1. Superb talk. I was a little shy of the length but that proved unfounded. A class act. Wow.


  2. I get the feeling that some non believers – and I include myself in this – can be perceived as obsessive. I enjoyed the Dan Barker interview but learnt nothing new from it, and I think he runs the risk of appearing as fixated about atheism as he was previously about religion.  

    Examples that stand out for me and which I admire are David Attenborough and Jonathan Miller, neither of whom have much if anything to say about religion, they simply ignore it.

    I spoke to Peter Atkins about this telling him that in my view if someone’s attained the age of consent they’re entitled to believe what ever they like, and his response was that he didn’t want people who are in power and holding high office believing all this nonsense: presumably, because it indicates a lack of intellectual rigour, and I totally agree that.

    It’s a bit of a double bind really, on the one hand it’s boring stuff which I’d like to turn my back on completely, but on the other hand if you turn your back on the religious there’s no knowing what the little buggers will get up to!

  3. He is one of the American ex-ministers of religion, an ex-preacher who left religion long before the Clergy Project, a lovely guy; but more to the point – who is Dan Barker, the Pizza maker? 🙂

  4. @rdfrs-a89b71bb5227c75d463dd82a03115738:disqus I agree that there is not much new here, but that shows how far the “atheist movement” (aaargh!) has come in the last few years. I think Dan Barker is a fantastic spokesman against religion because of his thorough knowledge of the bibble and how the religious mind set works. I like how he conducts himself very much, and he’ll always be in my first team.

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