1. An excellent response by deGrasse!

    No amount of wishful thinking makes the universe anything different to what it actually is.

    But why do some think the lack of a ‘higher’ purpose given to us by some superiour being makes it any less interesting?

    The universe if facsinating, and the fact that we are here and that humans are starting to understand how we really came to be is far more awesome than any self deluded religious experience.

  2. Not too long ago I wouldn’t have wondered if this very question was intelligent; now I do.


  3. deGrasse’s response is very good. Many of the other respondents on the Templeton site are worth reading as an exercise in incomplete thinking.

  4. The period which the universe is even habitable will likely be the relative blink of an eye compared to the countless trillions of years of near absolute zero temperatures. Judging by current expansion theory predictions, the current state of the universe seems to be the precursor to the main event. So whatever the purpose, I highly doubt it’s human orientated.



    But why do some think the lack of a ‘higher’ purpose given to us by some superiour being makes it any less interesting?


    I think that is easy to understand.

    To the servile sheeples, – too lazy to think or study, – all ideas have to be spoon-fed to them – simplistic and pre-digested!

    Various psychological studies have shown that it requires a higher intellect and work ethic , to critically use multiple sources of information.

  6. The universe requires a brain to perform such a task
    And to pile the bad news up for religious folks, the universe is not aware of their existence.

  7.  “The universe is not aware of their existence.”
    I like that! I may have to borrow it.

  8. Aren’t we wondering why the godbotherers at the Templeton Foundation thought Neil deGrasse Tyson a safe choice to ask this question? Why not, say, a Steven Weinberg, Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking or even their very own Martin Rees whom they bought (rented) for £1million? Might it be because Neil deGrasse Tyson has shown himself to be a reliable religious accomodationist?

    Watch Mr. de Grasse Tyson, whom I’m otherwise a fan of, paint himself into that intellectually dishonest and logically untenable corner here:


    Here in an exchange with Richard Dawkins:

  9. Neil deG T and Templeton = strange bedfellows.
    Yet, to “does the Universe have a purpose?” he answers “not sure”.

    Exactly where he stands crops up once in a while – think he answered here, not sure where.

    …whom I’m otherwise a fan of…


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