or sent hurricane Sandy to stop Mitt Romney from becoming president of the United states of America?

If so why do they still refuse to accept Obama’s leadership seeing as he has clearly been chosen by god to lead them the next four years?

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  • Daniel,

    Their logic teeters like so: Should Hurricane Sandy effectively result in a Romney win that would mean God’s will was done. Should Hurricane Sandy effectively result in an Obama win well, that means God abandoned America.


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    Jos Gibbons says:

    FWIW research shows natural selection just before disasters usually harm the incumbent. The only reasons Sandy was bad for Romney, if there were any, are that (i) he wanted to get rid of FEMA, which was vital to the disaster-handling effort, and (ii) Obama handled Sandy quite well (at least compared with, say, how Bush handled Katrina, a point made last week by Jon Stewart in response to this Republican argument). I forget exactly what percentage of Americans thought Obama handled Sandy well, but I think it was in the 70s.

    Electorally little things like Sandy shouldn’t be assumed to entirely explain the outcome. Obama won by 126 seats. He had the popular majority for the second time. Statistically, he’s the most electorally successful Democratic President since FDR (or so Rachel Maddow told me).

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    Sliver69 says:

    I’m not suprised that the GOP are so upset with Obama’s re-election. The first time around they had the nerve to ask for his birth certificate, that’s how desperate they were to undermine him. Then they implied he was a muslim. To be honest, there is an undercurrent of racism to some republican views on Obama. I just thank the god who doesn’t exist that Obama got re-elected.

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    QuestioningKat says:

    Actually, I have not heard of any claims that this was an act of God. Since I do not watch TV, I did an internet search and sure enough the claims exist. Everybody has a different take on the event. Some said it was an attack on the financial center, blah blah blah.  I also found a nutty utube video on HAARP – the belief that the government has the ability to focus high frequency waves upward through a network of antennas  and control our weather. Sandy was supposedly a result of a HAARP plan of attack along with earthquakes and other natural disasters. (seriously)

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    veggiemanuk says:

    If you think that is bizarre, then check out Benjamin Fullford and his claimes on HAARP and the Earthquake in Japan last year, he is not alone, there are many more fruit cakes like him claiming all sorts of things for HAARP, even FEMA gets it (FEMA, the waiting concentration camps of America) – Cannot laugh enough at these paranoid idiots, the Tin Foil Hat fassion is strong with them. The mind boggles at these people, more so than religious folk.

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    DocWebster says:

    You’ll have to forgive the republicans their disbelief, they didn’t even know a black man COULD be President until 2008, but they deserve no quarter for supporting Romney at all. Until just a very short while ago Morons were more persecuted than blacks by christians so they’ve proven beyond any doubt that their strongly held philosophies and faith are no more secure than the perceived thickness of their wallets.

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    mirandaceleste says:

    Can you cite some examples/sources for these assertions? That would be helpful. Thanks: 

    [M]any republicans are blaming hurricane Sandy.

    However by all accounts, including the republicans blaming the hurricane for the loss of the election, it was an “act of god”.

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    The Jersey Devil says:

    I don’t know if people are blaming the huricane itself.  But there are some who are blaming NJ Govenor Chris Christie for praising Obama’s reaction to the huricane. 

    Here’s the praise Christie gave:

    Here’s an article that discusses the critisism:


    I think this highlights the problem that the Republicans have.  There is a very vocal faction of the party that see things as very cut and dry.  They see no room for compromise or negotiation.  They come across as very rigid and narrow minded. 

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    This Is Not A Meme says:

      Tasteless attribution of God’s will to natural disasters can be seen in blaming the Haiti earthquake on a supposed pact with the Devil to end slavery. That was Pat Robertson who I believe also pushed the rhetoric that Katrina smote the decadent population of New Orleans. Michelle Bachmann said hurricane Irene was how God condemned democrat spending policies.

    There’s always a murmur of god’s wrath at a natural disaster, and democrats are just as bad (hurricane Gustav).…

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    Alan4discussion says:

    To science-ignoramus woo-heads, all of nature works by god-magic!

    If your locality is stuck by the forces of nature, it is not because your community has decided to live in a vulnerable area, failed to study, or disregarded scientific warnings. 

    It is because someone has angered the gods, has not sacrificed enough chickens, or has not supported the preacher making the claim!

    There are plenty of examples in history books and folk-law, about –  tsunamis, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, droughts, fires  and storms.

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    monolithicprotozoa says:

    I typically don’t care for either prominent political party. Yes, the Republican jargon is absurd, and yes, when they choose such heads as Romney, (who is wearing his magic underpants), and George Bush what is an intelligent atheist to do? The answer is not to ride the ‘liberal’ donkey. Of course many of you agree with their policies in principle, but at least remain skeptical even to Obama and his ‘progressive’ trash. I am atheist and I am liberal and I am progressive from a humanistic standpoint, and I find no political party as abhorrent as the Democratic. I believe in Capitalism and individualism and these points are most stressed by the conservatives. The ideology of the Democratic party is anything but progressive from the standpoint of the human race. They simply want to make everyone equal, and that is not the case in reality.What has always been shown to happen when such socialistic principles have taken effect is the dimming of the brightest lights of this species, and the so-called ‘Progressive-ism’ of the Democratic party is only progressive from a Marxist view of society.  

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  • Presumably they accept that God giveth and God taketh away. Thus in this case, their prayers to have Mitt Romney elected went unanswered. This religion based argument, as with many others, does not stand up to logical scrutiny.

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