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Jan 29, 2013

I am a huge fan of Richard Dawkins and a ex-catholic, but I am sorry to say that I do not owe Mr Dawkins the praise for my atheism. As a child I was profoundly interested in astronomy while growing up in a roman catholic home, nothing was more contradicting. Finally a day came when I just had to pick what I loved with both my heart and my head, and not the least the thing that made more sense, even to an 11-year-old child.

Another thing (which I would be grateful if could be passed on to Mr Dawkins):

I was not sure where to email this, but I have a question/request for/of Prof. Dawkins. As I said before, I am very fond of the professor and his programs, especially The Root of All Evil and The Enemies of Reason, but I think I would have enjoyed just as much as an insight on how and what people today think of the world and how it came to be, an insight/discussion on why people now are turning their backs on science, when it after all still is in its golden age, and seeking superstitious beliefs. Why do they choose blindness over enlightenment? Is it the fault of superpowers, our societies’ development, school systems or reality itself? I am puzzled.

Many Thanks,
May Khider

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