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Jan 29, 2013

Professor Dawkins,

It has been one of the most sincere pleasures of my young adult life to read and listen to your work on the subject of religion and biology. (Books on CD are a lifesaver)

I am one year away from completing my undergraduate degree in Political Science and Philosophy. After I am finished, I wish to pursue my masters degree in political theory, and eventually attend law school.

I was brought up in a family who obeyed religious tradition, but were not fundamentalists in any sense of the word. They encouraged free thinking and my inquisitive nature as a child. Unfortunately, I was still sent (in the name of tradition) to bible study at the church, and my first two years of schooling were in a private Christian institution. Despite these early attempts, the religious machine was unable to grasp my young mind, and years of hard thinking left me in serious doubt of the existence of God and his supposed miracles.

As I have matured into an academic environment, your books, alongside Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and others, have given me not only the moral, but the philosophical and scientific reasons to logically oppose religion outright. Your outstanding pursuit of the truth in its pure, scientific form has had a heavy influence on the way I now conduct my research and writing. Despite the cohort of books I have to read to keep up with my classes, I always find time to pick up The Blind Watchmaker, or The God Delusion to centre my focus and renew my determination.

You are an inspiration sir!

Brian Daszko

PS: My girlfriend is a spiritual person and wonders if you have any atheistic activities which you attend. (I suggested you once tried climbing a sheer cliff face, but found it too exhausting and pointless, so you found a more gradual route to the top.)

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