In Russia the law breaks YOU

Dec 6, 2012

Discussion by: MAXdotRU
I, myself, am Russian, but had lived abroad for most of my youth, now its been 3 years since i’ve come back and it turns out memes dont lie – its a circus over here. 

Recently, the monkeys in the Duma passed a law, which protects overly-sensitive religious individuals, by inflicting a prison-sentense of up to seven years on the offender. At the core of it, an offence – is ANYTHING said or done, that belittles a persons belief. I am still confused though, who’s rights this law protects. Surely, since Russia is a country of many religions, a religious holiday of any group will be offencive to the other.

Didn’t expect this kind of act from my government, not in this day and age. There are enough laws to be reviewed and enough cracks to be filled, which need primary attention. This, though, is just clown shenanigans.

By the way, i am amazed at the amount of religious people here, of any age-group. I always thought that a level of education, which influences the level of understanding of the world, had something to do with it, but no, the people here are very bright, well-spoken and educated, yet there is nothing that will nudge their idea of god towards reason. And to the words “I’m an atheist” their reaction could match one of me spawning a second head. 

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    CentralFire says:

    First, they have not passed the law. It’s postponed till 1 March 2013 –

    Second, the law sounds so stupid, that they are probably just distracting our attention from a less stupid crime against Russians. It’s a common trick here.

    Third, despite that, we can still struggle. Here is my contribution, the translation of “Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life” into Russian

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  • It’s actually amazing that Soviets were able to eradicate religious thinking during the Soviet Era or, at least, suppress it to a large extent for about 70 years. I think it was the only country in the world that was able to pull off something like this with domesticated humans. Russians and others within the ex-Soviet Union that lived during that time period can easily consider themselves “highly advanced”, or superior rather, in this sense, surpassing both Americans and the English. It’s so sad that, these days, they relapsed into intellectual Barbarism particular of the earlier stages of the human evolution.

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  • Responding to your last statement: Why is it that you assume religion is divorced from reason? Why is it that you think only the ignorant dumb masses believe in religion and get dumbfounded when you find out that is not the case? To me it seems very maladroit thing to say. Since for most of human history religion was the sole outpouring of human experience and thinking. Clearly not unreasonable.

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    typical animal says:

    I agree with you tango. I always view with suspicion people who are always actively trying to forcibly push atheism on others and ban religion. 

    What’s the point in that? If a religion isn’t hurting others, then you cannot invade and force people to stay away from it. I believe that natural atheists like me tend not to care or interfere with religion. If someone has to be convinced of it… then their atheism is shaky and there’s no point. 

    It’s like homeopathy, there aren’t any people rushing out to ban homeopathy, people are entitled to do if if it makes them feel good. And maybe we can learn a thing or two about OURSELVES by observing what these other people do, our genetic make-up is incredibly similar. If religion didn’t exist, I would have no idea that people could believe such things, I could not observe the phenomenon.

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    Glenn_Swart says:

    I think many people just try to force choice, not atheism, on others. IE Civil liberties and Secularism, where the point is only pushed in defense, justifiably, in reaction to religion creeping into schools etc.  Once people start pushing atheism onto others, I feel they’ve missed the point badly and they are doing a disservice to other atheists who promote tolerance and we are thus grouped together perceived hypocritical.

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  • Surely you understand the difference between love and reason. As reason and faith are separate, but religion does not lack reason. A religious person can be very reasonable, very educated, as well. Yet they may still believe in God. The way it was presented by the OP made it seem that he thought western education cures the affliction of religion. As if a education and belief in God were exclusive. They are not.

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