Would you admit you are an atheist?

Dec 6, 2012

Discussion by: voiceofarabi
The majority of people on this website seem to be well informed and pioneering, which drove me to ask a question thats burning inside me. Here goes.

If you lived in a country where rejecting your religion would result in certain rejection by your community and family, and possibly death, if not officially, then at the hand of mobs, would you admit you had lost your faith and become an atheist? Or would you rather keep that secret burning inside you, since moving country or dying are not attractive options?

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  • The eternal dilemma, one I doubt a single Atheist has not thought about. It’s very like the other moral question, If you had lived in Nazi Germany, and witnessed in horror what was being carried out, would you have had the courage to speak out against it? The simple answer is that I really hope I would have that courage because if I did not then I think living with myself would be impossible. I simply count myself very fortunate indeed to have been born in a western democracy which though it has it’s problems does not threaten my life because I have no religious faith.

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    Bobwundaye says:

    I live in a society where I am free to speak about it, but for the sake of future in-laws keep the guise going. I tend to define myself as a liberal Christian since that seems to cover all manner of evil, and I see as the practical equivalent of a person defining themselves as Jewish, yet being atheist.

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