Big Picture Science – Before the Big Bang


It’s one of the biggest questions you can ask: has the universe existed forever? The Big Bang is supposedly the moment it all began. But now scientists wonder if there isn’t an earlier chapter to our origin story. And maybe chapters before that! What happened before the Big Bang? It’s the ultimate prequel.

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Written By: Gary Niederhoff
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  1. “before the Big Bang”… nothing to say, very disappointing, possibly suitable for 3rd grade kids. Boring.

  2. I think the most plausible and reasonable thing we can say , is that energy is in existance infinitely or At least infinite to this point 🙂

  3. Well, the energy is just ripples on the 12D universe we only see the 3D reflections of. Isn’t it? But what made the ripples then? Well, ripples in the 24D universe the 12D universe only sees the ripples of, so well…….

    Never ending story. Never beginning story. It’s all a cycle (but what started the cycle?)


  4. I can’t think of anything for which there is only one example. There are many photons, there are many oxygen atoms, there are many water molecules, there are many suns, there are many planets, there are many mammals. Nothing seems singular. I have no idea why we assume the universe is uni.

    I see the question—”What came before the Big Bang”—the same way I see the question—”What came before this one particular hydrogen atom.”

    I’m not sure why the pattern of multiples stops because we can’t see beyond our own universe. Would a plant cell be right to assume its blade of grass is the only blade of grass?

    Where do we find the material from which that blade of grass was formed? Can a universe be comprised of the remnants of dead univi. If I breath the same oxygen as Caesar can I not be made of the same energy as another universe?

    I have no idea. 

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