Jews offering new alternatives for healing sued for “Gay conversion therapy”


A lawsuit was filed on Thursday against an organization over their so-called “gay conversion therapy.” Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing charges as much as $10,000 to change the sexual leaning of homosexuals.

Host Carmen Russell-Sluchansky spoke with Jamila Bey to discuss the case and the implications of gay therapy.

But first the question is – can you pray the gay away and if you say you can you get sued for it. A lawsuit was filed today against an organization over their so called “gay conversion therapy”. Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing or JONAH charge as much as $10 000 to change the sexual leaning of homosexuals, at least that’s what they claim they can do.

For more on that I have in the studio Jamila Bay. She is among other things a host of Sex, Politics and Religion hour that you can hear here on Monday evenings at 6 p.m. eastern time.

Jamila, thanks for coming in again.

It is always my pleasure to spend time on your show, Carmen. It brings tears to my eyes not just because I hit myself in the head before we started talking.

I’m sure it didn’t help though.

So, this group JONAH – Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing – that’s not the original name.

First, I just want to point out, when you even told me about this story first, I just assumed it was going to be some real Christian group. But now, it is Jewish folks.

This time the original name of this group was Jews Offering New Alternatives against Homosexuality. So, yes, it is not just the Christians who believe that a higher sprit and enough dedication and hard work can change one’s sexual orientation. Of course every legitimate psychological association, particularly the American Psychiatric Association has rejected being able to use therapy, even therapies considered helpful – talk therapy. You can’t change someone’s sexual orientation through therapy. There is more science coming out saying that really it is something that isn’t granted, is weird. And when you even look at look at other species of mammals – same sex attraction is something that happens.

Written By: Carmen Russell-Sluchansky
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  1. Just wondering why it took Jews so long to get into the game of ‘curing the gay’. It’s after all THEIR holy book which condemns it most viciously (in Leviticus). In a way, it’s the Jews who invented religious homophobia.  I wonder if one could also bring a charge of child abuse against some of those parents.

    Pfah. Religion poisons everything.

  2. So the jews have joined the lets cure gays religious bigotry and we will also give it a snappy title as well, not only offensive but a pack of lies as well.

  3. it wouldn’t have been an issue had they also offered to convert heterosexuals to homosexuality!

  4. I wonder how these idiots would feel about my new alternative healing product— “Jew conversion therapy”. But in the light of this article, I may hold off on my Jew Therapy until the case has had it’s time in court. People argue that you are born Jewish but here, at Jewish Healing, we believe being Jewish is a choice and we can help people make a better one.

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