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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins:

I am sure I can and have and will continue to bore people to tears with the tale of my long and arduous struggle from fundamentalism to freedom, yet I recognize the limited amount of time you must have, and thank you for taking the moment to read this letter.

In one of your films I was shocked to see the same Accelerated Christian Education curriculum with which I was instructed all those years ago (and that in England of all places, a country I’d always assumed was somehow slightly more enlightened than my own). At any rate, I site this as an example of the sort of pseudoscience from which I have escaped; and site my own freedom as a bright hope for us all. For if even I can reason my way out of even that kind of seductive non-sense, and find myself now a free-thinking, rational, pacifist and atheist, surely anybody can. Anybody can use their own mental faculties to wake themselves from dogmatic slumbers, and shake themselves free from the shackles placed upon them by those structures of power which feed upon thoughtlessness and irrationality. Surely this is democracy now, this is equality, this is science. Here, here!

I applaud your work and thank you for pointing out some of the facts, which dashed away the last thin cobwebs that bound me to any notion of spirituality. My wish is that everyone everywhere can hear, learn and have access to the methods and the archive of scientific knowledge (a redundancy perhaps; Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est, where ‘science’ simply means ‘knowledge’).

I call myself a ‘christian atheist’ these days, encompassing my cultural background in the first half and my freedom in the second of the label. Following this line of thought I prayed this my last and final prayer:

A Christian Atheist’s Prayer

In the name of God, Amen.

Heavenly Father I come to you now in the name of Jesus,
and in a spirit of humility and contrition,
can only praise and thank you for the gifts
you have bestowed upon us your children.
And among these gifts is that of reason
and that of conscience as well
as a passion for the endless and untiring
pursuit of truth.

And with these gifts combined, O Lord,
I can only come to the conclusion
that you do not exist. O Lord,
I know that your powers are limitless
and that you are more powerful
than any sin. And so I can only
ask and beg of you forgiveness
in the name of Jesus for being
the creature that you have made me.

Heavenly Father, may my disbelief
and being as an atheist serve
your higher grand design and purpose
and lead us all to paradise.

In the end as in all things
may Thy will and not mine be done.
I ask these things in the name of your
holy and only begotten son Jesus Christ.


I admit–it is kind of funny to think of people talking to themselves in this fashion. Anyway, best of luck to you in your work as an educator. Feel free to use this letter, in part or in whole on your website, et al. Thanks again.


Jon Roller

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