UN passes first resolution on female genital mutilation


The UN General Assembly passed its first resolution condemning female genital mutilation, which opponents say more than 140 million women worldwide have had to endure.

Though outlawed in most nations, the measure represents the first time the traditional practice in African and Middle East nations has been denounced yesterday at such a high level in the United Nations.

More than 110 countries, including more than 50 African nations, co-sponsored the resolution in the General Assembly’s rights committee, which called on states to “complement punitive measures with awareness-raising and educational activities” to eliminate female genital mutilation.

About 140 million women worldwide are believed to have been subjected to the practice in which a young girl’s clitoris and labia are removed, in the belief that this will reduce libido and keep a woman chaste.

Written By: The Indian Express
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  1. Oh gee that was nice of them and it only took them how many years?  Well better late than never I suppose but seriously it’s not that hard an issue for any normal person to condemn. 

  2. More like the persuit of protecting the male ego we cant have a woman finding pleasure elsewhere now can we. 

  3. First resolution?!?!?

    Only about 60 years to do this. So, what pace on other pressing issues confronting the UN?

  4. And what about male genital mutilation?

    Oh no, we can’t talk about that really. Big Brother America will not allow anyone to whisper the littlest thing that might upset the poor Israelis. So lets just shut up about that and feel proud we have liberated women form mutilation.

    I think it’s a good thing this has been achieved but we’re not there yet…

  5.  Don’t be naive, nothing has actually been achieved. Women have not been liberated from this issue. . Clitoridectomy is  destructive personally, psychologically, sexually…this procedure effects a woman’s reproductive health, sexuality, and causes frequent complications in pregnancy. Young girls knowingly are subjected to this torture and pain (by being held down.) This is not an aesthetic procedure; it effects and interferes with natural healthy functions. Somehow I don’t think a woman came up with this procedure.

  6. Somehow I don’t think a woman came up with this procedure.

    Yet, tragically and bewilderingly, many women do support it and insist it’s carried out on their daughters.

  7. My mum used to say “I don´t like to see baby girls with earings, because I always thought it unnecessary to inflict pain on a baby” (as she used to say also, I never made any kind of punishment to my kids if they had bad results at school and never promised them toys or anything as an exchange, they do their best by themselves”, or ” I never had the idea of choosing clothing for my kids, as far as they have their own esthetic choices”- in fact, I used to choose everything I could red, I had red tooth brushes, red school bags, red skirts, shirts, dresses and everything else red, as far as I could choose.)

    Once I have asked her “mum, why didn´t I made a first communion like my brother ?”, and she answered, because you´d  rather preferred to continue playing than going to church  and I didn´t want to force it.

    That´s my mummy !

  8. Try not to make this a political issue Klassjansch:
    Circumcision is just as much a Muslim tradition as it is a Jewish one. When you dig a little deeper into the values of these two religions from the same geographical area, you will find not surprisingly many similarities.
    Koscher and Halal slaughtering immediately comes to mind. The only real difference between these two cultures boils down to their primitive religious beliefs. Basically, “my brand of cornflakes is better than your brand of cornflakes”. jcw

  9. Funny how you seem to assume that I haven’t dug deeper into these religions and that I wouldn’t know anything about the similarities. It’s well known that there are similarities just as there are differences. That doesn’t change anything about the point I was trying to make.
    As soon as you say anything about male circumcision within a Jewish context, people start yelling holocaust and pogrom. Of course it’s horrible what the Jewish people experienced during the second world war and it should never happen again but this doesn’t mean male circumcision can not be criticized within the Jewish context. It should also be criticized within the Islamic context, and within the tribal context of  some African tribes and who knows where else.
    Kosher and Halal slaughtering as you mentioned has been on the political agenda here in the Netherlands and what I just said happened. It was one of the few occasions however that Jews and Muslims helped each other out.

  10. Thank you for the lecture in circumcision. I wasn’t aware that it is a painful and bloody procedure. How could I have been so naive. I always though those film clips in which little girls got circumcised with a blunt knife and no anesthetic and yelled their lungs out of their bodies were just western propaganda.
    Sorry for being sarcastic but I knew all that already and it’s horrible that things like this still happen anywhere in the world. I think you missed my point. Although this may be a small step, steps is the way to get somewhere. I wish it would end today, but I understand that this practice will continue even if it is made illegal. However, this is a step in the right direction or don’t you agree with that?

  11. I assumed nothing about the depths of your knowledge of Judaism or the Muslim religions.
     I merely addressed the fact that you were politicizing an issue by being SELECTIVE in your criticism when in fact BOTH of these religions are guilty of the horrid practises of circumcision, as you correctly point out in the last sentence of your second paragraph. jcw

  12.  Circumcision is mandated in Judaism, but not in Islam. Mohammed (pbuh) spoke against female circumcision, but did not fully condemn it… and then trotted off and had sex with a 9 year old girl (Aisha).

    The practice is more linked with local cultures than with Islam, but Islam empowers patriarchy and thus the patriarchal practices of any society it infects. For instance, Islam requires a daughter seek her father’s permission to go to college. In some societies that’s a mere pleasantry, but in other societies it results in female illiteracy. I suspect Confucian influence on Islam… but that’s just my speculation.

  13.  I share your views, totally, and have even subjected myself to witness the Bris ritual, where I learned they soak the severed piece in wine and then have the baby suckle the wine from its own flesh. They do this while chanting and wearing funny hats. Bringing that bizarre, ritualistic child-abuse to Europe, I can even sympathize with the primitive response of antisemitism. Jews mutilate babies. That’s what they do. They have rabbinical councils that can abolish the practice (as they did with Leviticus law), but they don’t, so fuck them. They are despicable.

    Still, there is no comparing the two forms of genital mutilation. Some atrocities are worse than others, and this scale and context is important.

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