1. Nice chat, mate. Enjoyable. Love yer stuff.

    Once had a toilet wallpapered with you and Steve Bell.

    Best shit in the world!


  2. Love it. Wish I could get my shit together and produce some marketable scribbles. Too damn hard. Too damn hard. The practice involved, oh man.

  3. That was a good listen, and for me – I left UK in ’74 – a good up-to-date glimpse into British life via a thoughtful freethinking mind of today.  

    Those semi-religious types who say they are just doing their own thing, and aren’t bothering anyone else, should hear this and see how faith & offence distort social systems, undermining free thought, open inquiry, truth, reason & reality-based criticism of ruling social systems.

    Fearful self-censoring, both in society & media, is a big hindrance to developing a progressive democratic secular society, one slowly pulling away from defanged & dwindling super-naturalist groups of all stripes.

  4. Why would anyone with god heading their team get upset about a cartoon or a joke; doesn’t add up.

    Methinks they lack the courage of their convictions. 

  5. Excellent stuff mainly. His argument about targeting higher status people made sense in satire as a social safety valve. Not quite sure why he might want to relieve too much pressure though.

    I do find his concern for the “lower status” Muslims around him a touch condescending. His criticisms are rightly laid at the feet of overseas Muslim Clerics for the cartoon shit stirring. With his deftness of touch and skill these could have been clearly targeted and not Muslims in general. I sense post hoc justification of not rising to the challenge.

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