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Jan 29, 2013

Howdy Richard and Lalla if you read these musings as well, I seem to be a bit different to most of the people who write to your converts corner in that by the time I had heard of you and then read your book,I was pretty well certain of Gods place or lack of it in the world, solar system, galaxy, universe etc.

I was born into a “Christian”family in Lancashire in 45, just after the greatest conflagration the world has ever known, and just like everyone else I was taught that believing in God and going to church was the way to live your life, .I even went to Sunday school..once.Not the way for a young healthy Lancashire lad to pass his formative years, so once was enough.
My dad died when I was 3 and my mother raised her two children, me and my older sister to believe the faith, but only if we wanted to, she did and went to church regularly as most of her generation did but she never pushed it onto us if we weren’t receptive, and I wasn’t.

I really think that most of my generation were really ambivalent about religion, I recall we had Christian studies even at High School, I actually felt sorry for the female teacher during the lessons, having to try and teach these strange stories to a bunch of healthy intelligent boys wasn’t the easiest job in the world, and we were reasonably polite compared to today’s youngsters, mind you looking back it beggars belief that they actually had that subject in the schools curriculum , perhaps if Mr. Blair had been prime minister we could have been taught that all this was actually fact, instead of course it was totally contradicted by the rest of the studies in history, geography,physics ,chemistry etc.and most of the students just found it funny and a lurk. In fact I am struggling to think of anyone who actually took it seriously.

Of course that isn’t to say that most people didn’t still believe in “god” who could watch over you and treat you well if you did all the right things and belt you down to a bloody mess if you didn’t, rather like a giant malevolent father Christmas.

However time goes on ,we all grow up, certain things you notice, like bad things happen to good people as well as bad, you find through reading and studies that the universe is so vast that certain questions arise, does every planet have its own God, and if it does that’s a lot of Gods going around, and if they are all,all powerful, then obviously they travel to see one another, do they then arm wrestle for the champion of the universe God title and if they do how do all the losers feel now that they are not all powerful??
Of course if there is only one god for all the universe how does he get past the law of speed of light travel, I mean if he can’t travel faster how does he hear all the prayers of the beings living in the majority of the universe that can’t be seen because the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light that he would need to see them pray.?? Hmm all these problems to be solved if we are going to believe in the super celestial being,
Or on second thoughts its all just a load of crap.
So you get married, in church I might add, because it looks better for the photographs, I get to telling people that I am now an Agnostic, because I;ve just found out what one is and it suits me to a tee, My wife Chris and I bring up our three sons, all of whom were Christened, because it was the done thing, to think for themselves. So when I read your book TGD a year or two back,[ I,m half way through it again] then bought your dvd and then read your next book TGSON I recommended them to my sons to read as I thought they might be interested, but I must have done to good a job bringing them up because none of them was interested, in the same was as if I had shown them a book arguing that Santa Claus didn’t exist they would have looked at me non plussed wondering why I bothered. They just don’t think that religion is either interesting or important. And for them ,they are right. They are all in their late thirties now by the way, and I believe my 4 grandchildren are being brought up the same.

I believe in your book TGD by the way you are a little hard on Agnostics , me having whittled myself down from a 4 to a 6 over the years, I find agnosticism very convenient for winding up religious folk at bar b q’s, dinner parties etc. My wife always says we don’t talk about religion and politics at these occasions, I always say that rule was made by politicians and priests to stop us chewing them up for arse paper when we have had a few.
Anyway I usually like to throw into the religious musings that none of them are what they appear, Catholic, Cof E, etc they are all Agnostics, to which I always get the rejoinder that they believe in this or that, whatever, yes I say but you don’t know that what you believe is true do you, because there is no proof, belief is enough they say, but belief without knowledge is only another word for hope and if you don’t know that your beliefs are correct then you are an Agnostic…..Once you get them to admit it its only a matter of sliding them down the slope.

So to the conclusion, I love your books, when people say to me “read the bible”I say “done that, read Dawkins and after that your bible just looks silly ” . Mind you that is after I,ve compared Authors, on one side renown scientist, on the other bronze age goat herders.?? well….
Best regards Richard or whoever reads this, if anyone does, Keith Darley Now a west Australian

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