Men arrested after mosque ‘threat’


Police say they have arrested two men after a threat was allegedly made against worshippers at a mosque in Arncliffe, in Sydney’s south.

Two suspected Muslim extremists have been arrested at a mosque in Sydney’s south after threats were allegedly made against worshippers.

Police say two men are in custody after an operation at the mosque in Arncliffe, in Sydney’s south, on Sunday afternoon.

They said one man was removed from the mosque around 1.15pm by “members of the congregation” before being arrested by police stationed outside.

Another man was arrested outside the mosque, police told AAP.

They did not specify the nature of the arrests.

A witness at the mosque who does not want to be named, said he saw members of the congregation drag a man wearing Islamic clothing from the building around 1.00pm (AEDT).

The witness said worshippers hauled the man out of the mosque and took him “down the street”, before police arrived and apprehended him.

He said the man appeared to be an Anglo-Saxon Australian and said he thought he may have been a Wahabi extremist.

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  1. So it seems they were either wahabi extremists or had mental health issues, I can see why the confusion. It must be a very fine line between the two, something you would probably need hubble to find.

  2. It’s interesting what seems to have happened here.

    1 or 2 oddly behaving guys pecking vigorously at their smartphones. Most people would just assume they’re doing just that, possibly playing games. But in a mosque, surrounded by people who are mostly migrants who have lived with direct experience or routine suicide bombings at the local vege market, and who are also deeply versed in Islamic religious imperatives, the situation takes on a more urgent frame.

    Next thing a call to the cops and a pursuit of ‘terrorists’, with extreme prejudice as they say in the movies. It’s lucky this wasn’t a lynching.

    There was another recent but unrelated example of how this kind of psychological framing can be exploited for fun and profit, also in Sydney.

    There isn’t much information about what really happened, and it might be years before there’s any outcome from criminal trials, but from what I’ve read there was a long running dispute between some trades-people, including threats of aggressive behaviour with vehicle tail-gating pursuits and threats of violence. During one of these incidents the victim fled in their vehicle to the local police station. The pursuers promptly stopped and phoned the police emergency number to report an ‘armed assailant’ heading to the police station threatening mayhem. The police intercepted the first white ute they found in the area and shot dead the unarmed but emotionally distraught driver. Problem solved. We might never find out what really happened as investigations into these kinds of events are a purely internal matter within the police.

  3. Let’s see if they can manage such an appropriate response when it’s infidels in danger not just “them.”

  4. Yes

    That’s the incident. There’s some kind of preliminary enquiry underway.
    The original assault over 10 years ago was some kind of workplace bullying event involving insults to Islamic belief. Legal parties involved don’t expect any charges will be laid.
    The police claim that the man they shot was in possession of a handgun. But witness disagree.

    It’s effectively murder by police, though the bullies which set the cops on them by claiming an armed Islamic madman was on the loose claim they didn’t intend for him to die. (Presumably they were just expecting he’s get the regular taser torturing.) This kind of thing is one of the intended results of Islamic terrorism: that communities should start tearing themselves apart. Seems to be working to around here to some extent, given there is a significant level of Islamic radicalism and anger in Sydney.

    On the other hand it’s been weeks now since there was any serious Islamic violence, even against the police. We’ve only had the usual internal ethnic conflict, occasionally murders and and drive by bullet spraying that everyone is now more or less used to in the Islamic suburbs of Sydney. This strange police incident seems to be more of some kind of immature prank that wen’t horribly wrong.

    I note that those involved were all from the electrical trades. That’s an area renowned for binge drinking, which is now known to prevent the normal adult mind maturing process that otherwise occurs in mid to late teenage years. So we’ve got lots of 40 year old teenager ‘apprentices’ running around.

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