Defy the odds, Mehzar – another girl shot by Taliban


FIRST Malala Yousufzai was targeted. Now it is Mehzar Zehra. One was on her way home from school, the other was on her way to school when shot and wounded.

Malala is an international figure in her own right, whereas 12-year-old Mehzar is on a ventilator in a Karachi hospital fighting for her life in near-obscurity, away from the media’s glare, after she was shot and gravely wounded by unidentified gunmen in an attack which killed her father.

Let me share an email with you. It is reproduced with slight changes as the sender appeared uncomfortable being identified. Under the circumstances who would blame anybody choosing anonymity to protect themselves?

“I write to you as Shia killings warrant attention. Today (Friday, Nov 30) a 7th Grade student, 12-year-old Syeda Mehzar Zehra was shot by the Taliban/SSP on (Karachi’s) busy Shaheed-i-Millat Road as she was on her way to school.

“She was a classmate of my child at Al Murtaza school. Her father, driving her to school, was shot dead, while the child is in a critical state. Some reports indicate that at least 10 people have been killed today for being ‘Shia …’.

“I write because my own child is subdued, sad and in a state of shock since the morning. We are trying to do our best to help our child cope; other classmates would of course be in the same state of panic and grief.

“Much as the Malala incident was regrettable, Mehzar was also doing the same — going to seek an education. Where are the media and the so-called civil society and human rights activists? I write in the hope you might be moved to take notice, Sir.

Please write about this before the bloodshed in Karachi crosses the threshold of our homes.”

Written By: Abbas Nasir
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  1.  ” Where are the media and the so-called civil society and human rights activists? “

    A fair question that will get a relativistic and politically correct answer from those being asked. Cultural relativism is one thing but barbarity is quite another.

  2. Perhaps the peace prize should go to every girl attending school in the barbaric parts of the world. I don’t think you should need to be shot to be considered courageous and in pursuit of a better life for all.

  3. Of course human rights cannot rely on “cultural relativism”, as every  philosopher of human rights would argue too, and that´s obvious, no wise philosopher of human rights would say so.

    Here´s an interesting discussion (I guess you can use a translator if needed).

    La hiérarchie des civilisations

  4.  “Where are the media and the so-called civil society and human rights activists? “

    Too busy obscenely reporting on royal pregnancy is my guess.

  5. Oi! You miserable atheist, stop ruining Christmas Time. No murdering of little girls to anguish the spirits of the nation in this crucial but difficult economic period. 

  6. and here we go again.  would someone please tell me what century this is, and whilst you’re about it, point me in the direction of the loud protests the rest of the muslim world is making in response to this?

  7. And politically correct numbskulls call you a bigot when you label such nauseating arseholes as pure shit.
    Murder of children in support of one version of imaginary Allah!

  8. I don’t mean to dismiss a tragedy, but from what I see there is no comparison between the two shootings. Malala was targeted because she is an activist fighting for equality and the right to education. Her attackers were especially callous and evil. This poor girl is another victim of Islam. How many are there? How many are killed with drones?

    Children are being murdered. It’s an unacceptable status quo. They are frequently murdered in my city, collateral damage in gang violence. That’s what Mehzar is, a victim of sectarian violence. Where are the media and human rights activists for the dead children in my city, or the Karachi victims of drone attacks, or the child-soldiers in Africa, or the child-prostitutes in Kampuchea, or down the street from my house? The nature of the problem is not addressed in this article or the heartbroken letter.

    I wish her dad wasn’t a Muslim.

  9. Just when you thought these disgusting roaches could not get any worse they manage to surprise even the most cynical of us! When you are so afraid of little girls who happen to disagree with your beliefs that you have to kill them you know you have lost a big part of your membership to the human race!

  10. This Is Not A Meme, you hit the nail on the head. Another tragic story caused by religion, intolerance and stupidity. Certainly no need to blame the victim or the royal reporters.

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