The real me at 18: the personal statements of five public figures


Pressure to cram personal statements with achievements encourages exaggeration. We asked writers to imagine they were 18 again, but to tell nothing but the truth

I’d like to come to Oxford to read biology, but I really haven’t got a very good reason. I drifted into the biological stream at school, partly through the influence of an inspiring teacher but mostly just following in father’s footsteps. Biology probably is my best subject, but that isn’t saying much. I’m a lousy naturalist, which may disappoint my parents, and I’m not great at laboratory work. But I have started to think about deep questions of existence. Why are we here? How does life come to exist on this planet? Why is it the way it is? I think evolutionary biology is the right area to find answers, and I know Oxford is world class in evolution. If the competition isn’t too severe, perhaps you might take a chance on me? I’d like the opportunity to surprise you.

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  1. A child´s face at 18 and with interest in philosophical issues, thought Biology  would  serve his curiousity.
     I just knew that from declarations RD made before, from time to time, and some comments he made, for
    instaces, some of his colleagues had choosen Biology because of some interest in butterflies (he would have made a comment on that in TSG, I think).

    My congratulations, because RD really made something remarkable with his talent and from what he learnt. (why should I care if others don´t feel the same).

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