Minister orders anti-vaccination group to change its name


A CONTROVERSIAL anti-vaccination lobby group has been slapped with an order to change its misleading name or be shut down.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading doorstopped the home of Australian Vaccination Network president Meryl Dorey yesterday with a letter of action, labelling the network’s name misleading and a detriment to the community.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts fired a broadside at the AVN, saying the information it provided was a public safety issue of “life and death”.

“This is not a victimless issue, it’s about the ability to stop pain and suffering,” he said.

Mr Roberts likened the AVN’s message to sanctioning speeding.

“People do not have the freedom of choice when it comes to endangering others … it’s the equivalent of saying a bloke can speed down the road and endanger others,” he said.

Mr Roberts said he was prepared for any appeals the AVN might make.

Written By: Andy Burns
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  1. This is excellent, now if we can just get all levels of governments and other national institutions to see things this way.  About 1/3 of Australian Universities are giving out diplomas of science for alternative medicine. 

  2.   Mr Roberts likened the AVN’s message to sanctioning speeding.

    It seems more like a restaurant promoting food-poisoning!

  3. What should the “Australian Vaccination Network” (I feel that I need to take a shower after typing that) change their name to? The Society for the Promotion of Preventable Diseases? Further suggestions would be welcome… 

  4. Now there’s unusual, a politician doing a bloody good job.
    Kudo’s to you Mt Roberts.

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