Let’s have a “Holiday” of our own and sit down with a whole day of Reason and Science

Dec 6, 2012

Discussion by: okyaysenturk
I don’t exactly know where to look but could have a “Holiday” (I don’t like that word but there is no other alternative) where we all come together in peace, sit down and have a day long discussion on on Reason and Science? I would like to make this an International event and if we have the right support and have a full day off work, off school and have scientists in every country explain Darwinism or some other scientific fact that would enable people to think in seminars or other similar events. 

Do you think our community could come up with such an event? Probably would have to enact good lobbying and have trustworthy sponsors such as the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, colleges, universities, etc.

I would like to be in such an organisation and help as best possible.

Any comments?

10 comments on “Let’s have a “Holiday” of our own and sit down with a whole day of Reason and Science

  • I would like it, too.  And the holiday could be on Newton’s or Darwin’s or our own Hitch’s birthday – 13th April – just after Easter next year!

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    CdnMacAtheist says:

    Having a Science Day – on Feb 12th, Darwin’s Birthday – is a good idea, and ties in with the drive for Darwin Day to be more noticed generally, as well as showing that science & evolution are fully integrated.

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    CdnMacAtheist says:

    Hi Bala.  I like the link – but maybe it could be more weighted towards science and should read ‘Merry Newtonmass.’  😎

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    Cairsley says:

    If society becomes progressively more secular and less religious, as seems to be slowly happening, the great holy days of Christianity may well be converted to secular holidays in the future. This is already happening with Christmas and Easter, where Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny get more coverage in the media than do the beginning and end of Jesus Christ’s life, and commerce has supplanted devotion as the motivation for the customary public observance of these festive occasions. But having a holiday to celebrate Reason and Science is a great idea. The more poetically inclined among us may like to ritualize the festival with the use of some kind of symbolism such as invoking Apollo, the mythical god of order and reason, to help us to focus on reason and truth in the ordering of our lives. But some such way of establishing and celebrating Reason and Science as fundamental to a well-ordered society would be a significant challenge to the Christians’ presumption that only their creed provides occasions for holidays, or that only religions (Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity) provide worthy occasions for holidays. The day may well come – it is already happening in the case of Darwin and Newton – when the great contributors to the advancement of freethought, reason and science will be celebrated as the saints and martyrs have been celebrated by the more traditional Christians up to now. My calendar of freethought feastdays would include several thinkers of antiquity and the Middle Ages, without whose contributions the Enlightenment would not have occurred (given the disaster that the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of the Roman empire proved to be for the rationalism and emerging natural sciences of antiquity). Anyway, yes, it’s a fine thought to have such a holiday and it has set me a-dreaming…

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  •  Isn’t it a tad bit silly to have a holiday based around Darwin? Holidays combine ritual, celebration, sometimes prayer they’re outgrowths of our mythology and human experience. Which makes them fun and enduring for those reasons alone. You can well have you Reason Day, but it is not going to be fun or contribute anything to the human experience.

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  • Inventing your own holiday is a bit like inventing your own language. Esperanto really may be a more logical language than others but it has no history and was consciously put together. It is a top-down language rather than ‘real’ languages which just came about naturally.

    Holidays should be like national costume. They connect you to your past. Just as I have no desire to invent an atheist costume, neither do I want an atheist holiday. Freud would recognise this for what it is: ‘holiday-envy’.

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