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Jan 29, 2013

Respected Sir,

Ever since I met and spoke with you in London at a lecture by Professor Daniel Dennett, where you were the chief guest, your employment of sound reason and logic have left an inedible mark upon me.

I have since bought and read every single book that you have written (I confess that An Extended Phenotype was a difficult read for me as I am a Computer Scientist).

Sir, I would like to thank you for truly setting me free – being raised in a moderately strict Hindu Brahmin household in Mumbai, India, before moving to London at the age of 13, my mind was locked away, learning about science and evolution merely as course topics that needed to be learnt by heart and recited but never understood; and I can vouch that growing up in India, a country with a supposed secular constitution, I was one of millions who are brought up in the faith of their parents and are identified as such.

As a result of reading your books and those by Jerry Coyne, Sam Harris, Victor Stenger, Daniel Dennett, Michael Shermer and of course, Christopher Hitchens, and going through university education in London, I have realised the importance of scientific truth and the evidence to support truth claims.

Following my desensitizing to religious dogma, I feel it an absolute duty to raise awareness in my homeland; and to do this I have concentrated my efforts, in my time outside of my daily work, on a project plan to start a school to promote science, for the poor in Mumbai. And this is all thanks to you, sir.

In my own small way I feel that I have made an attempt to demonstrate my solidarity with all those who are against the indoctrination of children and those who see clearly that faith, far from being a virtue is a divisive and discriminatory force, and I thank you for this too.

One of your many many fans,


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