Link between human activity and climate strengthens


EVIDENCE for climate change has grown stronger and it is now ”virtually certain” that human greenhouse gas emissions trap energy that warms the planet, according to a leaked draft of the next major Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. 

Prepared on behalf of the United Nations every five or six years to summarise climate change research, the panel report draws on hundreds of peer-reviewed papers. 

Compared with the previous report in 2007, the draft expresses even more confidence that changes being observed across the planet are ”significant, unusual or unprecedented” on historic time scales.

It says carbon dioxide is the biggest cause of climate change, far outweighing natural causes. The concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide is the highest in 800,000 years.

The draft document – due to be released next year – was leaked by climate sceptic Alec Rawls, who runs a website called ”Stop Green Suicide” and volunteered as a report reviewer.

Mr Rawls claimed the report contained an ”admission” that galactic cosmic rays were having a strong influence on the Earth’s climate.

But a lead author of the relevant section of the report, Professor Steve Sherwood from the University of New South Wales, told Fairfax Media the theory had been rejected later in the report after a review of peer-reviewed research.

Written By: Ben Cubby and Tom Arup
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  1. “…galactic cosmic rays?’  Isn’t that what Ming the Merciless used against Flash Gordon?  Didn’t work there either.

  2. The IPCC’s latest report makes clear that GCRs can’t be responsible for global warming because, even if the proposed mechanism really worked and was big (which the research indicates isn’t true), it’s not currently trending in the right direction (and is apparently trending slightly the wrong way). For a full explanation, see


    “…galactic cosmic rays?’  Isn’t that what Ming the Merciless used against Flash Gordon?  Didn’t work there either.

    Ah!  but the denying gapologists have now discovered cosmic rays, –  having learned their science by studying Flash Gordon!  (Earlier they discovered and pointed out the existence of ice-ages, water vapour and clouds, to those ignorant climatologists.)

    Flash Gordon’s rays are much much more obvious and clearer than the sciency stuff full of big numbers, complicated calculations, chemical equations, and formulii.

    You would have thought those climatologists might have spotted that on their own!!!!!

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