1. When as a kid, I would see that ‘cannon ball’ experiment, I always thought: “What if there’s a draft?”

  2. I could like to see the cannon ball test as a final test for scientists and engineers. Flinching would be considered as a fail.
    Just to be clear, I want to have a go.

  3. For such a ball the draft should certainly be strong enough to be felt in the room. I did it many times in my class. Never had a headache afterwards. At least not from the ball. 😉

  4. They used to be sold here – available at Amazon.
    Methinks there are subtitles in Spanish, French, Polish.

    Great stocking stuffer

  5. — A wonderful surprise introducing Douglas.  I just finished re-reading his marvelously witty “The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul”.  His works never get old, and I find myself more entertained every time I read them.

  6. Just a random idea here. I’d love to see Richard do a YouTube type video about this website. It could have the top ten threads (topics) or something like that… bits and bobs… the highlights etc…. just a brainstorm. 

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  8. I have been an atheist for some decades. I came to know about Professor Dawkins some years ago through YouTube.  Every since, he has been one of my intellectual heroes.

    He has a superb way of raising awareness.  I have already read two of his books, and I am so glad to have done so.

    His name will be remembered in the history of mankind as a person who tried his best in a very effective way to fight superstition, ignorance and religious delusion for his altruistic reasons.

    I remember Prof. Dawkins once said (paraphrasing): Science is beautiful. If you don’t think so f* off!

    Thanks Prof. Dawkins!

  9. Love it!  I’d not seen the cannonball turn before: it’s brilliant! 
    How things have changed in twenty years: not least in Prof Dawkins’ taste in shirts. I had a Liberty-esque one like that in the 90’s but, even then, only very rarely found the courage to actually wear the thing. So respect where it’s due 🙂
    I joined the Royal Institution a short time ago, having been informed of its delights by their physicist VP Prof Chris Bishop, who, sharing my obsession with things that go bang, recently turned up at my explosives store to have a poke about, and drool over various weaponry. (It’s a bloke thing.)
    The multi-talented musician Johnny Berliner, who sang his hilarious and touching Power Ballad ‘Michael Faraday’ at this year’s Ancestor’s Trail told the audience that he first performed the piece in the actual Faraday lecture theatre at the Ri. Which he described as being “Rather cool.”  He did not exaggerate.
    The Ri is a really worthwhile organisation. And doubly so since, in common with some less worthy organisations, it deliberately targets children. I entreat anyone with even a passing interest in science, and especially if within striking distance of London, to support their work by joining forthwith.
    There’s a super restaurant attached (10% discount to Fellows and Members), and a museum which contains, amongst other delights, Michael Faraday’s actual, original, coil of wire/magnet gubbins with which he demonstrated his new-fangled electricity for the first time.  It’s moving to view the crude device which, in a few short decades, enabled the modern world.

  10. HI,I am a very big fan od Prof. Dawkins. Now I am studying in England. I wish I could see him once in my life. Now is the best chance probabaly. Can anyone kindly suggest how that can become possible ?


  11.  You can attend his talks if in your area.  Otherwise, you can find out when Professor Dawkins will have talk in your country or in a country close to yours. 
    Check this website for the info.

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